Foul ball hits young girl

a young Houston Astros fan heard at Minute Maid Park after being hit by a foul ball channel twos Keith Garvin live for us downtown Keith were all wondering how’s this little girl doing tonight well dome any bills some very good news on that front we have learned from a security guard here at Minute Maid Park that the little girl is expected to be okay she was taken to the hospital but when she left she was conscious and she again is expected to be okay but a very very scary moment for not only the fans at the game but also the players as well let’s give you a look at that little girl as you could see in the photo that we have that she appears to be about three years old maybe a year older or so and in this picture she’s is crying and she’s being consoled it looks like she’s being carried up the stands after being hit by this foul ball but certainly you can also see the fans around her very very concerned as well now we have some video of how this all unfolded and what you see here is almost an immediate reaction by the players on the field and the player who actually hit the foul ball they have an immediate reaction that all of a sudden you see in the stands where the little girl is fans as well happy reaction and and many of them stand up they jump up to their feet and they are pointing in the area where she was where she got hit we talked to some fans here who said that they believe that she was hit somewhere maybe around the face but certainly in her on her head somewhere on our upper body for sure but they all reacted as well and they were asking for help everyone as you can see there was very concerned and show you how this affected the actual player who hit the ball that was Cubs outfielder Albert Almore jr. and again he knew almost immediately almost right away what had happened when that ball went into the stands and even after he finished his at-bat he ended up strike striking out even after he finished his at-bat you can see that he was visibly shaken by what happened walking back from home plate to the dugout he’s wiping away tears and when gets to the dugout he actually has to be consoled consoled and even at one point he’s being hugged by one of the security guards here so this shook him up quite a bit we actually talked to one of the fans who was inside who saw the whole thing about how it affected not only the player but the fans around as well the actual cub player was crying he was crying when they told him he hit a little kid with the ball hey it was bad everybody’s standing up you know cheering when he you know they took him up and I guess they took him upstairs to get medical attention but everybody was pretty sad yeah I guess so it was a little girl again in the picture that you saw she appears to be like maybe three maybe four years old but again the good news here a very scary moment but the good news is is that she did leave here conscious she is taken to the hospital and they do believe that she is going to be okay reporting live from nm8 Park Keith Garvin KPRC Channel 2 News tough night there Keith thanks

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  1. the responsibility lies with the parents. baseball is dangerous in the stands. nothing to acquire weep and snot chew.

  2. Parents should of watched the ball. For where theyre seats are dumb on there end glad the little girls ok

  3. Just change it to 18 and older to go to all sports games.For nothing like this can happen again.Cause they keep changing rules every time something like this happens.

  4. It's like those who come back after seeing people in HELL, everyone is crying their eyes out. People should aknowlege God And His worthiness to be loved before it's to late.

  5. I pray that Albert Almora Jr. won't be traumatized for the rest of his life. Shame on the little girl who didn't get out of the way of his foul ball. I just hope the ball player will be able to continue to play at the same level so he can continue to rake in the millions of dollars he deserves to play such a dangerous and risky sport like baseball.

  6. I’m confident that there are comments being made here by fat single mothers on welfare who have never been to a sporting event in their life other than their daily all you can eat let’s call this a marathon cake buffets. God damn heffers.

  7. As much as I feel really bad for both parties, the guy to the right of her kinda makes me giggle! His face reads "Well, its none of my business!"?

  8. I can’t imagine a ball drilled by no less a mlb’er into anyone. I played catcher and first base in a men’s competitive but amateur league. I recall a foul ball I tried to catch as it drifted right in front of first base dug out. The ball had wicked English on in hitting my left forearm… it left a bloody tear from the stitching…almost perfect imprint of the ball. Now imagine a shot from a pro baller…it almost stands to reason that every game someone gets a ball upside the noggin or in the chicklets….and amazing the fans who dare catch it bare handed. Wow

  9. Some of these comments are disgusting, this isn’t funny at all, that little girl could’ve been seriously hurt!

  10. Instead of putting netting up all over and ruining everyone's fun, just keep your little bratty bastards at home.

  11. This happens more than we know.
    Either the safety nets should be extended or children should not be allowed in the dangerous areas of the ballpark

  12. Don't put any pressure on the stupid owners to put up netting to eliminate fans getting hit. It's all about the money!

  13. Now the family has secured an attorney for discussions . Lets ban all children from baseball events even when with a family member for protection from FLYING BALLS ! The kid should have stayed home since she probably wont remember the event as toddlers go.

