Football’s Biggest Fan Tries Out Being A Matchday Photographer | A View From The Terrace

How much is one of these lenses cost? The big ones About I think 15,000 15,000? Yeah Then like yeah, it’s… Aw, ye dinnae need tae… Eyes are waterin man It’s so windy Ross is it? Yeah Duncan, how you doing? Aye good Good thank you You wanna have a look? Yeah Look at your toys This is kind of your standard kit So you just screw the straight into the centre Okay Take that out You’ve got your lens hood That just makes it protects it This is probably beyond me You know this is how
where to take the picture Yeah This button here is how to focus it Just AF on/off right? Yeah so you hold that down and that’ll focus to
wherever you’re pointing it Do you know what I call that? A sullen cameraman Look at your hat Your wonky hat I’m going to have you some amazing new Twitter profiles by the end of the day Have you got any waterproofs? You Me? You got any waterproofs?
Nah No? I’ll be fine Culture, eh? You’re on auto right? Yeah Cause that’s cheating Remind me what car you drive Don’t want to see you fall over No that’s exactly what
you would want Woah! Was that a goal? Yup Did ye get it? I saw it but I didn’t get the shot Unbelievable what a start I think I got that but by accident more than anything I can’t believe there’s three goals already! I’m not quick That’s I need to It’s the switching I know it’s the switching
around that’s killing me You want to get out the way please I’m trying to take a picture of this man that’s taking this corner No I wont I’ll just Well you could do a surround meta thing you know? No I don’t Are ye hiding from me? Yup Your glove’s running away Duncan Is it? Do you think you could
get that for me? Thank you Don’t say I don’t do
things for you Duncan I’ve never said you don’t Right we’ll get the laptop out
and we’ll have a look Okay at some of the stuff You’re shooting a lot of backs from what I can see Do you like shooting people
from behind Duncan? Aw no Woah! I was doing alright
up until like two minutes ago and now can’t really feel my fingers You alright Duncan? I should probably have folded this seat before coming indoors I had a look through his images and they were… Well you highlighted one to me You said I got a good celebration and do you know what I’d I’d agree How many images did you shoot? Erm 2,063 And how many are good? I mean we’ve established one There’s room for improvement It was not the warmest I should have layered more I should’ve read the instructions The switch between
the two cameras is pretty difficult I’ve never thought
it was a cushy job Like I think that you are privileged to be that close to the action You know it’s a stamp isn’t it? It’s a reminder of something ‘A protest against the passing of time’ You could say that yeah

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