Football vs Rhythmic Gymnastics: Margarita Mamun & Heather O’Reilly Switch | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) Margarita Mamun. Russian.
Rhythmic gymnastics. This is Mamun’s moment. Dedicated, funny and very calm. How did she do that? A gold medal performance
for Margarita Mamun. Heather O’Reilly from United
States and I play football. Oh, what a brilliant goal! Determined, athletic, fierce. That was sheer quality. I’m very proud
I won gold three times. Can’t beat that. (FOOTBALL/GYMNASTICS)
– Hi. – I’m Heather.
– I’m Margarita. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. I do rhythmic gymnastics. Margarita Mamun! Today is your turn. – What do you think?
– Well, I’m a little nervous. I have no rhythm,
no flexibility, I’ve never done this before
but I’m so excited to learn. (THE SPORT COMBINES BALLET,
MANIPULATION) I’m a very tenacious,
aggressive player and I think that generally
the women’s soccer world would say that fluidity
and calmness and rhythm are certainly not the first
words that they would think when they think
of Heather O’Reilly on a soccer field. So football is the world’s
most popular sport. Did you play football
growing up? No, I didn’t play and I’m
so excited to play it now. I have coordination, some feelings with
the apparatus – and I will try my best! (THE INITIATION) I want to see
what can you do. – OK.
– Maybe like this. Wow, that was awesome. Now it’s your turn. I don’t know if I remember
every step, but… Ah, no problem. OK. Maybe like that. Yeah. It’s good. – OK.
– How did you find it? Very hard. How many years
have you been doing this? 13 years. Wow. So, do you think
maybe in 13 years I can do what you do? Maybe, yes. I think I nailed it,
personally. No. I was terrible,
it was so hard. What Margarita
does is amazing. The grace and poise
that she shows in doing rhythmic gymnastics
is really impressive and it’s not easy. I think that anybody who thinks
that that can pick this up and do it right away
is dead wrong. Is that supposed
to be like that? OK, so we’re here
on the football pitch. The game is
all about dribbling, scoring goals,
shooting, being confident. We’re going to put a few
of those skills together and it’s going to look
a little bit like this. Now it’s your turn. How can I do it? Like here. Oh, close. Nice!
Yeah, you got to celebrate. So, what did
you think of that? It’s hard. To look, it’s very easy,
but to play, it’s very hard. To do like this and… Yeah, I know.
I thought it was good. I think that you have
really good ball control for not having played
and I think that part of it might be from your
rhythmic gymnastics. You have very good
control of your body. So, the footwork
will come. (THE BASICS) Let’s start to learn
some basic elements. OK, I think I need that. OK, one turn. – We have to sit like this.
– OK. You can try with me. – Yes.
– And do this. Great, and like this. OK, we can
do some balance, – like this and this.
– OK. Like a ballerina. Yes. Great. – And maybe some leaps.
– OK. Lift… Leap. – Yeah, great.
– Thank you. We can do
it with the ribbon. – OK.
– Yes. – Don’t move your arm.
– OK. – Only the wrist, like this.
– OK. Yeah. Like this,
great, and move faster. – Da-da!
– Ah, much better. You can do like this. (THROW AND CATCH) Ah cool. That was awesome. – Yes.
– OK, same thing but leap and catch it in the air. You can do it, you know
how to do these basics and… – Put together.
– All together, yeah. OK. Yeah. That’s great. Thank you. I want
us to work on ball control a little bit more, right in
this space, just dribble around all the areas
of your foot, inside outside. Inside outside, I know. Yeah. OK,
so now we’re going to get the stepover involved. So, take your touch,
step over the ball and use the other foot to
push it past your defender. – You can try.
– OK, please. Good. OK, now
we’re going to focus on the shooting
element of this exercise. You want to bend it. And what I mean by
bend it is you don’t want to use your laces,
you don’t want to use
the inside of your foot. You want to use
the spot right in between. Give that a try. Nice! – Yeah.
– That was awesome. Now we’re going
to work on side volleys and what you want to
work on is getting your leg up
using your laces, keeping your
chest over the ball, putting in the
back of the net. – Your turn.
– Wow, am I…? You have the flexibility. So? Ah, good try. I will try the best. OK. – Close.
– I have to close. Yeah. Yeah. (THE CHALLENGE) OK, this is your moment to show all
the moves in the routine. – Good luck.
– OK. I think I need it. (TO PERFORM A ROUTINE
WITH THE RIBBON) Thank you. Oh, I dropped. It was great. With your drop,
it doesn’t matter. And your smile in
the end of your routine is the best moment
and judges will like it. Thank you, you’re
a great teacher. Thank you. I have never used
the ribbon in that way, so it’s completely new to me,
completely foreign to me and I’m such
a competitor and perfectionist but in something
like this you just have to, like, let all of
that go and just have fun and try to learn
and do the best you can. (THREE ATTEMPTS
TO SCORE A GOAL) Here’s the challenge. We’re going
to put together everything that you learned,
all three skills. You’re going to dribble, do an inside-out
move on the first defender, then do a stepover move
on the second defender, pass the ball to me and
you’re going to side volley into the back of the net. Good. That’s OK. Two more chances. You can do this. You got this. Good, good. Nice. Getting closer. Good work.
Here we go. Good. Yes. – Good.
– Yeah! I’m very
happy to do this challenge and I’m proud
of myself and herself because she is a great teacher. Very good, yeah. In gymnastics, you
don’t have these celebrations. – Awesome! Good stuff.
– Thank you! (SHOWBOATING) Since you’re so graceful,
I think that you can handle some of these skill challenges. So, pop it up, cradle it,
back to the ground. Good. Nice! Let’s see what
kind of tricks you can do. Yeah. Try that. You can maybe
do it better than me. Ah! – Look at that!
– Yeah. I can’t even do that. (SPORTS SWAP)

