don’t do it again what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel today Kaleb and I are gonna be doing some football challenge here there
hasn’t been a lot of football on this channel but the Super Bowl was last week
and we are just inspired to throw the old pigskin that’s right disclaimer
neither one of us have ever played football yeah we you grew up in Texas
I’ve been in Texas last five years but lead Texas but neither of us are big
football people so don’t judge our skills or do whatever but today is
important because today is the first of a five-part series this is sport one of
five we’re gonna do a little competition and Olympics of sorts five different
sports and this is video one and the loser of this whole thing you get one
point per video the loser has to do a really crazy consequence watch the end
for more on that 5 farts this challenge as well here we go challenge number one
there’s three baskets first basket is worth one point second basket 2/3 is
worth 3 if you make it in the basket the points double if you just touch any part
of the basket you get the one two or three you have five throws most points
wins hey Caleb you’re a person you have a five throws throw number one three
points Oh zero point does he count if it
bounces in hits and no nope nope he’s got a hit in the air huh yeah okay well
we could have got over no rolls no bounces oh just left
you’ve been risky I know that’s pretty accurate okay okay so I got five five or
more throw one more that counts as in yeah we kind of we kind of knew that the
balls would bounce out or fall over like that so we will count that because it’s
clearly alright set up so I have a total of seven points for the first round Josh
you’re up alright just be clear if it bounces in and then out that counts as
in yeah okay just so checking here we go he’s patented underhand technique that’s
for cheese five six oh yeah Oh miss yes that’s what we like to see
Oh what the heck eight it’s a little flat no no to flake
get here ooh coming at you Tom’s I go I should go long I’m already winning right
well but we’re keeping it rolling are you nervous they know juggling Josh
could throw a football you’re nervous they’re not juggling Josh could toss a
football there’s a big difference it’s cuz my shoulder I hate complaining about
that on YouTube but in case you’re wondering why I’m throwing it like that
I can’t throw over and I have seven Josh eleven that was 11 all right next up is
the crossbar challenge okay the further you go back the more points you get if
you start from the goal line three points three yard line
five points five yard line ten points ten points this this could be the make
it or break you just hit one the other person doesn’t hit any that’s a big deal
it is a big deal okay I’m gonna kill your big deal thanks man I appreciate
that thanks for getting us into this cool field this is Kayla’s high school
we broke in okay here we go okay starting off strong three oh and you tapped it that hit that
definitely count ding okay zigzag going back moving back oh my gosh you’re gonna dominate me on
this one just use my last two on the ten okay holy cow
stop it don’t do it again do it again do it again
but don’t if I swear that’s pretty good killed not gonna lie pretty good thank
you I think that deserves a thumbs up that
does deserve a thumbs up give Caleb a thumbs up on this video if you haven’t
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new videos up start off short good I saw there’s three he’s under no you you you
set the bar high before got it
okay so I only got 13 so that means I have 24 yeah and Caleb you’re at what 38
what the heck third challenge is time for a little bocce football okay so
here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna throw this ball out into the field
we each have three kicks whichever ball gets closest to the yellow ball gets ten
points second closest gets five points third gets three points potentially you
have a chance to get 18 points or 18 points that’s a game changer okay there
it goes I knew that was gonna roll like a ton I didn’t really jeez that ball
okay that’s pretty good yeah it’s great 40 our punch comes with the join in the
air so we can see little is better and then yeah just kidding no drone where
all those planes you keep hearing means that there’s an airport close by in a
no-fly zone which is funny to me despite me being so fly so maybe I will I think
it’s probably better if the person not kicking is over there okay are you still
celebrating over there cuz I’m so fly yeah that’s not that wasn’t I give a
joke it was a really way to rock with a tease I’m free hit me up oh boy not so good that’s a very far from the yellow okay
third attempt oh this one has some has a chance okay okay Caleb I think that that
was closer haha that’s so annoying but I think I have
second and third I think okay those okay so you’re just first first are you
that’s temple 10 points 10 points clearly second yeah so that’s five
points and then these two are gonna be a measure I wish to that one or that one
there’s no way oh those two okay ma you gets first and third okay and I
get second so I get five you get 13 I have 43 or even in the lead and Josh is
39 oh boy four point game challenge four of five
is field goals I’ve never kicked one before so it should be interesting
we’ll get three attempts from this line three points each so possible nine
points roasted just kidding just kidding and you like jokes three points he hit my hand on that one six points
potentially making a one-point game potentially make it a one-point game now
wait if I have okay cool I just want to give the toy just want to get this hi
guys it’s time for our final challenge hats
going backwards on this one you’re only winning by one that is correct I’m
coming for you what is it 49 or 48 yeah alright last
challenge is catching okay it’s kind of a two parter challenge we have ten balls
here so there’s going to be ten throws ten catches possibly if you catch the
ball with two hands it’s only one point if you catch the ball with one hand
that’s two points a little confusing I’ll run it back catch the ball with two
hands one point one hand two points if josh is catching it I can throw as fast
as I can pick the balls up so that’s the challenge I’ll you know you can only be
holding one ball at once the rest have to be on the ground I can’t be I can’t
be like doing like this yeah so it’s literally one I have to give him an
opportunity to catch it before I throw the next one I can’t just throw real
quick sure all right let’s do it let’s do it I’m up first yeah yeah why is that
because I went first all for them but it’s my channel but I’m just kidding you
always I’m just kidding I don’t have to be 14 and before any of you comment yes a
few these are flat we’re not making it easier this is just all we had some of
them are good some of them are flat yes it makes it easier to catch we’re not
trying to fake anybody out right the necessary is innocent what
yeah I’m talking about baby drop and I missed
one but still the rest of them were one handers except for one which is doing
Hannah but if you do the math seven of them
we’re 2n catchers of 14 I am the winner I am hey thanks for that you go for it
winner guys thanks for watching my channel me Kayla Teamster win once again
this is part one of a five part series loser at the end of this gets a
punishment but this is where you guys come in we need your help deciding what
our punishment should be we’re not talking about like another
tattoo we’re not talking about a simple little thing we want this punishment to
be epic so comment down below what you would like to see the loser of this
five-part series do since this was football we have four other sports
coming up it’s gonna be Mondays and Saturdays the next the next four Mondays
and Saturday so oh if you haven’t subscribed yet make sure you do so click
the belts who notified when we post and make sure you leave a comment shout out
Randy Simpson thank you – Randy for getting us into the beautiful Tom Landry
Stadium that one Tom that was for you baby that win was for you let’s go to the beach I am the winner all sports winner over
the car


