Fore Honor – Golf With Your Friends – Pirate Cove (#5)

Jiggle-jiggle bitch I really should have Matt I’m not doing a fly through here. I’m just like stuff flying through Your music off cuz I have no no wait there. We go I don’t even think I have audio, but this game isn’t heavy on audio and really um we provide our own bird sounds we do Or we do we don’t have to it’s an option How do we fly over the map you could just roll everybody else where any Form in and like crystallize oh Why is there a loopy here? It makes me think that holes? Oh? Yeah, it’s just right up there I can’t even tell if I have audio audio show up either. I don’t move There is any is there any audience guy. Yeah, I don’t think there’s The click yes, no, you know yeah, this is the one you just move it forward. Yeah, Oh Bogey oh all right mofo whoa get up there I was fucking around too long guys. I really took this course Not anymore there’s not well, this is all my 2018 this is everybody’s favorite part when why are we playing the same map again? Are we what we talk we’re not? Everybody not gone already. I don’t think it’s just Lindsey. Yeah my goood Hey hit it harder listen. I hit it really really hard, and if you’re really soft. Don’t hit it really hard It’s a little bit hard You Bowl, so less than a but more than the other was that okay? Do not take more than ten seconds either Cuz it went in but that is all your fault Say a bitch move shit someone hit me one Hole in one Haywood Very fortunate for all of you because you’re not in bit mode. Yeah, I Was trying to get first to the hole to bit specifically so Puffing yes, yes, I just saw someone go through somebody but a Garbo floor and new Bluebird friends They’re not let’s see how long it holds up anymore. Oh I’m trying not to wake up your parents basically yeah Yeah Jingle bitch with the hole in one Hole straight ahead, I’ll find it guys How much power did you use no I Oh, it’s miles away. I wanted it my god. Is it really yeah. It’s way on the other side Okay, that didn’t work out like I thought it would oh, no. Holy shit. Oh my god Cunt yeah, Oh someone tried me into the Yeah, no I love mini golf games Oh back here, Oh, oh you mother fuck down. Oh really I said see you like them anymore Jeff How’s it going? Oh my god, so I’m gonna play through here alright you can Jump in there. No. I did not just uh I keep my angle was such that I kept falling off the thing who angle was such It was certainly not Jeremy yeah, it was not Jeremy it was not me. Oh that was close What why’d you do that silly sausage You have sound I just saw your levels moving Holy shit, I Almost got a fucking hole in whiter mine alone, and I still have no sound yeah, there’s really no sound in this game The audience is like they don’t know what they’re doing they’re right you’re correct We don’t know make your own soundtrack audience get to sound what do you want us to play everything or just I just Ambient we’re turning that shit on a stir and ambient you didn’t turn on master Somehow can hit me fine. It was me accidentally Okay, well you nearly backwards, but actually he don’t work further. Yeah, yeah In the middle of go hear the jump right hit me again, I’ll wait no I’m sorry Jeremy you got a bird Sorry didn’t God give us you tweet hit me down here, which one is party because I sometimes go But I always I go for a pigeon. I’m oh no oh yeah, you got me there mother birds We gotta add to that peace is just our song yes amazing compilation What do you do for Eagle just keep calm, right? Eagle doesn’t cook are as much as it Gets surveying my surroundings Jeremy nice Jeremy – yeah, I’ll follow with a birdie hood So where the fuck are your sound options? Uh uh an option? Oh wow really hit audio? Ah? Fuck me bog-standard power back. That’s why and oddly enough the sound Get in there fucker get in there. You motherfucker is ambient. Yeah, what the sound of the ball is the ambient? Oh, which I would think that would be like man game audio, but So there you go for the first couple holes. We won’t have any there’s barely no, audio. No there’s barely No, audio do we have music loud as fuck did you turn music on Jeremy? Are you know her but not perfusing? I’m Herman fer for ya, okay. He’s a jingle jingle