France picks up where he left off in El Paso

are at the top of the league in any country, they generally have a number nine that is scoring a lot of goals. OH BY THE WAY… KIESEWETTER HAS ALREADY SCORED THREE GOALS IN HERE’S A LOOK AT THE STANDINGS KICKOFF THERE. THE EL PASO CHIHUAHUAS ARE A FIRST PLACE TEAM… 7.GAMES UP IN THE PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE PACIFIC SOUTHERN DIVISION… THE SAME DIVISION THEY’VE WON THE LAST FOUR YEARS… WE’VE BEEN SO LUCKY HERE IN EL PASO WITH A ONE OF THOSE STARS IS INFIELDER TY FRANCE WHO IS BACK IN EL PASO AFTER PLAYING BACK TO EL PASO ONCE FERNANDO TATIS JR. WAS ACTIVATED OFF THE INJURED LIST, BUT THE BIG LEAGUE TEAM LIKES HIM. :0:05 Ty France: “Yeah, it was a lot of fun. To finally get that dream call and get a little taste of the big leagues, it was definitely a lot of fun. It was a dream come true. Hopefully I can get back there at some point. Tatis Jr. got healthy and they needed to open a spot for him. Andy told me I did a good job and held my own.” A CROWDED

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