  14. I thought this incident would happen soon base on people (ignorance) bringing young child/infants to ballgames. People should never bring young infants to baseball games — it's very dangerous. But it happens a lot and look what happens to this girl. Infants are not paying attention to long ball games like adults (their more likely to fall asleep), even though adults get hit too. Furthermore the extreme loud noise fatigue is bad for the child which may lead to hearing loss. If people can't get a baby sitter then stay home in watch it on TV. The MLB should have a age restriction for these ballgames. The MLB Commissioner should be notified for age restriction.

  15. You go watch a game where a hard/heavy ball is constantly hit towards the crowd… You know the risks, protect your kids. Or don't go, simple

  16. I cannot imagine the grief and remorse the baseball player must feel. It was a accident and of no fault of his. The anguish on his face was heartbreaking. The MLB needs to step up and provide more protective netting. The unfortunate child did sustain a major head injury.

  17. I was 3 spots up from where it happened, everybody was literally crying when they saw/found out what happened. Not only him, i even had to hold back some tears???

  18. It's absolutely awful for an innocent little child to be hit. But I mean as a parent you can't stop paying attention for an instant. Plus, sit between your child and home plate. Don't text, don't do anything except be vigilant

  19. This is unfortunate but now the family is represented by counsel. Astros owner tried to reach out to the family. This is a 2 year old celebrating her birthday. It’s risky for anyone being struck by a ball at a ball game. The players are upset, the fans are upset, anymore that sees this is upset and Astros owner is upset.

  20. Heavenly father I come to you today I want to thank you father for being there for sending your Holy Spirit to guide these doctors to do a miracle and her and your name father in Jesus name I pray that you will come for these families father will something good come out of this YES watch and see IN JESUS

  21. 2 year old shouldn’t be at a baseball game not like she could remember way happen or knows what’s going on! Bad parenting !!!!!

  22. Stupid retarded parents taking their children to such dangerous games. They should have their kids taken away if they are so irresponsible.

  23. I blame the parents 100%. Plumb dumb. The only people who should be able to occupy a seat at a baseball game are those that are physically able to pay attention to random flying objects and physically possess the ability to protect themselves from dangerously random flying objects. Especially if you are placed somewhere where there are a limited amount of safety precautions present, ie. no safety netting. This innocent little girl may have developed life long injuries due to her parents absence of good judgement. The shame is on them and no one else!

  24. Ahhhh, WALK it off. Or…FACE it off!!!!! These wimps cry for ANYTHING!!! You’re lucky it wasn’t a ball from Josh Hamilton!! THAT’s something to CRY about!!!!!

  25. Damn! Why will you bring a 3year old kid in a baseball game? Should’ve anticipated this scenario, kids has a delicate bones due to they are still developing/ growing. I feel sorry for the player and i wish the kid to get well soon.

  26. Haven't been to a game in years. When I do see a game on TV I always laugh at all the idiots looking at their phones. Nobody is even watching the damn game. Average game is about 3 hours. Each game averages about 300 pitches. I'm guessing each pitch takes 1/4 second to reach the plate. At that rate you only have to be attentive for about 75 seconds to watch each pitch. If you get hit you deserve it unless you're a kid. Your parent needs to freaking pay attention for 75 lame seconds.

  27. Sorry but 2 or 3 year olds don't belong at the park. Not only that but parents need to take more responsibility for the safety of their kids. Stop looking for everyone else to be responsible.

  28. Tragic, but my word, leave the parents alone. The odds of this little girl getting seriously injured in the car taking her to the game were higher than getting hit by a baseball. Just an unfortunate incident.

  29. Let’s just put up a fence and make the stadium like a prison and while we’re at it let’s replace the baseball with a beach ball and the wood bar with a foam bat all because of stupid parents who think it’s a good idea to bring a 2 yo to a baseball game and sit in a section where foul ball line drives are most likely to come. Now all the older kids can no longer go down to the rail before the game and get autographs from the players and the players can’t toss souvenir game balls into the stands way to kill baseball!

  30. Please pay attention to the game, kids probably won't be. Take into consideration where you'll be sitting which may be foul ball territory. Get well baby girl

  31. Parents, this is why you don’t bring 2 year olds to games and especially get seats in prime foul ball territory. There’s signs all over the stadiums saying to be weary of your surroundings. If you want to bring babies sure but be mindful of your ticket selection….

  32. Maybe if you bring your child to a baseball game you should pay attention so you can shield your child from foul balls. Great job dad

  33. That’s not the players fault it’s the reason that there should be the nets at all fields by the foul zone

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