Forest Hills Boys’ Varsity Volleyball vs Dubois High School

good evening and welcome to the
brand-new Forest Hills Junior Senior High School
I’m Kim Hostetler and this is my good friend Becky Wehner and as always we
will be your announcers for tonight’s game
good evening Kim this is going to change for us because we don’t know a lot about
this team coming in there from Dubois they’re called movers and add and a
while we’ll have Tom Hibbert the head coach of their team you’ll be
coming over and giving us some insight on their King sounds good
yes and then we also have Jason layman the four Phillips head coach he will
become another and giving us some information to send you know a little
more about the teams before we start that’s right and actually this is the
first time that we have broadcast a game what do boys so this is new for them in
our brand new gymnasium which is absolutely beautiful I’m sure we’ll get
some nice cameras off of that of course the crops away there the the seats are
all rolled back so all the crowds on this side and we won’t be able to see
the crowd over here no but there’s a decent amount of people
here already so it ought to bring some excitement again yeah all right Becky
Marek interviews are up next joining us right now is mr. Tom Hobart
he is the head coach of the Dubois Beavers this is this your first time
coming here to Forest Hill first time in this new gym no longer centers for sales
but first time in your new gymnasium so very beautiful place
oh thank you yeah we love it we’re really proud of it it is great excellent
thank you so tell us a little bit about like your what your record and yeah well
so far in the early season we’re two and one lost a five-setter to Altoona
good match and then we won our two home matches so this is I think so far the
best game we’re going to face and hopefully if we’re playing well we’ll be
able to be competitive very good looking forward to a good close game then all
right good match yeah humble suit okay what can you tell us about your starting
lineup a lot of juniors soft sophomore – I have one senior middle hitter silver
we’re still kind of young you know a couple of new guys will be out there to
have a play volleyball very long but third of it coming along
I just easy go they look for us to improve that see young teams or hard to
gauge you may get a good game out of them and sometimes gets a little sloppy
he became very you’re about the exact opposite of forced else because they
have my seniors oh my yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so we’re we know we’re up
against it tonight but we’re gonna come out and play hard and see how it goes
excellent how long have you been coaching oh boy off and on I actually
started in 1990 to help start this program when I first got out of college
and and we I’ve been off and on ever since this is my second year back I have
a son on the team who’s a junior so I decided to get back in it when he
was a freshman and so yeah off and on guys and girls
12 years maybe 15 years so great good we when we do these interviews or a lot of
times we have the coaches who have sons or daughters one teams and it is it’s
nice that you get involved you know just you know not only as a dad but it’s nice
for your son I’m sure and you’re probably harder on him than you are well
you know yeah when they get to be you know 17 years old it’s hard to find
quality time with them because they’re busy doing other times so okay yeah so
it’s nice to be able to spend a couple hours a night in the gym with them and
watch him grow as a player I’ll remember it forever so here oh yeah well good
luck for tonight yeah learn for the rest of your season thank you thank you for
joining us all right with us right now we have the head coach of Forest Hills
Jason layman Jason could you tell us a little bit about you starting lineup for
tonight yeah this year we have a big group of seniors a most of our starting
lineup except for one is actually seniors this year we only have one
junior Ethan Penrod so have a heavy senior loaded class led by Garrett Donna
you and Ryan stolen or two captains this year a lot of good senior leadership
there and two of our better players Tyler Kish is another one unfortunately
he’s been injured since first week of practice he took a fall and ended up
getting the surgery on his wrist but the good news for us is he’s supposed to be
back next week that’s good for us that is good excellent and your season
so far so far were our four and one we lost the first game of the year to
bishop guilfoyle otherwise our will say archrival
oh yeah laughs right here yeah really we struggled with them probably should be