bitch. What’s me. I just jump because I don’t know what’s going I don’t know wet how’d that jump go for it might as well jump rate all right back Do you hit too hard or not hard enough too hard hi Ryan? OOP. Oh, it’s just like right over there, okay? Oh, it’s near Gavin Friend slow hot spark oh I probably didn’t want to be he that was too hard oh my god Damn you trying to hit her in the hall right oh, oh Stop that what did work, but? He did finish so no he’s right there. Okay. We better go before You know that’s fine get it worked. Well. It doesn’t matter hit it again quickly Look weird on my screen judge Ryan’s right hard-bitten today with man par. I’ll say okay I like how Ryan goes oh damn like you got that one extra. Oh? No, now, you knew right behind me oh? All right, oh yeah that is that is correct you won’t write it P. Oh yeah, oh God nope that one’s that’s not gonna work. Oh Lord. I don’t know soon as well. See you guys did too hard Jeff did you pull that off yeah nice I’d hit it I didn’t hit it hard on. Oh there. We go I Finally have a non-helpful one Nice yeah Fucking start. Oh you fucking fucker like double boat Ryan you fucking fucks ah Jeff loves golf games, that’s what it remember that let me fuck myself over. I can do it. I will Ryan made me roll down the hill Ryan. I backed off a little bit Get the fuck away from Ryan yeah trying Catching you the problem is you won’t you tell it dachshund to run faster? Okay the dachshund isn’t complaining about our slowest Ryan You’re a fucking monster of a human being that’s what I’m here for Don’t judge yourself some people people like to add up Hitler more than you wow I don’t feel like that time He’s told me that before let’s see that survey oh Right a mine comp esque. Novel about gold 5 fucking bullshit 5 because of Ryan I went ahead and told Mine fairway OOP ok nice that’s pretty good I want you to know that did not go unheard All right Jeff I’m way there and wait come on now. That’s right. It’s all just like a training montage Mr.. Lovett dr. Gallows Ha ha ha Why I was about to get it to where you were I want to get Eagle Eye We always forget to put a face cam on Joe. I don’t know there you go Careful Yeah, I fucked up that battle damn it Ryan, and I got a bird I find first place Geoff you’re slipping men Doesn’t help that I got a birdie off of here hardcore Heywood Behind us ok sure see where I am oh yeah, thanks new I’m a de Fleur Fleur de Leon Jeff you running fuck off you were running. I’m coming. Oh jab me oh We’re coming oh shit the end yeah, there’s a whole level of complexity add to not only if you have to duel But you have to you have to go faster than Ryan come on Ryan Bye Ryan of the points gap come on bounce right over your ass oh You’re in the wheel yeah Gavin the nice there. He goes beans Why is it bad? Sometimes he helps doesn’t it’s that’s the risk you take how’s it? Already that first hole really fucked you You got 14 watch to move too much. You can go way too much. Yeah, you can yeah. Hey Jeremy, okay? fly my child But then you can do it, yeah, god damn fucking little slippery slut bar it’s never just right Jeremy pars, too By the way, I think pars to bogey with Well he’ll take a fucking bow now I’m just gonna clear this is it alright, you’re a by me yes Nailed it Oh Jeff was still back there. Oh Nicely done Lindsay shoot it into the Oh Lindsay with the Jeremy got ahold of more I can smash you so much The reason why she can do crack hands is why she can’t I did see a comment I think you go in the cabins guys. Yeah, yeah, I’m going for it. Oh you. Do I’m open to the idea Kanima it didn’t actually fire me yes that did not how do you launch me at all I’m in a box what the hell Holy shit. Oh Baby that’s eagle Very good shit Lindsay did not shoot you I think I think you can only shoot one person at a time Try it time this right nuts Nope it. It’s not here. We go. Hey did it go with that that or you might just have to go through it slowly No, you have time it perfect. I had to just Park in it and then it fought really Lindsay Jesus Christ, why’d you hit it so later? Ah yo J. What? Do you like benzy wanting to kill you when you stroke Ryan? Oh? No don’t leave again come on he’s back up here Jeff’s walked away from his