Foundation 4Life® Supports Kids at the Team Rentería Baseball Academy

My name is Miguel Ángel Jimeno.
I’m 12 years old, and I was born
here in Barranquilla. My position is catcher. I’ve been training
at the Rentería Academy for two years. He’s always at the stadium!
He practices in the morning, and in the afternoon. He enjoys watching
the games. They even play in the street! They really like to play baseball! I would like to invite some friends,
if they want to come to my academy where I train, so they can experience
the positive benefits of training. The coaches teach us so many things.
I would like to play in the big leagues, with
the New York Yankees. Hi, my name is Eider Godoy.
I am 12 years old. I’ve been in the Rentería
Academy for ten years. I play short stop,
and this is my story. Who got me started was my dad.
He trained with me every day, until I started getting better. We train for two hours every week.
We get off at six, when the older kids come in. They teach us to respect the coaches.
If you want to be somebody in life you must be respectful and follow
what the coaches ask you to do. And I do all of this,
because I love baseball. I enrolled him at the Renteria Academy,
because it is one of the best in Barranquilla. They provide great sports
and personal training. They put special attention on
teaching the kids how to be good people, both on or off the field.
And that for me is the biggest benefit, because we not only train them
to be good players, but also good kids. I invite you to come to the
Renteria Brothers’ Academy, so you can play baseball and
become a better athlete. Thank you Foundation 4Life! My name is Santiago
Andrés Loaiza Perozo. I’m 12 years old,
and I’m a pitcher. I’ve been playing for five years
at the Academy, and this is my story. One of the people who encouraged
me to become a baseball player, was Edgar Renteria
from the big leagues. And the other person was my Dad.
He motivated me to come to the Academy and practice a sport,
rather than wandering in the streets like other kids do. And when I say wandering,
I mean doing things like drugs, drinking alcohol, joining gangs,
or handling guns. That is why my Dad suggested that I play
baseball rather than wandering in the streets. He currently attends second
grade in highschool, and he is a very healthy kid.
You know how parents tend to think their kids are the best, but
I can assure you that he is a very healthy kid. Even his coaches at the baseball academy
can testify that. I invite all kids my age to practice
a sport, to stay away from wandering in the streets,
and doing drugs, or alcohol. And the best way to do that
is by training at the Renteria Academy. Practice a sport so you
can have a healthy lifestyle, and help your family. Thank you for everything
Foundation 4Life.

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