us of them in the district championship again this year maybe this year will
finally get to beat them with last week we beat Altoona I’ll at out tonight what
was the first time the team’s ever won at out
so that was big for us and the first time we’ve beaten them in five years so
none of our varsity players ever got a chance to beat him until this year so
okay it’s curious how close was guilfoyle it was a three to one game
four we actually had to lead the whole game to 20 to 22 and lost 25 2015 the
matches yeah yeah dr. hope you’ll see them again yes okay Wow
so this is how do you like the new gym it’s nice it’s a nice big open big big
key to there’s other nice high ceilings right passing a ball is easy I know we
practice our elementary school a couple times you really notice the lower
ceiling over right after being spoiled in here yeah no longer you no longer
have a big green divider to hit you up green wall that’s very nice the kids
really enjoyed it they’re excited every have a game plan in here a sound system
everything’s great so excellently yeah so then next year you’re going to be
losing a lot of seniors we are yeah we have 16 on the team this year graduating
eight with cutting staff has a lot of work to do to get some new kids to come
out that’s right market recruiting we had that when these guys were freshmen
was big year we graduated 11 the year before those guys came and we got a to
himself hopefully another year like that all right
well wish you the best of luck for tonight thank you very much glad glad to
be here glad you two are here oh yes we do it every time is good well good luck
to you thank you thank you thank you the forest fills Rangers we have so a
few hot is a sophomore and Connor freehoff he’s a sophomore also he
designates letter number five we have Ethan Penrod a junior number 14 we have
our senior Ryan still one number nine tonight is Trevor Smith he is a senior
also and Jared mikaze number 15 he is another senior senior dare Coonrod
number 10 the Forest Hills Rangers pilot fish he is a senior number six and we
have Garrett Donohue number seven who is also a senior for the Rangers all reset
it looks like we are about to begin you will see we have come to dr. chase
malarkey tell me yeah look it’s gettin crazy how close we
have to paint to list in here anywhere I don’t think no I don’t believe we do no
high tea looks like he’s about seven six he’s quite tall isn’t my guess like 64
though can blow just a little bit just a little Jake lost and stand beside him
yeah good idea exactly well even Penrod has some height
on them too actually of course we’re at a different
perspective right now everyone looks really tall because this is the first
time we’ve done a announcer game from the floor we’re usually up in the stand
so everyone looks really tall from down here and a new boy severs with serve wowee you can’t touch that no you can’t
touch Garrett Donohue yes the first four seals he amazing Becky and I were or
watching them warm up and she said it’s like he hangs there yes hang it’s
amazing poor souls lost the serve yes and back
to serve for two boys is Damon Olson and there we go 1-1 beavers with another
serve Trevor Smith I assume is the setter tonight because Nathan Belko is
out right oh great save I know Trevor Smith sometimes is the Libero
too right well right there they who was it Jason was saying about the high
ceiling and all that we have and I guess that is definitely an advantage but in
that case because we have the hype now we’re probably going to really like
little Bink smash it over that net because we have
so much space on either end yes all right oh they won’t be making
baskets this year Kimberly in the know learn and basketball hoops because
they’re up in the ceiling nowadays different than the old set up that’s
right another ace for Garrett Donahue let’s see how many has he had so far
this year Becky 37 yep that makes number 37 whoa whoa does have a hard hit as a
nice pitch by number four yes that core in I hope we’re pronouncing that
correctly Andy wheezes back to serve for the
Beavers and into the net so he ties the game for Trevor Smith with the serve and
it’s out looked like it was out anyway yeah actually things rather quiet here
done Harry quiet I almost feel like I have to whisper yeah I guess just
because the gymnasium is so large is yes oh right and that wasn’t called as a
carry Wow
great stay nice try nice authorize it tried that core and back to serve they’ll save that one man yeah oh look
like they were going to save that one at least God melon got punched in the babes
on those mmm and for still called a timeout first time out of the game Becky
yes it’s a shame you know I’m looking at the monitor right now and so you know we
