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Hi I’m Alois Rosario and I’m Jeff Plumb from and today we are going to talk about the forehand topspin against block. SO let us have a look at the 3 basic things
we need to consider with the forehand topspin stroke. Firstly let us consider our leg position.
We need to have our feet nice and wide apart, you can either be quite square on to the table
or because it is more of an aggressive stroke you can turn a little bit more towards your
forehand side. The second thing we need to consider is your
start position. You are starting with your bat fairly flat you can turn it over, we will
talk about that a little bit later, but your starting position needs to be down and around
knee high or between your hip and you knee. The third thing to consider is we need to
make a brushing contact and then finish with your bat up nice and high above your head
with a 90 degree angle here and a 90 degree angle here. When you are starting out you can start with
a nice flat bat like Jeff is doing here. As you can see he is still generating topspin
on the ball by starting low and finishing high and he is brushing up the back of the
ball. But there will be a limit to how fast you can hit this type of stroke with such
a lifting action. Eventually the ball has to go off the end of the end of the table.
So how do we hit the ball faster? There are two things, one we need to turn our bat forward
and we need to get our stroke a little bit more forward as well. So rather than the very
lifting stroke now we are starting a little bit further back with the angle down and coming
forward. If you have found this lesson on the forehand
topspin useful, go to where you will find lots more information about
the strokes of Table Tennis.

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  1. Thanks, I've been told shoulder rotation movements are quite slow to recoil (compared to elbow rotation), are they promoted in this vid because the block is a rather slow ball ? I guess we wouldnt have time to make a full elbow swing against a more agressive couter ball,would we ?

  2. Great questions. The best place for in depth conversations is on our website under the ask the coach section. There we are not limited by the length of the comment box. If you post a question about this there Alois will answer it for you.

    The shoulder rotations are an important part of the stroke when you are trying to generate more power as to are the legs, the arm and even the wrist. All of this will help you get the bat moving through faster.

  3. The topspin is an extension of the counterhit. You put more topspin on the ball which causes the ball to dip and allows you to hit the ball harder and still get it on the table.

  4. miss your speeding up forearm….. drafting and fast buckling at the ball touch – sorry for this scary englisch… i don't know the technical terms in englisch…

  5. What's the difference between the european style loop and chinese style loop? And which one is shown in the video?

  6. It's all about the brushing action. Against backspin your stroke can be more vertical. Make a fine brushing contact and as it is a fine contact you can move your bat through quite fast.

    You can also ask questions on our website under the ask the coach section. There we have a lot more room to answer your questions.

  7. Seems you do this stroke without using the swing of your arm, but instead you use shoulder/body rotation? I make more use of the swing of my arm rather than shoulder rotation, Should I change that? Does it make me more consistent if i go for shoulder body rotation rather than arm rotation?

  8. Are you getting a good brushing action on the ball?

    What sort of bat are you using? Can it generate plenty of spin?

  9. We recommend the PingSkills Rook as your first real table tennis bat. As you've already been using some decent bats, you could try the PingSkills Touch with Mark V. Take a look on our website for more information.


  10. Hi PingSkills!!I like your videos that my strokes became better and the ball always goes in with good spins but my only problem is the direction that the ball takes is irregular how can I fix that?

  11. I always favour my backhand block over my forehand which allows my opponent to go on the attack and get the point most of the time. How do I stop doing that and actually play my forehand more? 

  12. I'm just curious Pingskills regarding the finishing position of the loop and forehand topspin. At the end of the stroke does the bat angle have to be at the side of your head or tilted at your head?

  13. I have a problem…
    When i didn't play for months…
    I can't do a very fast topspin, I mean I can't return it to the opponent's side of the table.

    Can you help my problem?What should I do?

  14. I started playing tt with my right hand but I am actually left handed. My left side of the body can generate more power than my right. So, since one month I have been playing with my left hand. I am now comfortable with my back hand and can return back spin, top spin and side spin with ease .

    But I am not getting hang of my forehand. I need to make great effort just to put the ball on the table with my forehand. Can you help me?

    One thing is that, i usually put more weight on my left leg than right.

  15. hi Coach Alois. I noticed that you don't mention anything about using your wrist on a forehand loop. I have always used my wrist when I do a forehand loop. However my loops have always been spinny but slower. I recently stopped using too much wrist and found that my shots are faster. I'm also able to make more kill shots. What's your opinion on using the wrist on the forehand loop?

  16. You know pingskills I love your channel anything about table tennis i need to know here is the place I come first rather going here and there thanks for all the videos keep it u????

  17. @pingskills
    Thanks Alois, I have learned many techniques from the channel
    i hope to see you on one day….
    perfect coach

  18. Sir whenever I hit the ball it goes off the table while doing topspin.I tried closing the racket angle and then too its not working. what should I do? pls tell

  19. Hey alois please help me every coach or video i referred told me that your hand needs to be relaxed and straight and you close the forearm to generate the spin but jeff's hand always remain at 90 degrees. also i noticed that even your hands are mostly straight while hitting a topspin. since i have been following your site my action is quite similar to jeff which my coaches say is not right. what do i do now?

  20. I've notice that you coaches and other players on an international level generate speed on the ball by moving their whole arm (and with slight body rotation). Now what I've learned during trainings is, that the main source of momentum should be the movement of bending your elbow. Which technique should I be using and if both are correct, under which circumstances should I prefer one?

  21. Your demos show your balls all bouncing to Jeff at the same height. So he starts with the bat between knee and hip height and ends the stroke with the bat just above head height. If the ball bounces a foot or more higher the stroke clearly has to start from a higher position. But does it still end at the same height as before? I'm having trouble with the high bouncers.

  22. dear pingskill, i have a question, if i want to topspin, it always become sidespin. is it okay or should i changed my techniques?

  23. Coach Jeff my top spins always have a side spin on them even though I have a flat bat contact and don't tilt the bat how to create pure topspin?I like your coaching a lot

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