I am finally back doing a football video Boys, Maverick wolves, you’re very blurry crossbar you ready? bitch so we were trying to do a video and uh this happened Yo guys, whats going on and welcome to a penalty shoot out I vs maverick wolves we’re gonna take five penalties each it’s a little bit different to normal we don’t just have a normal goalie, in goal We have all of these guys. 1,2,3 show! heeeeeeey you’re first 1,2,3 show! your second the crowd were dealing with. there’s a lot of pressure on this. all right, you can’t much worse than mavz, so ey ey ey ey ey ey you guys ready no step pen alright, round two were doubling the goalkeepers nooooo just gonna hit it really softly in the middle and hope they can confuse each other Dammit I thought they both fell for it. Round three two more goalkeepers here we go gingers have no souls I’ve realized this plan hasn’t worked. I couldn’t score with one goalkeeper, so yeah. Tactics, tactics. It’s like a wall. That’s just scary that was the area. Everyone get in. Every one who wants to go in. Score this, you win. Even though he got two, he’s the one who suggested it. It’s weak on the right. i’m seeing, i’m seeing top right. He’s off his line. I haven’t scored one yet, so throw the arrogance out there, go for a Rabona good luck. If i’m not score, i’m not gonna score in style. Alright so Wolfie won that challenge, were gonna try another challenge, were we get three penalties each against the final boss he plays for Hampshire County, he probably is awful. Ah, that’s calm. Can he make it two people behind my camera, what am I doing where you going,where you going? It’s fine, its off camera. OK. He’s offering 20 quid for a back heel. You didn’t say I had to score. You said 20 quid for a back heel. He does not know where he’s going. If he scores this, he wins. I have to score to draw with him. Your going top right. Yeah. Time to smash it. Lets go sudden death, for second place. One step round. Trick shot. Trick shot. That’s how we do it. Top bins. It gotta be top bins. It was definitely not top bins. OK. Now its over. All I gotta do is score. Yes. Get out my face. Thank you guys for watching, make sure you check out Maverick Wolves in the description, subscribe while your over there and PEACE!

100 thoughts on “FOOTBALL VS FANS!!

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  2. How is that kid a goal keeper there is a kid with no legs in the man united academy he plays in goal and he's still better then that kid ????

  3. That reminded me of the video you did with jj when everyone was celebrating when jj did something but did not celebrate when you did a trick

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