Football Manager 2020 | New Gameplay Features | Coming November

CLUB VISION From accepting the job The board now sets long-term ambitions From club culture and five year plans You’ve now got to live up to their vision To put your own stamp on the club’s identity DEVELOPMENT CENTRE Help shape the next wonderkid Quickly check on loanees See who’s coming up the ranks And get to know your squad inside out PLAYING TIME PATHWAY Make the most attractive offers Propose playing time in future seasons And offer a clear route to the first team GRAPHIC IMPROVEMENTS All new players models for FM20 Improved manager models And pitch environment updates BACKROOM STAFF Get a greater level of backroom advice Make informed decisions And put together a winning squad To take your team to the next level

100 thoughts on “Football Manager 2020 | New Gameplay Features | Coming November

  1. If you think the only thing needing to be updated is the match engine on this game , you are way off the mark this is just wallpaper over features already there .

  2. Уважаемые разработчики пожалуйста исправьте настройку стандартных положений (привяжите роли игроков при стандартах к конкретным футболистам а не к позициям на поле, так как при смене позиций меняются месторасположение игроков при стандартах). Ну и 3D движок более "смотрибельным" сделайте))))

  3. lol I think the player "upgrade" looks worse! Graphics actually takes work that is why they do so little such a shame they need competition!

  4. Amazing – if I didn't understand that monopolies are, in fact, a bad thing already, I would have learned all I needed to know just watching this short video.

  5. As someone who live in a poor country and had a poor life, I'll wait a crack version of this again just like 19?

  6. Nah. I won’t be buying it again this year. Such a shame that these companies tweak an existing game year after bloody year and call it a new game when in actual fact, it isn’t. Sure, when you first get going on the new version, it seems different but after a few weeks you find it’s almost identical to the previous version. I’m not giving anyone £20+ every twelve months for a couple of tweaks.

  7. The only thing I want is 3rd division football that LOOKS like 3rd division football (i.e third division players don't play like Man City, they play simple football)

  8. Chipping! These practically the same update nothing Into I feel as though they're trying to prolong real updates for later so they can have something to show for in 3-5 after you'd bought at least one.

  9. Probably around a thousand hours or more playing all the FM games…., Refunding my preorder. Getting a free fan made theme/skin. And transfer update pack from steam workshop..
    EDIT: i just checked steam, just over 2 thousand 500 hours, since 2013.

  10. Everyone dislike the video to show SI the game is a joke and has stagnated. Pathetic AI, horrible animations. Staff are clueless. 3D ME has been out for over 10 years and the way the players behave on the pitch is absolutely putrid. First time I wont be buying the game. Miles Jacobson is off his nut , commenting that he loves the new regen faces. Oh my. If the gaffer is that deluded, oh dear. Help us

  11. even pes 12 graphics would be enough for you guys but you still keep releasing the same shit every year.

  12. Oh look EA SPORTS a company that has a game who has ALL CLUBS AROUND THE WORLD INCLUDING LOWER SCOTTISH FOOTBALL LEAGUE CLUBS LIKE LEAGUE ONE SIDE SHOULD BE IN SCOTLAND'S PREMIER LEAGUE FALKIRK and also lots of other clubs nobody probably never heard of like BO'NESS Utd small club fron the town of falkirk who plays in the junior league there nobod special but stil FM has them and even single other CLUB would love to play FM on playstation

  13. The thing about FM (and I’m one of its greatest critics at times) is, They can’t make the perfect game. The moment you get close there is no future. This is why year on year for every five things that are made better one thing is always made worse than in the current edition. To be fair to SI it’s not likely a deliberate act it’ll just be happenstance.
    SI have a very 21st.century approach to programming. – namely design doesn’t pay much attention to consequence. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, that’s cool I’m very old school.
    Defending SI a bit it must be a huge undertaking each year. To turn a new version around in 6-7 months that is significant. Don’t forget all the workforce won’t work one month of the year. Plus even if they are tweaking right up to the last possible moment the main game will be ready a few months ahead.
    I’d be curious to know if two versions are being developed at once, is FM21 already being coded in some way I wonder?
    Also there are those massive changes, the ones that take huge resources to create and have to work or the version dies- like the new match representation a number of years ago, that must take years of planning, running alongside the production of several editions.
    For me, I wish there was an edition where tiny details were focused on and I wish it was easy to get fixes that are just ‘wrong’ – black FA cup ball anyone? – done without the ‘but we are right’ default SI reaction in the forum. You aren’t always right SI, and remember there are 1000s of gamers who know your game (from a gameplay point of view) better than anyone of your developers ever could. (Because many gamers play the game far more than anyone working on it ever could).
    I’m hopeful for the new game but the clips suggest a lot of the same little issues will still be there. We’ll just have to wait and see. ???

