5 thoughts on “Franklin – Franklin’s Big Game / Franklin’s Reading Club – Ep. 56

  1. as someone who had to read a lot in a short period of time.. It was never enjoyable it was trying to get through something as fast as possible because you had so much to get done.

  2. i use to hate reading books when i was little, but i had a great teacher that told me that reading is good for the brain and to gain knowledge and that has stuck with me for a long time and i have read so many books and i havent stop reading.

  3. I remember reading the last Harry Potter book when it came out, telling myself I'd stop after a certain amount of time since there was something I wanted to see on tv and when I DID finally finish the book, I ran to the tv, switched it on and realized I'd missed my show by 12 hours. XD Nothing like reading without stopping to make you realize how much you love it.

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