computer I think Ryan’s 2018 collection is to make Jeff leave as many videos Michael taking. Oh there we go Are you kidding me with that eagle? Yeah 9 oh damn. Yeah, I did the cannon didn’t shoot me at first I got stopped at me. I got a Right what is that am I? What’s 14 is it doesn’t fucking bullshit cannon supposed to fucking fire does eventually see, that’s what happened exactly never fire You gotta be slow go and lightly like I mean I mean like you have to K You’re hitting it too hard. You got a you know Yeah, but you don’t Jeff not that way please a shot You know what Jenni two-stroke lead you’re you’re off the table Don’t kick me holy shit Things are happening We get over the damn it go fry engulf damn it I didn’t lose any strokes, it’s just annoying Oh What the fuck? Awesome fuck that I hit I tried to BIP someone it did not work Lindsay. That was awesome. Thank you damn it Oh fuck. I the same thing Gavin oh Yes, yes, oh wow oh it just bows damn it double bogey, did you say damn it cuz he got it in ya Damn it. I got seven I was really trying to find a good spot to get over and I didn’t know how and who just Shot me into the perfect spot. It’s like Oh hoping would fling you little ass oh So far all of my bits have been helpful. I think might tie us up I didn’t do great It wasn’t me I didn’t do it. I’m not responsible his own day. I did I did put him into mindset well You’re gonna slide I love golf games. They’re great Jeff 2018. Oh Jingle jingle oh, that said you back protection Jeff Wait for the world to build it so birdie Jeremy very nice Jinked around at the end I flew too hard went right hook Careful no blue. Oh, yeah bogus oh no no no Jeff. I do think this jumped out. That’s new Neither neither is Jeff No, it’s not the other one cars that jump this one. I just zoom across well Not too hard you See the other one was just a job wait for it the other one was easy go You did it wait, okay, got it. Hey if he came out the other side I wasn’t gonna hit him You caught up to Ryan did you guys are tired vanishing? All right, I mean just like to do something other than what I’m doing. Yeah, is that good news over that Jeremy We’re not going forward Gavin Same time you don’t go too far here. Oh, I fucked that up That’ll give you an extra stroke. Yes. Yes right in by Gavin all right? Really, I mean the aspect if I’m in a bad no Okay, I will That you I said in here Oh Jeremy taking the lead we’re gonna bow oops going for me I Should’ve went for the easier Hate I did not realize but please From where I from where I was damn my strength All right three holes left oh man so funny. It’s behind by oh No harder or whiter hotter, then there’s a whole upstairs Oh, yes, it does wow there’s a whole upstairs here in no, I think I almost got upstairs. Ha ha Damn it. I’m well maybe that oh Do it zip shit. Oh, thank you Boop, maybe you really want to have like Shane Ewing in that yep Oh well, actually I might be able to make it in one shot now. Why don’t you me Neutron it? Yeah? You got a blast hard You’re right yeah, just got a par before Ryan could just fucking leave me alone Michael you better go son Amazing fucking I fucking knew it and you that was amazed I thought you were already Also I also got the par because Ryan knocked me back, and I got a second shot and my first hit and it was better Oh, man, I was waiting fucking hit man. I was amazing The perfect jump listen. I’ve seen what you’ve done the Lindsay. Yeah, okay, yeah See the the hole or rod you see the flag at the end and Ryan sitting in front of it oh My god which was fun dumb thing oh, I’m going right, which one. Did you go for guys? Later Network, I made it Lindsay made it in there Well didn’t look great did not look great. All right. I went mental I don’t know where you are great anti-climactic can’t do how hard you hit it Lindsay? I tried to be like 3/4, and then I just did a little harder. No I didn’t make it Oh Jeff you can roll off the back, I just learned what just happened to Me as a son of a chair. That’s bad for me. Sorry. Oh excellent Yes eagle it’s okay. This is where I Fuck myself just there though. Yep. Yep me too look at that last shit Now I don’t know which way to go know what God that worked out Jeff all right nail