Forehand Smash Table Tennis Technique

Welcome back to my channel, a place to learn
table tennis correctly and with fun. This Ping Sunday video, we will learn how
to smash in table tennis (Chinese technique). We feature Hao Shuai (??) for his “amazing”
smash skill ^^ (LoL) Smash is an important technique in table tennis
that you can use to finish the point. However, during training, there is not many
high balls to practice. Amateur players
often miss the ball during the real match. They don’t have a correct technique. Hao Shuai is a talented player. He is a few left-hand player in Chinese team. He is
promoted to the team A, and is considered to be one of next top 4 in China Team. His career is very promising for a young 20
years old Hao Shuai (in 2003). But there was an incident in the Quater Final,
2005 World Table Tennis Championships. Hao Shuai played versus Maze, he was leading
3-0, at 10-8, he lost all the high ball. He can’t smash the ball effectively. Since then, he is demoted to the team B. His
international career is ended. He is now considered as the “Blue Player”
in China Team. Blue Player will imitate, copy the playing
style of the major rival opponent. Hao Shuai must copy the playing style of Timo
Boll, and served as a trainer to the top Chinese players. Timo Boll is also a left hand player, spin
oriented player (soft style). It’s similar to Hao
Shuai’s style. So he is designed to learn and copy the style
of Timo Boll. Blue players
will be used before the Major Event Closed Training of China Team. After the incident, during a party, the head
coach Lui Guoliang slapped on the face of Hao Shuai for his “stupid” mistakes. In a Western country, it’s impossible to touch
another people. But in Asian countries, it’s not offensive. How to do do
the Forehand Smash in table tennis? Some players think that you need to hit very
hard to smash the ball. No! Smash in table tennis is very technical. Don’t use full of your force (100%) you will
miss the ball. Just use 80% of your force which would be
enough. Kong Linghui is a merely an average power
player, but his smash is very fast. Smash is a basic table tennis technique. Chinese player rarely misses this point. Hao Shuai is a very rare case. That’s why he is kicked out of the National
Team A. In general, there are 3 steps to have a good
smash in table tennis: Step 1. Backswing: -Rotate your body sideways. -Weight is transferred to the back
foot (build energy). -Racket raised to a high position (behind
the path of the ball) Step 2. The strike: – Swing the body back. – Transfer the weight to front foot. – Waist, hips, shoulders have finished rotating
!!- Strike the ball when the ball is at shoulder height !! Step 3. Follow Through: – Body moves forward.- Don’t
let the racket move too far from the body (to recover faster) Chinese Smash
Table Tennis Technique Chinese philosophy focuses on the use of the
whole body (legs, hips, waist, shoulders, and forearm) to add extra power
to the shot. For the smash, you should fix the wrist, don’t
use the wrist to increase the precision of the shot. Zhang Jike lifts up his right foot, to increase
the center of gravity, and then use all of the body mass,
to hit down to the ball. Another problem for an amateur player is the
timing. They hit the ball too soon,
or too late. If you hit too soon, the ball still has high
velocity, and you will miss the ball. If you hit too late, your smash is not fast
enough. (The problem of Hao Shuai). The best timing is when the ball just starts
falling down from it’s highest position. At this position, the ball is high enough
for you to smash it down, and it’s not too fast. You won’t miss the ball. The second problem is some player just stand
still at one position. You have time to move
to the optimal position before smashing the ball. You need to move. Bring up your racket. Hit at the right timing. Hit the ball down. And move again for the next ball. That’s it for today. Hope you enjoy this video. I’m rather busy
(I can’t answer all of your messages). See you next Ping Sunday, EmRatThich.

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  1. Hey Coach I have a question, what it the difference between a shakehand blade and a Chinese Penhold blade? Whenever I look at them compared in photos, I see no difference.

  2. Yes, Hao Shuai should have been demoted if he did not know how to properly smash. Thank you very much EmRatThich for the "80%" comment, I'll give that a try. Also the leg movement okay the whole video is important! Hao Shuai — learn and get back to A!!!

