Former Detroit Tiger Andy Dirks teaches, plays baseball with kids

a former Detroit Tiger took to the field today as a coach to coach some kids eager to learn baseball him Pampling was at the Boys and Girls Club of Troy for a day that they won’t soon forget go boy girl boy girl everybody gets a turn let’s form a Detroit Tiger Andy duck you remember him Theo too [Applause] yes that can’t be done today I’m manager right now if I see that there’s a need I might try to fill it in at the Troy Boys and Girls Club and II joined several members of the United Shore baseball league at a Troy Boys and Girls Club for an afternoon of fun in the Sun there you go Andy says he loves the opportunity things like this as small as it might seem it’s giving kids an opportunity to get outside enjoy playing a little bit of baseball enjoy a little bit of conversation with friends as opposed to setting home and playing video games I think it’s huge for the community as a whole this matchup between the staff and the kids at the Boys & Girls Club teaching so many lessons don’t like they make me feel like I belong here at Boys and Girls Club these it’s like a lot of friends that come in here and it makes me feel like I belong and that feeling of belonging it’s something we all need oh you gotta run it out you gotta run it out coach Turks giving the stall for no prints you’ve gotta run it out here it comes the boss coming in you gotta hurry somebody having a wonderful afternoon of a Troy Boys and Girls Club thanks to the United Shore baseball league and Andy Dirks for making this happen that’s the city in Troy Tim Tamplin what a great day I love that gotta run it out get off those gadgets and get out there and enjoy the fresh air

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