Fort Worth Texans Baseball Mellisa Block

Hi my name is Melissa block and my son
Ryan plays for the Fort Worth Texans and we have been with Greg since he started
the organization and I can just tell you that one of my most exciting parts about
it is seeing the interaction in Greg and his coaches have with the players and I
know that my son respects him and will do just about anything he asked him
because he knows that Greg has his best interests at heart and that’s what
really keeps me coming back and forth to the organization is knowing that my
son’s in good hands and then on top of that just the different types of skills
he’s learned throughout they focus in on each individual player their needs the
areas they play and their potential that they have batting so just keeping in
mind the different skills that he’s learned from them as well I like the
fact that you know Greg can talk to them he doesn’t he wants them to know if they
make a mistake but then it’s not the end of the world and I’m so to really help
with that it’s a good factor as well and keeps us coming back and then of course
you know just the other parents and teammates that we have I’m Greg always
wants to make sure that he has the best teams and the best teammate and making
sure that everyone’s there for the common cause of and you know improving
their game and but playing as a team as well so making sure that we have that
part makes it enjoyable to come and be a part of the organization as well

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