  3. @EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach, what is the reason for chinese players to switch their black rubber to the red (tensor rubber) when they are doing the last smash to finish the point? Ma Long and Fan Zhendong do it always. Nice videos

  4. Hi there. I am currently trying to figure out what types of rubbers and blades I should be looking for for my first setup I've ever done. Though I have played Table Tennis for a while now and I thought it was time to invest more time into the sport. So, my general parameters I was thinking of was a flexible blade and hard rubber. However, there is are so much different variations of blades and rubbers out there, that I'm kind of getting lost. So, I was wondering if you or anyone could give me some recommendations for the type of rubber and blade I was thinking of getting. THANKS!

  5. Hi Coach .. please answer my message
    before 3 months i bought new rubber and blade and with 15 hour training in a week until i found some comfortable in playing . but now i feel that the spin become less and less is it true ? or may be i used to playing with this racket .

    I ask American coach and he told me to change my rubber because it became invalid , but at the same time i asked Chinese coach and he told me that i need at lest 6 month to get use to with racket !! So i take some photo to you for my racket and i want to know if i can enter championship with these rubbers .

  6. I think Hao Shuai's bigger problem was that he kept smashing the ball directly at Maze instead of moving him around. Maze was an excellent lobber, and you aren't going to wear him down or get an error from him that way (just like you aren't going to win by continually looping straight at a decent chopper's pips). When a player is backed up like that, they can't possibly cover all the ground there is if you play angles instead of trying to win with brute force alone.

  7. Just some random thoughts here. As others have said, Michael Maze was a good lobber. His lobs were deep and he would move back to the center to cover the angles. Smashing a deep lob is harder to end the point vs a short lob. Example: Ma Long's smash in this video va Ma Lin was an easy one. It was right by the net. Then there's FZD's smash vs Vlad in the video. Samsonov at that stage of his career was older and didn't get back to the middle making that down the line smash easy.

    Hao Shuai should have finished but he didn't. Maybe mix in a drop shot if you cannot put it away with a smash every once in a while. I don't know. I'm sure he has replayed that moment over & over back in his head. Truth of the matter was that he just wasn't on the same skill level as Ma Lin, Wang Hao, Ma Long, Xu Xin, ZJK eventually went. So I think he would have been moved down to the B team sooner or later even if he had finished off Maze.

  8. I am like hao shuai. I am very confident backhander but am TERRIBLE at smashing. When a high shot comes, i dont smash, just tap the ball lightly. And when i do smash, it either goes out or straight up. Any tips for this??

  9. hi coach emt you are doing a good job in your videos I am an offensive attacking player but somehow I cannot smash on backhand chops which is my weakness also I have a premade bat of mark v and I am thinking of upgrading to a custom bat I also think that I need more spin on my serves I was thinking of tenergy 80 on backhand but what forehand rubber and wood should I use I also have a short height thanks please reply it will really help me

  10. You have excellent videos, the technical details you highlight are always extremely useful and very helpful. I would however appreciate if you would refrain from translating WT…. because I find it vulgar and perhaps many others do too. It's plain to see what you mean and cloaking it with an an abbreviated acronym doesn't make it less offensive. Other words could just as well express the astonishment of the coach.

  11. I’m sorry, the black banner with English translation of your English language covers almost a third of the screen. Why don’t you remove it? We all understand what you are saying, it’s no need to be written there with small fonts, trust me…

  12. coach please can you make a video of how to receive a sideunderspin serve & a side topspin serve because i have problems reading the serve and receiving the serve

  13. I am observing there is increasing trend of killing the top spin in India
    please make a video on that but waldner has done it 20 years before

  14. Great vid but would like to know (since I already know this) I’m struggling to smash sky lobs, any help?

  15. "Couldn't hit hig balls effectively, your international career has ended, go copy timo's style for the team, blue player." :/

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