Football Recruiting Video Tips

here’s what’s included in your
recruiting highlight films first make it easy for the coaches to
watch a football recruiting video and make every frame cal don’t senate taper dvd to a coach lest
they request it or you have a record book third party to
stand up for you and here are some good tips that will
get your video watch provided you have some solid count of your own first on the first grade list your name your team’s uniform color
your jersey number and your position and a greater currently in include one or two fourteen taste at the
end of the highlight portion or make a separate dvd for that and be sure to highlight where you are
in the field using a rope draw circle or a square or
make a light spotlight rather jersey this may be your only chance to make a
good impression so put your best plays in the video
early on and of course only use high-quality film don’t include different angles of the
same play breed guard lists of how could the play was but the dvd inequality package and don’t
just write your name on the dvd with the magic marker now you look professional and be sure to include your contact
information and always make sure that all your dvds
work prior sang them out include a recruiting profile in the
package as well and if you’d like more information on
how to get a college football scholarship click on the link below and thanks for watching

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