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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today
we’re going to show you the forehand smash. The forehand smash is a stroke that you utilise
when the ball is up around shoulder high or higher. If the ball is lower than that then the stroke you want to be playing is the forehand topspin. Lets’ firstly have a look at the start position
for the forehand smash. As soon as you see that ball up in the air you need to get your
bat up into the start position which is around shoulder height with your bat flat facing
towards the other side of the table. Your finish position is forward in front of your
head and out towards the other person’s end of the table. One common error that I often see is that
players don’t get their feet into position when they have the time. So as that ball is
up in the air it’s really critical to get side on. If you stand square on and wait for
the ball to come to you, you’re going to end up with a really awkward smash and you’re
not going to be able to generate any power at all. During the smash it’s really important to
transfer your weight from your back leg to your forward leg. So as the ball’s in the
air you prepare yourself side on with your weight on your back leg. As you’re making
the smash you transfer your weight on to your forward leg. So from here, on to your forward
leg and that helps you to generate more power and speed with your smash. The next thing you need to think about is
the contact of the bat on the ball. So the contact needs to be really flat. If you contact
the ball in a brushing action you’re going to generate spin but you’re not going to get
as much speed so you want a nice flat contact. Another thing I often find with players when
they’re trying to smash is they often try to smash too hard. If you’re not quite in
good position you don’t have to smash the ball as hard as you possibly can. It’s OK
just to place that ball well and then wait for a better opportunity to make a faster
smash. Another thing that I see players do quite
often is start up too high and finish too low so you’re really dragging that bat down.
What’s going to happen is that you’re going to end up dragging that ball down into the
net. So make sure that your smash starts at around shoulder height and your momentum is
forward rather than down.

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    PS : i am using caps lock just to get ur attention so u will reply me. new in table tennis here.

  2. i just want to share to you guys that im on a championship tomorrow and i cant believe it. i just learned from these guys. very well done.

  3. I have limited skills in Table Tennis. But Thanks for these Amazing Tutorials, I am able to coach my 9 yrs old daughter. And she has improved a lot. Thank You very much for taking out the time and effort to explain TT Concepts.

  4. So I've started playing ping pong this year, my room mate and I have played 856 games since September (to 21) and have been very even until a little while ago where he took a 32 game lead. What are some strategies I can use that will throw him off?

  5. Hi guys. I've seen how pro players smash a heavy backspin ball. In your videos you don't mention if the spin on the ball has to be considered for smashing it. I would guess I would have to open a little bit the bat angle? Or just play the stroke as you show us whatever the spin on the ball is?

  6. Hi, thanks for the video, great one. I am beginner (at 40 ?) and just started on forehand smash. I am surprised on your advice on the angle of the bat; you said to hit FLAT, I feel bat should face down to earth so that ball won't travel parallel to ground where bat met ball…will be glad to see your reply on this. …Thank you in advance.

  7. very good English for me who I don't know good English.You speak slowly and the videos are helpful and interesting for me to improve my skills.

  8. I'm facing problem with the speed in forehand smash
    I unwillingly apply topspin to the ball while trying to smash with forehand, it is because I learned topspin first and then smashes came into play. That's why opponent gets time to direct the counter stroke. How can I rectify this problem??

  9. pingskills would u plz guide me about when u receive a high ball and go for forehand smash without turning your bat and keeping it flat….
    i suppose it wont touch the table and go over the head of your opponenet…
    plz do answer it would be really thankful of you.☺

  10. Do you have a video about how to block a smash?
    Do you have a video about rally tips?because, i always lose on rallies. I have so many errors. My most common error is the no bounce, I think my hit is too strong and sometimes too weak.

  11. I've an issue with forehand.. I've just started playing table tennis a year ago…
    Whenever I try to make forehand smash, i kinda brush the ball for top spin which means i can't hit the ball flat.. That's why I lack speed in forehand smash which is definitely not good… I've tried to flatten the contact but most of the time it goes off table if I try to be more flatter..

  12. please start to include contact point of racket on the ball will help a lot to give better picture as to where to hit the ball

  13. If contact is flat does that mean the ball is not spinning forward in motion at all? it looks like the smash has a brush forward motion with the bat at that angle. Looks like it's not flat at all.

  14. I was also told to act like I was going to catch the ball with my free hand, this would help me line up the shot.

  15. Thank you for your tutorials. Me and my husband doesn’t know how to play pingpong but interested so I am looking for easy and well explained videos like this.

  16. He said to hit the ball flat to avoid top spin, but when I see the demonstrations, it's obvious that there's a medium amount of top spin being applied. When the ball is hit, the bat is at an angle to impart spin. Maybe he means to keep the bat relatively flat?

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