  1. Hey all!! So this is part 1 or a possible 5 part challenge series! 1 point per video! Different sport each video! Comment punishment suggestions! Give a thumbs up and comment early for your chance to win Juggling balls like Monkey B! Or get yours at

  2. Get glued to the floor for one day not go to the washroom for one day stay in the car for one day take a trip on a airplane to someplace far get off the airplane and sniff the air outside of the airport go back on the plane to your house

  3. Punishment: the loser has to go to downtown LA and play the recorder (instrument) on the street corner until they make $30. I had to do this as my fantasy football punishment and it was hilarious but also embarrassing.

  4. Punishment: You should play the pause challenge. It is when you have a remote and u can pause someone when ever u want 4 24 hours

  5. Trow a knife at the people and the people have to doge it. You only have 6 and you have to trow it at there hands or brain. good luck not to die if you know 7+2+5×7-9÷789+34567÷7+1×1-1.good luck master colin king boy!!!

  6. Hey, because of the scoring mistake on the baskets, y'all would have tied rather than Caleb winning. You need to have a tie breaker.

  7. Josh got 13 he landed it in the second bucket when he had 6 witch means he gets 4 and then he hit the 3 bucket

  8. Caleb got 17 points on the last challenge, not 14 points
    i thought Josh was bad at math, i did not think that Caleb was to????

  9. This is an awesome idea!!! You guys are great!!! I love the part when Josh says "Caleb you love jokes that is why you are wearing that" hahahahaha

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