  14. FM needs difficult Options Like this:
    World class.

    So every User can Play competitively and Not Run over all Clubs in 2 year time With 11 brasilians and argentiens

  15. How many developers does SI games have? These aren't new features, be honest, they're just minor tweaks. Dissapointing. What do the developers do all year?

  16. I wish we can spend money we get from wage. Like you can buy a house, car, mansion, invest on business or even have your own football club. Like such private life mode. Or you can have a family and get your children to start their football career too. I know it's too much but I think it would be awesome and less boring day to day routine in game.

  17. These "gameplay" features are a bit underwhelming. All software now is subscription based with regular updates, i think FM is that as well, we pay an annual subscription for a DB update and some minor improvements and every like 3y, we get something really cool.
    There's a reason why FM doesn't have competition, because it's really hard to do what these guys do AND for so long! I think we all appreciate it BUT… still, I was expecting a bit more…

  18. Also decided not to boy this year. From 2008 until 2019 i bought every season, this one i will give it a pass by. Sorry, hoping 2021 will have the great inprovement will all waiting on.

  19. At 1st, sorry for my English.

    They could make:
    -that u can negotiate sponsors (some sponsor offers u 1M for 2y, but u can negotiate 1.5M for 2y)
    -u can offer ur stadium name to sponsors and negotiate the terms
    -u can take a loan in bank, and negotiate terms with a bank

    We dont have that now in the game, but i think that would be fun and useful

    Like if u agree

  20. official historic databases would be awesome, change the year back to say 2005 the start of FM live a golden time for your club I've been playing a 2003-2004 steam workshop one, it's brilliant in many ways but missed nuances such as player traits and the year still starts at 2019, but with all the newest features, see if you can develop known wonderkids

  21. i need an improve on ME, fm 2019 ME with striker are fucking stupid. I dont care about these new feature because its exactly the same shit just present in another way, wts is "check on loanee? lol, lame lazy ass

  22. Hmm might skip this one. Player models look better but everything else isn't blowing me away. Suggestion for future games more new stadium features such as designs and location options and more upgrade features. Press conferences also need some work it's interesting answering questions for a season or two but they quickly become repetitive and tiresome so you just want to skip them after a while. Also transfer negotiations are not great. The AI will demand 100 million plus to sell an average player but refuse to pay more that 15 million when buying from you.

  23. What i hate the most about fm is there is lot of transfer going on..those players be like doesnt have loyalty to the club at all

  24. Not sure if I will get this years game it looks great but I’ve got the ultimate database on my fm 19 finally found someone who found a way to unlock the real j-league’s with all the right player faces and club overview screens for the Japanese club’s don’t want to start an fm 20 save if it can’t be implemented in this years game

  25. Hopefully you lot are reading the comments here and realise that you need to step your game up and do something good with the engine and AI rather than doing an EA and releasing the same shit different year type deal.