see the two teams sitting on the other side but we see no fans over there
that’s because all the fans are behind they’re all behind us I know so I miss
looking over and seeing the fans yeah really I was just going to say look at
us down in the bottom corner but Wow here we are there we are gonna sound of
the world clean good thing my hair is rope now Yuri was waving at all the fans
back then they’re gonna start the child chanting your name thank you thank you
thank you okay so I see Simeon Ross egde is one of our it’s going to say flag
bearers but that’s he’s not a flag bearer he would be a line judge their
line judge over there we don’t know him yes we do see that should have been a
double hit to Kimmy the way it went off I was going at the flag you like very
I’m helping at the line judge to see if we didn’t move you at home beavers are
up by two yes I go far and it’s still that Corinne sir oh hey we’re out of
line wow we rarely see that call these
referees are on it do we know their names no no we don’t know their names
who is it Doug Farah Doug Harbaugh one of them
can I think this is our next step I think you and I should become the
referees volleyball that would be interesting that would be very very
interesting the shirts would make us look skinny
with a very wise article just so they never put them the other ones right by
pants what more can you ask for yeah whistle would give a kind of
violence Laura not on that big stand because I’m kind of tells me out follow
I want to be up on that stand I’ll be up there waving at everybody my
life sorry mr. Elias I’m sure there are mysterious like many spectators in their
homes who have turned the volume off at this point
oh no it’s those two again oh just turn the volume down now so roll hey hey Ryan
so Han with a my pit Rangers are creeping back it’s eight to nine and
Connor fried Hoff is back to serve he was one of my students
oh good effort good effort number seven a m– in Olson let’s see I had Ryan’s
Dohan and Trevor Smith out here on the floor and you taught them everything
they know in volleyball right I did alright so here we go settin it up just
the weight of all fun off number fifteen and it almost looked like that with the
carry to the way his hand went right you know what though the more I watch this
game nowadays the more I think they love a lot of that just go yep oh dude hit he called one see how about he tried to complain and say that was a
late call but it was the right call alright here we go some blockin lines
going with a block whole hit from the back line nice little date night yes alright we have three points ahead okay
nice you can hop in here with us if you’d like full Simeon cook it to the
peak Oh believe me what was that did you
announce that mr. Elias announce with me for the girls game in the fall and I was
not feeling well I had a horrible horrible cold and he was trying to make
up for my lack of what enthusiasm exactly and let me tell you talk about
the corniness overflowing so I missed you the last time there back when I tell
ya beautiful beautiful kill there by Derek
terribly cozy yes no no I do appreciate you stepping up and helping us out when
when Becky could not be here so oh yeah I was at the playoffs for sauces that’s
right that’s where you were yeah yeah we missed you but you did all right there
mr. Elias I must say yeah you tried no you did a fine job Ryan stone for the Rangers with the
serve that is an icer for sales point we’re starting to break away Kim I’ll
say six point lead right now 1610 wow what a great serve hey let it go without it was out though
wow that was a tough one drew Kanter it’s back to serve for the Beavers oh my
and he can hang there I’ll just tip it if he has to you know notice how he kept
that risk he locked that wrist down forcing up all
to go down and a great angle Garrett Donohue is a sir for the Rangers another
point for the Rangers it is now 18 311 I’m going to say timeout has to be
coming coach Tom Hibbert calls a timeout Eric Donaghy with the third for Forest
Hills Garrett Garrett Coonrod rule one sorry too much showed them that maybe
I’ll call them Garrett one and near it – great block there by um Dubois Tara Smith it’s a set and there we go
Jared cozy with the Mike scale and you know Becky if you watch him he really
isn’t jumping all that if he was jump like really get up there he doesn’t
really have to jump all that high because he’s so nice and tall
right that was a nice hit by Zac corn back over to Zack into the net the set
just wasn’t high enough there nope Jared Miko he would serve for four kills
Oh down into the net I’m still me until they can basically