block. I’m burying myself Really really double boasters. I’m right there with you, dude I don’t know if I’ll do that well Yeah, you will know oh It’s gonna be close between you and me if you can nail it on this one Yo, ya get an extra won’t see it see it I could make that jump cuz it has a pit around him And I stopped moving late for Ryan to smash me it might be whatever he’s just gonna. He’s down. I think he’s right next Ryan I mean, I don’t know how I’m gonna get over there you can easily That’s okay. It doesn’t take any strokes can take any strokes. That’s fine glad. I didn’t let go yet Yeah, well I just lost Got 14 added to me Jeremy I think you got it Whoops. I’ll see ya Ryan is like painting back. Ryan’s like the fucking coworker version of herpes Thanks if that keeps on givin oh those tentacles all over the gaff I can’t All right, all right, so you can’t John do it. You can’t jump. That’s what I’m realizing. What do you mean? That’s right, because I’m trying to jump over though No, we’re gonna. We’re not I tried it leg. Nope I try to choose not Jeremy Bouchet where did I go? Jeremy a little Bay Don’t even know what I’m looking there. We go. Yeah, wow you’re a bitch so Michael um When you get to that spot, you don’t want to be right in the middle Brian You don’t want to be right under the hole James Ryan hi Jeff. Uh hello Mother right now oh No Gavin, I will hear so can you call games yeah that always here before I? Come on gab nice anyone oh No no Jerry how to help you get it oh shit Ryan, you know what I do today? And I I hit like not hard enough, but they love space jump well just enough to get away This isn’t very finicky. I got super lucky. It’s impossible Doubled, OOP He’s Gavin out of straw house strikes, it’s it’s a shock Hey suck, fuck anus I got absolutely insane about a stroke. I feel less bad from the last Polish yes, you would have won that anyway bronze metal you fucks Despite the Haywood 20 stroke Jeremy it was close into the last – holy – our Redemption those with some low PAH I Do a screwy gravity yeah, yeah, well, I scream Julie. Hey forever. I’m gonna fuck with our ball shapes Okay, om shapes a random shape I think random I’m gonna I’m gonna try and resist the VIP urge so you’re gonna play it with Jules We’ll see Bin’s on how good the setup is I’m gonna try and resist unless it’s just setup that lets us to do good And I have to hate you have a bit your wife Two kids okay damn those are technical bits is random each the one we’re all different or random all Random random each is I think we’re all different all right here. We go alright seven fun again Oh well that’s fine it hit Fuck you bogey tell him damn it Thank you, I’m amazed fuck I almost had a part. I just Fought them. No Lindsay. Yeah really tapped The eggy’s don’t roll right? Yes nailed it not bad okay, three four four four you’re welcome Gavin yam You got up there quickly it didn’t help me cuz I don’t know the ISOs fear It’s a football oh fuck ouch What does the gif think of all mean? It is a ball doesn’t roll okay? Very well. Oh man until you don’t All right, and it just no it was right under it first jump is a bitch Well Good news Devon sent me a slack just I said I was feeling Friendly and bought a case of 35 guy cokes that you could take directly tear off No, I’m an attorney Did both Michael do it no no now you Maxim now target you got it HAP I feel like this email. Okay, it can go just suck. It die so what GUI very cooing yeah, Lizzy. What do you mean? We make it lags behind no riilu on it like the boob. It’s an experiment oh That didn’t go into you eventually dude. Okay, you know that was what’s this? Oh, that’s like. What are we? Holy shit, holy shit, I can’t believe how well that went where ornaments or a bubble Nice Jeremy damn Jeremy Oh chip damn it. I’m thinking political. That’s so poorly rendered Oh my I can’t get out and you get yourself into the gear on the there we go yeah Like four or five strokes Wow nice Michael I mean decent recovery from it awful performance Is eight strokes do the Herman furfle Oh shit alright. Oh, please pray up in there. That’s a new dick There we go kameena double Boxster’s oh Who did that? Oh? That’s a good lineup? Yeah? We Tommy I? wonder Come on now really