100 thoughts on “Football vs Rhythmic Gymnastics: Margarita Mamun & Heather O’Reilly Switch | Sports Swap Challenge

  1. honestly it would be so cool to see a Rhythmic Gymnastics/Artistic Gymnastics swap! like see the differences in strenght and flexibility ratio

  2. Please could you do a video incorporating netball? Like maybe Netball v basketball as everyone is always comparing them for some reason or even netball v football since netball controls the Ball with the hand and the other with the feet.

  3. It'd be interesting to see the football player trying with the ball haha I've always found the ribbon to be the most difficult apparatus. Rita English is so good!!! 🙂

  4. It's interesting that even when the Gymnast runs, she is still very delicate. It seems like she is conditioned to make her every movement look good regardless of how efficient or fast.

  5. This video was sooooo cool I loved it! It’s nice to see this because football (or soccer) and rhythmic gymnastics are my two favourite sports even if it’s a VERY crazy combination??

  6. Interesting that she missed out the most important part of football when explaining what footballs all about. Passing

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  9. There is no comparison between the 2. Rythmic gymnastics is an elite sport. Soccer is 10 times easier. I've played soccer and can knock a goalie out with a penalty kick (I've done it). I've taken gymnastics in high school…no I'm not good. There is no comparison in skill levels…but I guess the video was done for intersport friendship.
    Honestly a gymnast could play practically any sport they wanted…they are ripped and have total flexibility and speed.

  10. I love Rita, she's such a likeable person, it's in the way she speaks, she smiles. Irina Viner is very hard on her gymnasts to prevent them from becoming arrogant, but I think there was no need with Rita.
    I like how Ms O'Reilly knows perfectly she can't do it, but tries all the same and smiles and keeps a positive attitude.

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  14. If I did rhythmic gymnastics i’d end up falling on my face trying to do some gymnastic skill and if i ever became a soccer player i’d trip over the ball ?

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  16. You play soccer, not football, Heather. The sport was called soccer when it was invented. Brits and eurofags changed their minds and now want to call it something different. What they should really call it is poverty ball, because that's what it really is. lol

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    Margarita seems like she’s really easy to get along with. She’s always given off that impression in interviews before. She speaks really good English too.

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