three two Oh Logan it’s you I think I’m just gonna
sit here and do nothing all day it’s not a good day Logan
it’s a horrible day gee what are you doing why are you so sad
Logan do not remember what today is one year ago today is the most embarrassing
day of my life welcome back to the a World Golf Association to mini-putt
championships on the line right now we have a grand prize and it is about to be
claimed by Papa Jake the young star rising in ranks this year is down to his
final putt and if he sinks this he’ll win it all
it appears he is taking a look at the putt testing his angles here quite
honestly doing a little bit more than I would say is needed quite honestly the
ball is a couple centimeters away from the hole light breeze could possibly
push that in we need the advance part for this one interesting clay looks like
he’s opting for the advanced putter some of the pros are using that this year
it’s helping them with their game again not sure why he’s using it but see how
this plays out for him really really not much skill needed here I mean you could
get anyone to put that in he can miss that shot did he did did he just miss
the shot oh he just missed that shot I quit I quit my job as a news anchor that
is that is the other come on there was a hard shot that day was a horrible day
everyone laughing at me I just I just want to lie here on this couch and do
absolutely nothing today I don’t even want to know what today is well Jake I
got a surprise for you because I know the only thing that’s gonna get you out
of your funk is a little game of minigolf and what do you like better
than mini-golf for at 9 min ago you told me you made a corn I’m gonna go
over the house dude that is so sick which covers a llama llama Zaku fuck we
are back with a brand new video and today guys we are gonna be doing some a
fortnight mini go that’s right we’ve had this awesome idea to play some mini golf
and to make our very own Jake it was all my idea I’m gonna have the awesome idea
after my super embarrassing I built this awesome trap you did build
this awesome track but guys we are gonna be playing for time mini-golf today but
I have an idea because Logan showed me this amazing track we haven’t tried it
yet I really want to try it’s called llama town well I gotta explain the
track to you first before we get into that I wanted to remind everyone look at
this is a challenge video Papa Jake versus Logan not only for many
putting skills but also we’re gonna be building new tracks in this video and
see who can build the best 49 mini-golf track well yeah I’m gonna win this
challenge look at this track it’s insane skills I’m a mini pudding champion but
of course guys if you are just tuning into the channel two things one don’t
forget to smash that subscribe button as well as that like button let’s try and
crush 3000 likes on this video for you guys I love our fortnight videos and
you’re probably all wondering Papa Jake did you escape from the man are you back
from prison yes yes we are we are back we did escape from the man thanks again
for all of you guys who have been helping us with that mystery and helping
to solve everything and guys I’ve got some extremely important news
regarding the man what’s the news Logan the news is it seems like he has put us
into some sort of online game and there’s really no escaping him but the
man can’t mess with our YouTube channel and that is why today I am announcing to
the man and to the world that guys we are starting a second youtube channel
named Papa Jake – that’s right guys we don’t have a new channel Papa Jake – and
on that channel we’re gonna be using that as our platform to take down and
find out more information on the man and of course you know upload more awesome
videos if we have extra videos that we want to upload from the main channel we
can upload them over there so I’m gonna have that link at the very
top of the description so you guys need to head down there go subscribe justjust
go dude just click the link and then go subscribe and then come right back
because we’re gonna play some mini golf but yeah guys we’ll have new videos
going up on that channel as well as some more information on the man and how
we’re gonna be taking him down and playing his game but today our game is
mini-golf alright Jake so let me explain how this track works now you start off
on the green obviously work your way up through the lamb on the lamb ago by the
lamb oh that’s a sheep jig so the ball goes through the lamb down the ramp and
once he get here you got faced with the question do you go through tilted towers like do you drop into tilt it’s you’re
risking it you’re definitely risking it by gonna tilt it out so yeah you make
your way through here up the ramp into the hole oh dude this track is so sweet
alright well before we go off and make our very own coordinate tracks and
compete to see who can make the best track I think we first need to play a
little round on this one and see who’s the best mini putter on this track I
mean Logan probably had a lot of practice so oh well yeah Jake I built
this track for you so let’s see your skills alright a mini putting champions
back in the hot seat I’m going first on this one guys of course whoever hits the
ball less time to get it in the hole is the winner so let’s get a hole-in-one
here three two one oh no cheating tilted there’s some wind
some crazy wind guys I mean we’re inside but the inside the weather networks that
was gonna be windy today inside and then it went in the holes horn one I’ve
actually never been able to do that all you have to do to be be is well you
can’t you gotta get a hole-in-one oh you missed the Tilted option but you’re down
here so you’re gonna have to go around tilted oh okay all right
backwards Logan yeah you gotta go forward towards the hole oh I mean
there’s one hole in one and then there’s hole in three I like