dude dude squeaking a cylinder in it easy In and out with the breathing Know your last your last couple I said from second to last oh, they said your second balls it might be balls Shit Gavin I saw that nah shit shit That someone bit me and it didn’t even move me and drilled me into the ground Around pard okay Folks fuck try to trim an edge Take the short Jump in there, just don’t go hard straight for the hole and get a hold jump. Is that are you fucking kidding me nice? oh I Can’t click my mouse as fast as I can you cracked your mouse Danny Clegg. Do you draw a line for power? Yes? No, I think we’re jumping me right you click. Yeah That is jump Using two buttons on the mouse it’s insane use the spacebar well okay, now. I know a real space bot Good jumps. Yes Oh Please over there a little bit more. No you fucked me bobble you fucked me hard Gavin’s yours again yours gets real like whoops It’s just like one of those like fat pigeons, that’s what he is usually that’s like I wish a free nickname That should be used in in fat pigeon that kids fat. That’s way better than it You got bomb isn’t it better than gree bow or whatever? They used to call it wasn’t a nickname. That was a Jeremy your fob My mom’s Brina launched a pigeon books Oh Flip you do more like flippy don’t what happened fucking dipshit Don’t you dare Jeremy motherfucker Hole in one god. Damn really. I watched nice glass all the way down the course Nice done got a bug. I rarely think the ass. Hop would I play you got a Lens like a urinal cake too. We all know She’s cold I told you I don’t like mean you don’t long way there Ruud. Wait wait the flag is flying behind you what a twist The first row Jeremy Do anything? Bacon and toast oh no, thanks bacon and toast partner doing the Grgich way double burg That man has the biggest penis Double bogey is only five fuck I guess it’s battering. Oh, yeah, that’s only two or shatter Wang fuck Lindsay I don’t move if you don’t It’s by the main two strokes can go in the blink of an eye, I spent one just trying to bit you One one bit, please ah that’ll be one stroke Garbo floor sucks So I’m back. I’m back here with Gavin, so I’m trying to jump up this what are we fought again? It likes the baubles Shuang The baubles don’t like US Army Dooley great Please don’t go Legend tells of both children everywhere reading books about him Double bogey To Not happy with how few Eagles again there we go a bow lose Walking away with a bug on that turd I’m not happy that I can’t yell too much me But I’m as much as you oh, you know that I’m uh I so spheres Come on Chad ISOs beer You should call someone that in real life right so spear yeah That was close. Yeah you Isis Isis bitch folks fucking asshole they ruined Isis the goddess to ruin anything ruin nice good Archer our Get some jobs in there look just like on the KKK really gotta Jump in you have to jump you got a jump at the end you’ll bounce right into the hole there Damn it you always lost to white again well not all my goin You can almost second the last One oh You’re right. I’m sorry. You’re you’re almost you’re almost Suck my dick. I’m getting is that a good or bad one. It was it was a bad one sometimes There’s like a celebratory shot my dick. Yeah, bug You got worse that’s a tough paw that one get in yeah part you doing New bananas what you’re doing it looks like no no don’t do that the bobble What kind of bobble just catching up to you I think? Your head over there Jeff put the weights down. Let’s go face down Seven strokes bumped you up keV all right Cannon 100 buddy would launch me fuck this fucker. I fucking got in the cannon first fucker Troy Damn it. I got launched into a wall. That’s a fucking Ego I mean it’s Thailand Ha Bowie poor boring No sounda so sure What are you doing asshole get in the hole? Jeremy Oh shit, I’m Jeremy come on come on The cone kind of makes it impossible that’s short, yeah short game with the cone is just go in Just full power into that wooden wall okay, just do it sure is that I trust you. Sorry you lined up Jeremy could tell me I like kill so I guess I have to Play that’s all you blast Wow No, I know I know do you I got over there. I mean we all do come on Lindsey. This one’s gonna suck. You know The go-go’s were the