set the ball back on a serve yes things have changed I say uh-oh right on the net this is
definitely a little a little more trying I think for Forest Hills without their
usual center in correct with me that’s what I will go yes known also was so I’m
sorry it takes a little bit of adjustment and communication on on the
Rangers part and now we have Garrett Donny’s net serve from the left there we
go great kill by Ryan still home you know if you look at the stats Kim
Nathan Belko who is the one who’s injured today he has 150 to assist which
is common for the better Frank but you know after that from 150
to the next closest is 38 and also what made a difference there that’s a huge
difference yes Trevor stepping in Trevor Smith stepping in and taking over and he
has 24 up to this game Garrett Donaghy with the third from the
opposite corner where did that ball drop I’ll say most that one’s out
Nathan Penrod with an attempt we have Andy weeks back to serve for two boys
the score is 14 23 see now he was over the line I thought so Brian so hon but I
couldn’t that why they all right so we’ve got game point here if you’ll
recall the games go to 25 must win by earth must win the game by two points and into the set the first game goes to
Forest Hills alright so the first game will ended up with a score of 25 to 14
and we could just hear that the players from Dubois right now said hey we’ve got
to clean it up yep so I’m sure they’ll turn it around here a little bit in this
second game their small team if you look at them and then height wise I’m talking
about they are a little bit we also said they’re young so that’s right so in just
a little bit here give the kiddos a chance to get a drink of water and we’ll
get ready to go for this game number two all right right back to game number two Wow good attempt to the block there by
Andy wheat and the point goes to Dubois ball fell in a hole
nobody was getting to that number seven jae-min Olson with the ball
serving to Dubois George Smith and a little dink over by cozy right over top rule number two
Donny once he has some my shoes at Tim Burton yeah
little pink things oh you don’t think things roll yeah another one who has
this I think she was on a right now bench that wasn’t quite close enough to
the net I don’t notice that a few times like the coach said they are young
mm-hmm he’ll get there oh so as our our set was a little bit low there that’s
hard whenever when you’re on the run there and trying to stop to position
yourself and Elise is back to serve and into the nezam okay here we go
Garrett Donny with the surf there we go he’s got the ace so his serving percentage Becky is 81%
oh that was on I was right on right on coach if it was over there shaking his
head he knew it yep he just has power behind his it didn’t
know what to do nobody’s got to go for it boys do you
hear anything about Jarrod is he thinking of playing in college or
anything Kim I was wondering the same thing I mean he has the potential like
gosh yes he does look at that even though he’s only just hangs there I’ve
never seen anything like it it’s amazing are you sure he doesn’t have little
wings hang on Brown out of this little little what do you call this I call the
wing bones back me in your back should I never yell over and I turn around I’m
like Michael Jordan in basketball don’t leave Israel there anyway what’s
his number twenty three and number four Jack Koren
for the Beavers with the third nice hit Ryan Zohan all right there we go number
15 drew cancer true is the token senior for Dubois that
man if I Ryan throw Han they’re pretty well yeah okay we’re now is eight to
four Ryan snow Han has 36 percent almost 37 percent of kills 209 to four Rangers
just moving ahead Trevor Smith with the third watch his servant to push a base
oh yeah Wow good block what by number 15 and 10 drew and Tom Tom Hibbert that
would be the coach’s son mm-hmm that’s the feather calmly in here now
yes Gethin pinyon communique head up and
down in the center connor fried off back to serve for the Ranger score is ten
five go six was up Oh coin is only a sophomore hunt yes he is no Becky it
seems like we’re sort of running away with it here
I mean the Beavers are they’re struggling to really just get a good
play going they are a lot of these hard hits they’re just nice digging them up
just right right and I think that just comes an experience to with the young
team and I’m sure it’s very intimidating I mean my goodness when you see some of
the hips I know that the Rangers absolutely I’m out there absolutely in
height hey we have a height big matically yes and you know what come
next year for us we might be you know you’re right we’re losing half of the
