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Let’s have a look at the forehand chop. This
is a stroke that you use when you’re pushed away from the table. It’s a defensive stroke
that you put some backspin on the ball. Because you are further away from the table you do
have time to turn yourself more side on to the table. So your stance is more side on. The start position with your bat is up quite
high, so get it up at head high or even at the start what you can do is touch your right
ear. Then you move your bat down and forward and
finish at knee high and again as a guide to start with you can even just touch your left
knee at the end of the stroke. So our 3 basic points, turn yourself side
on, start with your bat up at head high or touching your ear, finish with your bat at
knee high or touching your left knee. If the ball is coming faster the stroke needs
to be more vertical so starting up high and coming straight down. If the topspin is slower
then Jeff can start up high but more more forward with his bat to push the ball over
the net. So if it’s fast he doesn’t need to go forward just straight down. If it’s slow
then he can come more forward on the stroke.

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  1. you two are really good at coaching table tennis….and I have shared this vidio to all players in my table tennis club….

  2. I am an amateur and I would like to subscribe to a club to learn, play pretty well but I need a good palette, and do you recommend me one?

  3. hi, I was just wondering, I have a foldable ping pong table. if I fold up one side and practice against myself, is this an effective way to practice?

  4. you guys are amazing! you are by far the best free table tennis tutorials on the internet and your videos have helped me get so much better at table tennis! thanks so much and I hope you guys keep making videos for a long time! 🙂

  5. Hey guys love your channel! It helps me a lot.I want to ask something is that how can i block forehand top-spin if both players are left handed? I mean when my partner top-spin to my forehand side,i just spin too but i want to block let's say so how can i block with forehand? I hope i could explain well?

  6. I serve backsidespin, the opponent returns backspin. If I try to forehand topspin, it will be slower because to get it over the net I have to start the shot much lower. The slow topspin means they can easily return it fast and I'm doomed? How to get around this

  7. hi pingskills please could you make a video on low throw arms on rubbers and please could you tell me if a booster lowers the throw arm

  8. Thanks ! And I salute you , the other big bro and your channel that made me champion in my school , area and other ….
    Can you please help me with my question : Which racket do you use always? I mean which one is the best for me ? Cause i am regular player and I use DUNLOP rackets . Thanks for helping ………

  9. As a penhold player, is there any reason I should be using the penhold blade over the shakehand ones? I'm not the biggest fan of the wood on the backhand side especially since I like twiddling between inverted rubbers and short pips and I can't a whole lot of information about the subject.

  10. if i toughened my hand and arm what would that do?for example would it give more spin on the ball or would it give more power?

    and can it be used as an alternative option for nullifying strong backspin on the ball instead of opening up more the angle of my racket(if it's already slightly open and arm is tightened)?

  11. Thank you pingskills ,i win the tournament because of your advice,if youwant i can give you the video

  12. During a match, I get very nervous even if the player does not play well. This makes me loose matches. What should I do

  13. would love to watch a series of strokes and techniques for chopper and the mentality behind it (preferably the modern type defender who attacks well and defends well)

  14. I need a new serve which is short to block the player from making an attacking stroke. Which serve should I do ?

  15. Hi Pingskills! I would like to ask you something. I'm having a little bit of trouble with my forehand i cant do smashes on my forehand i cant even do a correct stroke do you have any vids or tips to help improve my forehand or my backhand?

  16. Jeff is a bulletproof chopper! What is the optimal point to chop the ball: top of the bounce, start of descending or close to the floor? I feel like it is extremely difficult to chop before the ball starts to fall, but maybe I am doing something else wrong.

  17. Excellent series. My son is now learning and this is very helpful, in fact I wishI had had access to this when I was learning to play many years ago!

  18. Alois, as you are a left hander, I'd like to ask some tips to step up the lefty game, because I'm left handed too. How can I use being left handed to my advantage?

  19. Hey thanks for the vid, i am a left handed player and im deciding on becoming a chopper, is this viable?

  20. hi…..sir we are beginners can you help where we should serve the ball,opponent side or our side

  21. is a short pip rubber required for chop or any regular rubber works? also i think alois can maybe do a better chop than jeff

  22. Am I suppose to brush the ball? because when I do the ball seems to jump into the sky LOL any chopper knows why this happens? Am I not brushing enough the ball? Thanks!

  23. ping skills I am only 10 and your videos are more easier to understand than others
    and thanks for the video it helped me improve alot

  24. I actually play pickleball, but I think this little chop stroke might come in handy. Lots of the top pickleball players were actually very good table tennis players.

  25. I started to play table tennis 2 years ago and I was watching you from the beginning . My game improved very quickly because of you. Just finished the season and guess what? Finished 1st in division 2 and promoted in div 1. Thanks a lot guys from all your videos,starting how to hold the bat ,how to spin,movement, chop and all the rest. I will be happy to take u out for a meal in one day. U deserve that???. Thanks Sorin

  26. You Guys are terrific , long time search for this technique …Jeff is addicted to PP …Aloy is the pusher….more more !

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