mine a little bit better but you know although yeah I give it to you a hole in
three is not too bad okay so this is the first course this was llama town mixed
with the Tilted towers now what we need to do is I think me Logan are both gonna
split up or both let me grab a bunch of cardboard bunch of tape and a bunch of
four night items and we’re both gonna make our very own fortnight mini golf
track and then we’re gonna challenge each other on each other’s tracks to see
who is the best for night mini-golf okay guys so for my track I’m gonna be
building it out here in the general FOIA area now I don’t exactly know what I’m
gonna be doing yet but I do know that my track has to beat Logan and I want to
incorporate Louis I’ve listened to my secrets bro get out of here man okay now
with your time and tell you the real secrets guys my track is going to
definitely beat Logan okay I want to incorporate a lot of foreign aid stuff
into this guy’s and the first thing I think I’m gonna do is actually
use the stairs here so I think this vehicles starting point for the track
itself so you have to go down the stairs and I want to have some really cool
four-night elements in it like one thing here the Boogie bomb oh yeah alright
guys this is gonna be making the ball dance around just like it doesn’t for
Knights so if your golf ball goes beside the Boogie mom and you get your golf
balls you’ll be dancing all around the track ok guys so I’ve been working a
little while on the track and this thing is looking pretty sweet oh so check that
out guys you got it you working window I still got a lot more to do so I’ll
update you guys in a little bit but I thought this was a really cool feature
alright guys we just finished both of our tracks and we thought we’d check out
mine first yeah guys we finished them up and of course this is not only a
challenge of who’s the best golfer but also who was the best track maker now
you guys got to see a little sneak peek of mine but you’re gonna have to wait
till we finish Logan’s track before you can see all the crazy stuff I’ve done ok
so you start here make your way over here through the cuddle bear trap you
want to go along this bridge into tomato temple we go down this hill and you have
two options go over this little bridge or you can send your ball off off the
risky real jump into the final hole or you can continue make your way around
here we have the ice trap so place the ball down where the trap is so yeah that
ice trap swings your ball out but if you do make it through here you’re left with
the last obstacle which is the speed ramp up into the final hole which we
have points well I guess because it’s your track I will go first and remember
guys we are competing so let’s keep a count of this and thinking pull into for
me that was pretty good all right disqualified you weren’t stroke three all right we got turn on the ice man
this is a challenging course we gotta line this ball up here for the last jump
so look if I get it in the middle does that mean that I get a hole-in-one that
is part of the game if you do get in the middle it counts as a hole-in-one guys I
can redeem myself I can get rid of all of those six tries before since you got
ten points back counts is one stroke off your total make sure you’re in the
guidelines low get that peds up that official okay you’re good all right go
for low right here what you got that’s hard to get over interesting trick shot
here guys remember trick shots don’t count at the points oh okay all right see the eye strap is so hard to get
through Logan is up for the final shot here now he can get a hole-in-one and
redeem everything will he do it we’re about to find out
oh but you got it into one stroke off guys we have no idea who won that so
you’re gonna have to let us know in the comments down below who do you think won
this first track challenge well guys I think it’s time to head on over to my
track in the other room and show Logan what I’ve built come on G that’s your
course a little overkill if that’s all right I’ll try to make the biggest
Fortnight mini golf course and this thing that’s got a lot of for tonight
features and a lot of really cool stuff moving parts it kind of working
windmills dude okay here we go can I have a redo okay well I will not
count the first one here we go going for the slow approach here okay
all right oh it’s still going I hope it’s take the slow way down into
the landing zone Oh Oh get shot back yo that’s number two all right third shot here going around
nice oh wait there’s to me to help you oh you got it in the
elevator alright raise her up into the rocket
ride three two one oh just get the entire
base will you get it in this is kind of similar to my shot Jake I’m not gonna
mess up like you did okay all right let’s see it Oh all right that was good
that was good my turn Oh second shot
Oh all right so dig I got to hit you with the boogie bomb getting it into the
elevator it’s been given the holy Loki did all
right watching in three two one oh yeah it’s
not too bad straight to the goal net let’s see if you can have redemption oh
okay well I guess we’ll have to figure out who won that guy’s let us know who
you think built a better track and who you think won this match yeah got it let
us know down below in the comments and if you guys like this make you 4:9 mini
golf let us know below if you think we should make some more porn at mini golf
or even mini golf of a different type of game like she’s like nerf mini-golf dude
that’d be sweet and guys don’t forget if you’re brand new to the channel hit the
subscribe button hit the like button and of course we just lost our brand new
channel Papa Jake G so if you haven’t subscribed to that yet now’s the perfect
time click the link down below and go check out a video over there but guys
thank you so much this has been Papa Jake and I will see you guys next time
for another awesome video

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