coho I suspect – more wine one more Come on one more looks like a wound up whip? There you go that was a total walnut yeah, any hard walnut look I forget where the thing probably Wow all right you turn around. You’ll see it. Oh It’s down there nos floor one. Yeah, it is down. HF. Yeah, oh Crap Oh down they go up There you fucker mine man double oh damn it double bulbs go too hard Michael kitchen um let me hit that full power. Yeah, it’s an Isis fear though, so yeah It can be trying to thank Trixie, and then watch this see you see they all that hurt my throat whoa nice Garbage cans are over there if you need to throw up. No. I’m good. Uh we’re cubes oh Shit, oh shit You just weak y shit look at the wrists there. No oh that. I should have just done this What is that? Hi? No crying in golf tournament No, I’m also I’m a lot come on this will be my night stroke, okay, never mind You’re really coming at it hard. I bet your speech sucks Jesus it says it’s true The left side of your face is that just melted this you think was the left of haha, yeah Come on yeah see you’re finding the Wow Good luck onesie. You worried me realize you were a hair away Lizzie does it sinking. You know I know Paradis 100 all right three more holes Over here, yes. Oh my god. Oh, I swing oh, yeah, I didn’t go anywhere either Fuck fuck that up nup bogus huh? Oh that is a par? Yeah, that’s it bogus whoa gasps god damn it why? Why jet it sounds like it.why watching some new bag going on though yeah, he’s got it you just took it from me Why why do I do that ball, why is that happening people how are you time to say hello to your mother? You did not have a good game War on that way. Oh, no I did not oh this is oh? I thought it was rusty. I never made it through this 100 There fuckers oh fuck I didn’t realize there was actually a thing down here. You suck dicks Dicks it goes away. Okay. Good good Yeah boy you can just ride this Oh My god, it’s so close to the edge. Oh cool. Yeah, go go off the edge Good Ryan I know the tactical decision it didn’t work that One did me mother, but I didn’t know no maybe the first time right here damn it you fuck nothing yeah – even with Ryan sending me in the water. There’s a nice splash I came back Okay, I’ll take that it was my shot. I had to make a shot you took it We only get one way the water takes you yeah, I know apparently not Pardon to the wall it was tapped by and I dive into the water I mean he bouncing keep bouncing you go hates to bounce right she hates bouncing That was good. It was good Hey there you go yeah, you’re gay now you got it. Do you not bounce in place? No, you bounce forward. You kind of keep whatever my Further Kelly it’s kind of like a vehicle insurance father in the back yeah You want to see it? fucking hole Final hole bitch this mother wait a cylinder. All right. I didn’t even make it down there I saw everybody just fucking dead stop Fuck oh that was good, okay? No no too far that’s not good Holy, oh, thank you tentacle. Go, please please no tentacles do fuck. That’s what they do yeah alright Oh, thank you Alright cold hi Jeremy. Oh god. I thought you had it First fucking try at the end, I went oh good job Dumb dipshit ah oh so very Well Gavin fuck really shit well, what are you doing? You see that full blast ridiculousness that got it there that was really impressive, I like Jason, please oh my god, oh Nice thanks that is an accomplishment get in there G is Easier apparently no wow alright there it is Again, I squeaked in the second piece now. You really pissed it away there I Did a better job on that one Jeremy? I was only 12 away from you Yeah, beat me by 20 in the first one you you you made it up in the last. I made it up the opposite I’m actually happy Jeremy won again. Thanks to your God curse them with so much Music as you get a couple of get a couple wins under his belt right? I’m just glad that we all know 20:18 Jeff still loves golf yeah, it’s still there next time. I’m going back to the bit, okay You hit the play that’s more. Honored by the shirt by boys shirt Put the shirt in the video now and then put text that says buy it Wow Or else in all seriousness rob racism go buy the shirt, baby bunny

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