– Ready, set, go. (upbeat music) – Today, you’re gonna learn a
lot of great football skills. That’s why we’re here, we wanna
be better football players. You’re gonna learn that. – Don’t cross the line.
– But you’re also gonna learn a lot of life skills too. – Stop at the line. – You see on the back of
your shirts Be Better. What does that mean? Be a better teammate. Be a better person. Take care of one another. Help each other. That’s how we build
a stronger community. (upbeat music) – Don’t turn your body around. You’re wasting time, okay? – We teach a lot
of life lessons, how to become a team
player, you know, how to be able to function
in this world, you know. The camp kinda carries over. They’re learning a lot
of football fundamentals, but they’re also
learning, like I said, a lot of life lessons. – The great football
player Freddie Solomon always made sure kids knew that if they were the best
versions of themselves, they could be anything
they wanted to be, regardless of any
type of struggles or circumstances that they face. (upbeat music)

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