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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Ilia
has asked us a question about when you should force the pace in a match. Ilia’s finding himself getting really frustrated
in a match situation because he’s trying to hit the ball harder. Now in training he’s
having some pretty good success but he’s finding in a match he’s often missing that faster
ball. The question then becomes should he keep going for those faster shots in a match
situation, or in the match should he just slow the ball down and keep the ball on the
table to try to win more points? Ilia, for me it’s always about the importance
of that particular match. So if you’re playing a match where you really want to win the match
and get a good result then you need to play the best that you can play in that situation.
That might mean you need to slow the ball down sometimes. But if you’re playing in a
match situation where it’s more about your development and trying to improve your overall
game then in that situation you should be going for a faster shot. Ultimately though Ilia if you are trying to
reach a high level then you need those little ups and downs along the way and the wins and
losses that you have to take on board if you are going to reach that higher level. If you
are always safe, if you’re always just putting that ball in play and playing slower then
you know that that level is not attainable so there has to be a little bit of give and
take. Go out on a limb sometimes, play the ball harder, try to win the points with faster
shots so that you can improve your overall game. You said that in training that you are able
to play the ball faster and that’s great but to be able to execute it in a match situation
you still need to train it a lot more. Obviously at this stage it’s not perfect. If it was
perfect then you would be able to switch straight into your match mode and be able to play those
balls faster. So go back to the practice court, keep training playing that ball faster in
training. Perhaps you can start to think about putting yourself under a little bit of pressure
in the training situation as well. Just play some points in training and try to win that
point in particular and then see how your body performs and how your body adjusts to
that particular point.

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