  26. Will be amazing as always, 90 percent of the people I know who buy FM yearly do it for the upgrades in player abilities and youngsters coming through. My friends who support Utd buy the game purely for new youth, so are looking forward to Greenwood, Angel, Tuanzebe, Garner upgrades (if they deserve any) and as a Utd fan myself I'm interested to see if any of the current Utd players have been downgraded or not, Matic, Mata, Lingard, Pogba, Rashford most notably.Arsenal friend of mine is very excited for Martinelli, Smith Rowe, Nelson, Willock, Saka, Guendouzi. Brother in law and brother both excited for Chelsea upgrades to Tammy, Tomori, Mount and Gilmour. Gilmour I suspect is going to be a phenom in FM20, as in real life he has incredibly ability and potential and I suspect the FM scouts have finally spotted it.One thing I'd really like to see is more realism in scoring. Ronaldo and Messi on FM's have never, ever gotten close to real life goal tallies for whatever reason, I've played seasons where they're getting 10-15 goals a season. I look forward to finding the template team for success, last season's template team (available players to buy for a top club that have long term success for 10 years together) 4.3.3 with a holding midfield, two wingers and a striker. Donnarumma, Max Aarons, Lindelof, De Ligt, Tierney, Tonali, Milinko Savic, Pogba, Sancho, Bailly, Mbappe. Second string 11 (because you absolutely need a very strong second 11 to compete for all compeitions. Bazanu, Diogo Dalot, Declan Rice (yes as a centre back) Upamecano, Laird (RB trained as LB, becomes 50 million rated England player) Gravenberch, Joao Felix, Morilla, Guebbels, Martial, Pellegri. This squad if you can assemble it within 2 years, which I did, basically wins everything for 10 years, I won 10 out 10 Premier Titles with Man Utd, 8 champions leagues, 6 FA cups, 6 League cups, 9 world club cubs, 5 European super cups and 6 charity shields.For this years FM20, I'm interested to see who breaks into the template team. For me, Donnarumma is still the template keeper, but I've give Dean Henderson the back up spot. At right back, I think Wan Bissaka must surely be getting massive upgrades and become the template starting right back (his tackling and acceleration has got to be huge) Max Aarons or Reece James I suspect will be template back ups. Centre backs, De Ligt is THE template centre back surely, but how available will he be now he's at Juventus? Militao at Real must be up there, Tuanzebe from Man Utd and Tomori from Chelsea, at left back I think Tierney will remain as template left back, with Laird again at back up. Holding midfield has to go to Tonali again with Gravenberch still at back up (you can argue Frenkie De Jong but he always seem to regress in games. Milinko Savic looks set to remain as template CM, with Dominik Szoboszlai as back up, I don't think Pogba will be template or should be, he is too old to be template and his stats need to be downgraded heavily. Havertz and Foden look template CM- Playmakers to me this year, but I also think Billy Gilmour Mount, Guendouzi will be have huge potential, becoming one of the best players in the game. (very interested to see Xavi Simons, Hannibal Megri and the Real Madrid CM/LB De La Vibora, RWLW- Hudson Odoi, Sancho, Rodrygo, Guebbels, Thiago Almada, Karamoko Dembele, Vinicius, Doku, Joao Felix (surely unavailable now) Fubo from Madrid. Lee Kangin, Dan James. Strikers- got to be Mbappe still, Haaland, Greenwood, Tammy Abraham, Rhian Brewster, Troy Parrot, Lauturo Martinez,

  27. Where's a president mod? a mod where you can actually sign The coach and player? that would be interesting

  28. 1:06 This is a joke right? You just changed the colour of the grass? You had a year to work on the engine but only changed the colour of the field??

  29. Disappointed…
    Push back the release date and actually add some features not just present minor pre existing ones in a different manor..

  30. l thought as it 2020 they would make a effort. no new 3d match buy from me. Not worth more than 10 pounds for just a minor squad update.

  31. PES should work with FM for a Career Mode. PES is almost better anyways. This looks the same. Just small add ons is all. yaaawwwn

  32. I’ve never played a FM game and after buying the recent fifa I find in career mode I’d much rather do all the other stuff like finding you and finding the right players for my squad but I find fifa lacks a lot of depth, do you guys recommend this game?

  33. Different toilets, same shit. And why is everything purple, drop that shit. Also drop the "twitter"-crap in game that nobody gives a flying fuck about and add something useful.
    For example, being able to change the color of the goal-net on your arena etc. Small things makes a huge difference


  35. I like how they didnt even dare show 3D match footage, because the graphics are so god damn awful they are ashamed with them.

  36. like the way on main pic u click bait as tho showing a new 3d match engine….l wont be buying fm 20…no new 3d mode …l bought 18 fm for 5 pounds …will do same with 19….due to minor updates and the still rubbish match engine l would never pay full price for a fm game. if developers invest a tiny amount into creating it each year..then l will just stay a year or two behind and only give them a tiny amount of my money. They lost a loyal fan from 2016 when l got fed up with no major yearly upgrades…

  37. To be fair most of us don't really care about the graphics or new 3d models that's not what make this game enjoyable it's the tactics and stats and pls update the game engine

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