kids right so any of you viewers out there who are in the Junior Senior High you should consider going out like a
volleyball team to build a nice program here all right so I’m with a knight sir
really you’re not rising they seemed frustrated and it looks like a timeout
is called by coach Hibbert well the Rangers are mating right now
can 14 sexy shorts heartbreaking for them yes so score is 14 to 6 we have
Ryan still han back to serve there yes Hey oh you poor Andy wins that attention
there mr. lion that ball was almost on our equipment
Andy we tried to block it but it has so much power just went right off his hand
oh yes there we go they’re taking the coaching my wife reaching right up there
bashing them down some fans in the crowd yelling a little bit right so on really
shows that ball up high in the air go for his day uh-huh yeah 17 6 right now almost I keep going up for hit two
instead of you know like a spike instead of a well there we go there it goes oh good
reduce our horn oh but it was out but hey you know at least think he’s program
did it I’m actually surprised some of those hits that he has they don’t hurt
somebody and I am shocked so Ryan Sohan only has nine serving aces
with his serve I’m surprised that’s not a lot more mr. percentage is seventy six
point nine percent though yep that’s pretty good I’m just I’m
surprised that the serving aces there we go he’s taken a little bit easier so we
can get a volley bill in here that’s a nice save there by Trevor Smith here we
go up on the outside but not strong enough for self gets the serve back
again Kim it is now 22 six yes they are allowed to do that yes as long as he
lets the ball drop to hit the floor he may he cannot make any attempt to hit it all right
oh he hit that on the way down though he had a the traductor ejector he had to go
up and way out not your physics lessons for today again is physics the
trajectory stem system is everywhere and the Big O
from the crowd oh dear oh I mean that was so good but I feel bad I know poison
away but that was so good Gareth auto just found out
oh my good gracious that’s why I’m thinking college oh my goodness where
are these Scouts what they need to be here there’s a nice back set hi mr. Olsen Wow alright we’re coming up on game
point here soon twenty three to six oh my goodness I see
there a staring at each other too don’t you just wear like making faces like all
my these poor kids don’t you just want to know how fast like how many miles per
hour is come yeah Janie give her a dart gun with you yeah yeah he has one in his
back pocket you do need something like that I had something like that let’s
requisition one of those oh my goodness with his left hand
25 same game two Rangers again 25 to 6 you know what honestly the Rangers it
just seemed like they couldn’t do anything wrong that time Game three and Donnie went back to serve
their libero and we have another kill by Gareth on a new yes as a matter of fact
we have some information here about some of our guys on the team we had asked
them to fill out some a little index card here
yes enter Garrett just had a good hit learn to let us know then value a little
bit about him he is a four year starter and his favorite memory from this year
were the bus ride and he will be attending the Mount so we were wondering
if he was being looked at by any colleges and so perhaps I don’t know it
doesn’t say in this card then he’ll be playing volleyball but boy I sure hope
he is so best of luck to you Garrett and if he is the mount of getting one good
player I’ll say speaking of he is back to serve his service has that same
Hitler velocity unbelievable on the net those are tough Ryan’s Dohan see if you
look at you know nobody nobody’s in their position at all if you look at the
Dubois side they’re just sort of all I know you know what I came together it’s
there’s a little contention on their side too like they’re all starting to
kind of argue with each other right because they’re trying their best yeah
do you canter Ryan so Han he’s a four-year starter
also Kim and he’s going to attend the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
his favorite memory I bet this was this year
destroying Altoona at their own gym yes I don’t have a big school oh my god yeah
Sidda wonderful Trevor Smith and Ryan so on was another hill that was Trevor
Smith’s favorite memory as well beating Altoona in their own gym you have to add
that in their own gym Trevor will be attending WVU West
Virginia University he’s big on the robotics team too no as a matter of fact
I am when we held a big Robotics Competition here oh gosh about a month
and a half or so no and it was really neat that he was if we had we had people
from even out of state teams coming from out of state to compete it was an
