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Hi I’m Alois Rosario and I’m Jeff Plumb from and today we are going to look at the forehand push. Why do we need the forehand push? It’s a useful
stroke especially on the return of serve and to counter a heavy backspin ball when you
are not in position to make an attacking stroke. Let’s look at the basic things you need to
consider when making the forehand push. Firstly like with all of our PingSKills strokes we
talk about the legs. So you have your legs fairly square to the table or you can be a
little side on to the table for the forehand push. The second thing is our start position.
Making sure that you are starting with your bat laid back a little bit so that you can
brush underneath the ball and can counter the backspin. The start position can be next
to you or a little bit forward of that. The third thing that we need to think about is
to come forward, contact the ball and move your hand and your wrist just forward towards
the ball, towards the net. If it has less backspin you can think about coming more down
towards the table. So, your basics are your basic stance starting with your bat laid back, beside
you and pushing forward with your fingers, your hand, your wrist and a little bit of
your forearm to make the stroke. WIth the forehand push you can vary the amount
of backspin you get on the ball by opening the angle of the bat and coming underneath
it. So for less spin you have a more flat bat and for more spin you come underneath
in a more brushing action now getting more backspin is useful because it makes it harder
for your opponent to attack the backspin ball. The forehand push is a very soft stroke it
is mainly used to position the ball well to make it difficult for the opponent at the
other end. It is not used to try and hit a winner. If you try and hit the ball too fast
with your bat angled backwards it has to go off the end of the table, so it is really
important that with the push that you keep the stroke soft. If this lesson on the forehand push has helped
you then go to where you will find a lot more information about the strokes
of Table Tennis.

37 thoughts on “Forehand Push | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. Hi ! I was wondering why don't you just upload a video of you against each other, so we will all see how good you are.

  2. it's not about the competition, it's about the lessons… Although, Alois and Jeff, it would be interesting for us to see a match between you two, ever since I started watching your videos I wanted to see something like this 😀

  3. Hi Pingskills, I have already posted this question. Need help.
    I am a left handed, when I do a short serve and the opponent returns it with a backspin deep on my my forehand side, I usually try to attack with the topspin if it is slightly out of the table. Because I am still moving while hitting and there is backspin ball usually goes pass the end of the table. It looks like forehand push is a safe option here, but I want to know how to hit the topspin in such cases.
    Thanks in advance!

  4. That's right. You can brush under the ball and angle your bat back more to counter the backspin. His backspin will cause the ball to drag down off your bat towards the net. Angling you bat backwards and brushing under the ball is the key. That way you can generate your own backspin back to him.

  5. YEAH! Best of 5. The first guy who wins 3 sets wins! And to be more interesting, hire a referee, umpire & a scorer & invite your friends to watch to give that tournament feel!

  6. Have you seen our video "Alois vs Jeff". You can find it on our website by searching for Alois vs Jeff under the ask the coach section.

  7. Hi and thanks for your videos.They are really helpful to me.
    But i think when you do push stroke the ball comes upward and it pravides an exellent opportunity to do a flick,or topspin.So what should we do in order to avoid this problem

  8. You are amazing! Thank you very much for making these efforts of teaching. Greetings from Vietnam, a country that also loves table tennis very much 😉

  9. How to block a chop in forehand everytime i block it goes into the net i can't block that even in backhand too plzz help me

  10. your narrating style is awesome sir, and watching Jeff doing strokes is also a great , i started loving this game thank you

  11. Hi Coaches, thanks for the video.

    In your final excercise where you and Jeff are pushing, the ball is going high over the net and deep. How would you change the way you do it to try to
    1) Make the ball short bot spinny
    2) Make the ball barely pass on top of the net.

    Could you please advise on when is it a good idea to make a deep push? it is best to do it to your oponent's weakest side, to get a weak loop or a long push back to you, are there other scenarios?

    Thanks as always for the time and effort in the videos!

  12. You are GODS for beginners like us all.I appreciate your efforts for bringing such detailed videos for us.Thank you ,please carry out your work with the same dedication as you are doing now!

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