Football Player DeAngelo Williams Paid For 500 Women’s Mammograms To Prevent Breast Cancer

– It’s amazing to see
everybody come together each October to support
breast cancer awareness. But there’s one athlete who went way past just wearing pink. Look at this post about
former running back DeAngelo Williams. In honor of his mom and several aunts who died from breast cancer, he paid for mammograms for 500 women, and he doesn’t plan on stopping, y’all. (applause) We’ve got DeAngelo on Skype right now! What’s up DeAngelo? (cheering)
Hi, I’m Kelly! Okay, so first of all,
you are a great man. Like, just a great example of a man. Thank you so much first of all for that. (applause) And tell us a bit about your foundation. – So, my foundation started in 2006. That’s when obviously I got
drafted and stuff like that. My four aunts and mom all
carried the BRCA1 gene, and after 2006, I’d already lost three aunts to the breast cancer. And then in 2014 I lost my mom and my other aunt before that. So I lost my four aunts
and my mom to it, so– – That is just devastating. – Because I lost them to that disease, I started this because I
didn’t want anybody else to feel the way that I felt. So in 2014, we started
the 53 Strong for my mom. She was 53 years old and
we give those mammograms and that’s how we ultimately hit 500. – Oh my gosh. (cheers and applause) So how do you feel about finally reaching the 500 mammograms? How’s that make you feel? That’s a big goal! – Well, it is. I feel pretty good, but I’m not there yet, where I wanna be in terms of, you know I wanna save every
life that I possibly can. But at the same time, I
don’t know if you know this, but there’s no camera when
we do stuff like this, ’cause I don’t do this for
clicks, likes, or follows. I do this to save lives, (applause) ’cause I don’t want anybody to experience what I’ve experienced. (cheering) – You’re a very good man. What’s next for you and the foundation? – Well, this is my ultimate goal. We’ve given mammograms
in four different states. We wanna do it all 50
states simultaneously, and go overseas and do it as well. I wanna leave this world better than what it was when I found it. – [Kelly] Amen. – That’s the reason why I
do the things that I do, and on top of that, there’s no formality in terms of how much mammograms cost. Like a mammogram in North Carolina could be twice as much as a
mammogram in Pennsylvania. So there’s no set price for a mammogram, so that’s my ultimate
goal is to give fifty “53 Strong for Sandra” mammograms, all 50 states, and in the world. (applause) – Well, I’m gonna support this
as much as I possibly can. I thank you so much for all that you do. I’m so sorry you went through all the devastating loss in your life, but what you’re doing with that loss in turning it around and
trying to be positive is an amazing thing so thank you so much.

9 thoughts on “Football Player DeAngelo Williams Paid For 500 Women’s Mammograms To Prevent Breast Cancer

  1. That's why you guys need universal health care!! Here all these essential tests are free (aka paid by our collective taxes and waaaay less expensive in a market that has no private insurances to hump up the prices) and one of my best friends is alive because of this. Basic health care is a human right

  2. He’s hero status in my book!!!!!
    In July I lost my 47 year old sister to cancer. On behalf of those of us left mourning the loss of an incredible woman (and too many friends) I can’t express how much your selfless and loving gift to those in need of a mammogram means to countless.
    You’re most definitely saving lives and sparing so many families heartache.
    God bless you. Your Mom and Aunties are shining down with pride.💖🎀

  3. Such a wonderful kind thing to do. Thank you for caring. I am sorry you lost the people you love to this horrible diease.

  4. Thank you, DeAngelo. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. Unfortunately, it appears to run in the family. Early detection is so important.

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