excellent excellent thing to see really didn’t I have to build a robot that
would throw blocks up over a wall yeah yep Oh came down on her I and so on yeah
good attempt though Andy Reese is back to serve score is two to six oh it hit yep that was right in kind of
a floating serve there and Elise is a junior and I set there by Trevor hostess
thinking terrace mr. Neher job no yes no good block by number 15 wait he just
kicked hamster loud isn’t that something very often he was trying the old pancake
uh-huh he was Jay was all about the pancake
last game that was at we announced philippi Hoss is in the back I guess for
any long serve oh nice little dink but it was out yes so Philip Yuhas has come
in ah into the nihms the Rangers aren’t quite taking this game like they did the
last one it’s 7:00 to 5:00 right Malcolm oh wow not going earth I was just saying their
last game very interesting like they should not do anything wrong right it
was so good that everything hits and now they’re getting hit with a few little
mistakes here and there yes and with the Beavers service out too
much power there a little too much here’s your little buddy just read
hottie Connor service mechanism I said I said Jason
layman is subbing in some of the other kiddos here so they get an opportunity
to play Garrett Donahue with another huge kill
he just does not miss because he can place it because he is never hitting us
when is in those little wings and hangs there decides he want to put it right
now right when the ball is up in the air exactly and but hit number 14 for their
team to tip that but I won’t say his number in aware we don’t have that one
but we have Tom Hibbert back to serve right now that was it
Brian’s Gohan now I have another senior here and on the index card in my hand
Tyler Kish unfortunately he is injured but he was a has been a four-year
starter begging he enjoyed all the bus rides and plans on working at jws
industries whenever he graduates what is JW s industry stimuli didn’t one
of our grades visit to thank the jkk field trip to jwf why am I thinking they
do something really they did lab work some metalworking okay wasn’t it up what
they’re all nice save Trevor whoa Garrett Donohue was a yeah block
there Garrett’s another senior for your starter again these kids are all for
your starter something better seniors he’s going to be attending the
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown for civil engineering and once again his
favorite memory was absolutely destroying us all – not in their own gym
I had bad one in help and I didn’t know they destroyed right and if you’ll
recall Becky actually coach Hibbert from Du Bois said that they had lost Altoona
so the hit by Andy we so the Beavers get the point Rangers lead by two at this point into
the net Bonnie Wendy Jericho zmax sir
Jared McCarthy is our senior that we’re going to talk about he is in his third
year of playing he’s going to attend Edinboro University and destroying
Altoona in their own gym there is no other memory all they remember no other
memory like when you’re in a mountain and there’s an echo wait wait I didn’t
have a really cool memory for Philip Yuhas are you ready for this now Philip
as a sophomore he was one of my students okay and his favorite memory is getting
into trouble with Simeon Simeon Ross egde our flag bearer for talking to
girls I would love to hear the rest of that story I would I know though Simeon
and Philip quite well and I can only imagine I will find out more
that’s too cute I actually have his brother in school so I’m going to ask
him tomorrow see that hmm we also wanted to mention but apparently there’s three
boys on the volleyball team have an unusual hobby they call themselves the
donut connectors tighter Garrett and Ryan love to buy donuts but not to eat
them Jay they like to throw them so all free on waste of addition they can throw
them right into my mouth back well all three of them say they’re going to do
this for the rest of their lives so my my I’m sure there’s a story to that one
too now I’m sure there is but as they’re
watching this when they’re order they’re going to look back thanks see we really
do that yeah really nice add sound to it huh my goodness the score is 16 to 14 I
think we’re late campers it’ll be easy on the Beavers
right now Trevor’s going to be serving oh good lights off my rhinestone 1:02
came down on the face ball just kind of lost it there that happens Wow nice hit
there by number 15 dream gander there we go and even Penrod just kind of
like I’m going to save myself just resolute Ethan gave us a card here
apparently he’s called the chef huh but he didn’t give us any favorite memories
