22 thoughts on “FOOTBALL: Orange Bowl – Post Game Press Conference

  1. What a freaking STUPID question… “theatrical injuries”? If there was one, is there a team in this country that hasn’t pulled an injury here or there to slow things down.. or catch their breath… especially Defense? Whoever asked that… it’s called a flop.. Is this your first reporting job? 😂😂😂

  2. As a Florida fan I was super impressed with that receivers strong hands. Our CBO's were making great plays on the ball and ripping at the ball but the dude still held on to it. Reminds me of Odell Beckham.

  3. Yeah, Virginia is a really good football team! I only watched them play that conference championship game it wasn’t a good day for them at all. There Bowl appearance was another story! No shame at all. Plenty for Virginia to be proud of!

  4. Great game Virginia! Very competitive game both teams played their hearts out. Being a life time Gator it was a privilege watching two great teams battle for a bowl win. Best wishes for the future Virginia…Go Gators..

  5. Gators fan here. Virginia is much better than I gave them credit for and the Hoos are going to be a force to be reckoned with for years and years to come. Thank you Virginia for a hard faucet and spirited game 👍🏻

  6. I am so proud of UVA Football. Future is looking very bright for this team. Looking forward to next year. Classy Coach, Classy Team. A note on Bryce Perkins. I see an NFL QB in the future. Good Luck Mr. Perkins.

  7. really good coach and program! You guys can have top academics and football like Florida has! You guys are on your way!

  8. As David Teel the writer for the Virginia Pilot said “Bryce Perkins is a generational player” Thank you Bryce Perkins

  9. 12:04 Great someone asked that, Florida is dirty, they were coached to do so. Bronco is classy and UVa got screwed.

  10. Hat's off to Virginia, and their coaching staff. They have a great coach, and very talented football team.. From a gator fan…

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