he’s only been playing for two years but he has no memory no memory at all come
on Ethan certainly there’s some sort of a memory favorite memory you have maybe
this will be his favorite memory a loss I know but there we go we’ve got to touch that was
a hit by number 14 but again we don’t have his we don’t have his name he
pretty much gave us just his starters that’s the problems right the starters
in the Libero work is in there and right but he’s been in a lot today maybe
because he’s been doing well into the net by the Beavers it is now 18 all yes corner fried Hoff is up to third
this is his second year playing oh and into the net now his favorite memory is
getting four straight kills against the same kid from Bishop guilfoyle that
would be a really neat memory good for you that would all right Garrett Garrett
Coonrod with the set and then the the hit Oh down on our side
so now Becky flavors are actually winning 2018 right now with Tom Hibbert
back to serve all right so we’re sending over a free ball and I went on his hair horoscope of making this share of
mistakes Malcolm just little ones here and then and I wonder if it’s on purpose
just because they want to play somewhere fall tonight they don’t want to go home
yet Oh waiting for it Oh hopefully 22:18 they were playing that right
against the net you know with the blocks and exactly and that’s yep Forest Hills
has called a timeout tom Hibbert 22:18 beavers are in charge of the game right
now Dubois is looking for three more points right the Rangers just close the
gap a little bit right there Ryan’s don’t one with a serve let’s see
what kind of surgery gives them he means business again yes he does oh that was
nice yeah that’s not number 14 mm-hmm sorry number 14 you always be number 14
– there he goes again he killed it up there I’m yes Ganon
don’t count 15 mm-hmm thank you oh just out was that trajectory thing Gipper
physical clashes coming home you know that ap physics okay greed I need some
caffeine right now we’re not allowed to have any soda in you know or the old gym
I must say Oh 21 22 Rangers are coming back Ryan still
Hahn is go back to tur okay back now Oh bounce on his head I
guess that working under five beavers only need two points Kim and want to
drive into Game four that’s exactly right your kindred has been doing I was
exciting he happened it’s nice whenever you have to that can you know work it nicer my Garret Coonrod it really
looking for Andy we it is now 24:22 him Jack could be game point this could be
it this could be game point whistle libero Donnie went back to serve
the pink shoes I had it then here we go oh he almost
grabbed that mold I did look like a Duncan I’d like to see if he could don’t
go on a basketball hoop Oh another point 2200 here we go we have to win right Lou
though Jared mikaze with the serve nice serve here we go
oh he’s bored Dubois kids they just keep looking at each other like who should
have got that they just don’t have time to think right it comes down exactly another good serve by Jared Miko there
we go Oh hit by number four Jack Gordon over
there here we go that’s it and chairs on who hold it when he shows it off or
still takes it in three soon as that ball went up first hard hitting he is
like there we go here we go this is it I think I just stand aside to be myself I’d be scared I’d be so scared well I
know that I would hurt I’m telling you you know copy like pains on this is all
yours it’s all yours Wow Wow this is probably a first Becky we’re
going to be home here like really angry or quickly that’s amazing well for a
bill takes it in three the last game coming down to 26 24 though him yeah no
that’s true yeah that’s true and I do think they gave them a little bit of
leeway there to see what they could do and ya know try to get some volleys
going and you know that is what the games all about you know right it
doesn’t it’s no fun whenever one team is just
really dominating no you know you’re happy and we’re happy for our home team
but then in a way feel a little bit sorry for the other team yesterday and
there’s our little see the pony caliber lamrim is our camera girl dark camera
girl Josie later and Dasha and Dasha Kirby we hardly have very much we
certainly couldn’t do that without them so we nearly appreciate their help we
have a great big shout out to mr. Jay Elias
who edits all of our mistakes every time I do these broadcast sorry J yes sorry
so sorry we thank you for all the time and effort you put into editing and
producing a great game and on behalf of the entire school district yes we can
call it a night I think so yes so good night thanks for joining us

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