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Welcome to FMTV, my name is Joe Thomlinson
and today we’re talking about tactics. Tactics are one of the most important elements
of football management and Football Manager 2018 offers plenty of ways to help you better
understand tactics to get the best out of your squad on matchdays, alongside some new
options. When you click on the tactics tab in Football
Manager 2018 you’ll immediately notice a radical departure from the tactics screen
of old. You’ll see that there are now two distinct
panels – ‘tactics’ and ‘players’. The tactics section is where you select your
formation, mentality and team shape and deliver team and player instructions. The players section allows you to handle team
selection and change player roles – as well as specifying if you want each member of the
team to use the default or personalised player instructions. You can expand, reduce and pin the tactics
section, depending on which part of the screen you want to focus on. When the tactics section is reduced, you can
still move players around the mini tactics pitch – and by pinning the ‘Tactics Panel’
you can work with both panels at the same time. The new tactics screen is less cluttered and
easier to get to grips with, without losing any functionality. Nowadays, most real-life clubs conduct a pre-match
briefing ahead of their matches, so this has been incorporated in Football Manager 2018. These briefings usually occur on the eve of
a match and give you the opportunity to explain to the squad what it is you want them to focus
on in the upcoming fixture. You can run them through your tactics, player,
team and opposition instructions and any changes you’ve made to the match squad. Your tactics analysis and your scout’s report
on the opposition are viewable on the right-hand side of the screen so you can incorporate
elements of these into the meeting. You’re able to clearly gauge the reactions
of the squad to everything you say on the main meeting screen as well. If you’re more of a hands-off manager, then
you have the option to let your assistant do the talking for you. Analysis has also been incorporated into tactics
in a more intuitive way. Firstly, you’ll notice on the ‘Tactics
Panel’ that there is a dedicated analysis section that shows trends from your recent
matches – these are clearly split out into positives and negatives. There’s also now tactical analysis on your
tactics pitch. The grid overlay shows areas of potential
exposure, taking into account the formation and roles set for each player. Areas that are red or orange show where you’re
particularly vulnerable. The analysis also highlights partnerships
between your players. This takes into account factors such as the
roles selected as well as recent performances so, for example, players who have been successfully
stringing together passes or creating opportunities for each other will be highlighted with a
green connecting line, indicating a strong partnership, made possible by the new Dynamics
features in FM18. Some new player roles also make their debut
in this years’ edition. The Segundo Volante looks to support in both
attack and defence from the defensive midfield position while the Mezzala and Carrilero roles
are new additions in the central midfield position. The Mezzala operates centrally, but strives
to get into positions that an Inside Forward would usually occupy. The Carrilero, on the other hand, shuttles
between midfield lines. The final new role this year is the Inverted
Winger, which can be applied to either left or right midfielders. Some of the existing roles have been tweaked
too. Trequartista can now be assigned to players
in the AMR or AML positions and Inverted Wing Backs now have a duty to attack as well as
defend. There are a host of new Player and Team Instructions. You can ask your team to look for the underlap
in the final third, while in the Player Instruction menu you can instruct players to mark a specific
position and ask central players to run wide with the ball. There’s a new Player Preferred Move this
year, as you can ask defenders to bring the ball out of defence, and more choices with
free kicks in the set piece creator, with the ability to set different free kicks based
on where the free kick is being taken from. The tactical innovations in Football Manager
2018 make it easier to implement your tactical philosophy, whilst giving you more control. With the addition of tactical analysis at
the heart of the tactics screen it’s easier to judge in what areas of the pitch your tactic
leaves you vulnerable and the pre-match briefing allows you to find out what the players are
thinking too. To sum it up – tactics in FM18 offers more
possibilities, is easier to use and gives better feedback. Thanks so much for watching. Keep an eye out for more episodes of FMTV
and for more information on Football Manager 2018 visit

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  1. If the ginger's enthusiasm is anything to go by this game must be amazing! Only a true enthusiast could possibly gesticulate with such flamboyance. That fist at 4:22 is something MLK would be proud of. Well done!

  2. Why is this guy yelling, is his microphone broken, and why do we even need to see him, we are here to see the game not some ginger numpty…

  3. Can anybody give us examples of players in real life who play the roles of Segundo Volande , Mezalla and Carrilero??
    Thanks in advance!

  4. We should be able to set up a formation while attacking and other while defending. Like attacking in 4-3-3 and defending in 4-4-2. Its such a simple thing and we still dont have it in 2018……

  5. This is all very nice but the most important thing is the 3d match engine. The rest has been fine for years. If you watch the few secs of the 3d match they showed in the trailer you should be very worried.

  6. FM18 is the my first and only game I have ever pre-purchased! I had my fears and second thoughts, but not anymore! I CAN NOT WAIT!

  7. Why english people like this presenter have to be so ugly that you have to turn your head and just listen? English are the most ugly ppl on Earth look at Miles Benjy Clan this video presenter damn you should all go to plastic surgery you ugly fucks or let me kick the hell out of you

  8. mezzala-arrives in same positions as an IF? meaning like about to cut inside or in the penalty area? Couldn't they just say arrives in the same area as a shadow striker?
    Carrilero-a BBM for lateral coverage
    Segundo volante-the dynamic deep midfield role played by yaya toure in his prime? or patrick Vieira and emmanuel petit?
    Inverted winger-is there a need for this? Why have this when a tweaked WM does that for you? Could be a more offensively slanted version of a tweaked WM for the ML/R positions.

  9. One thing I have been so eager to see (and have been disappointed again) was the free kick takers section! There should be two different list of players for direct FK and indirect FK! It is highly irritating to see CR7 and Bale taking indirect FKs when they are your most potent aerial threats in such set pieces! -_-

  10. Please give it a rest with the Jeremy Clarkson diction. It's giving me anxiety problems. Can someone just talk through these normally please?

  11. 2018 you guys didn't make many steps forward from 2007 which I think was a very good one but, now you guys need seriously to improve otherwise you will find yourself stacked in a couple of years. Are you still insisting with the 3d stuff? and there are many other problems.

  12. All SI seem to have done so far is just rehash the screens with the same information you were given in 17. I've still not seen anything new that warrants me paying that much.

    Hopefully closer to release it will change.

    The presenter seems to be the son of the guy who does the X-Factor presentations. Needs to leave the caffeine alone. 😉

  13. I actually think fm is getting bogged down with too much choice and information now. Becoming too technical to enjoy. Shame.

  14. Wait a Minute.Are You the One That Work With Football Daily?Was it Joe Thomlinson ?(Sorry if I Was Wrong)

  15. not sure about all these negative comments… personally I'm very excited about FM 2018 as I am ever year as I dig in to a good old season with villa then I get sacked then I be real madrid to cheer myself up lol

  16. Reading the angry comments from the fanboys below, getting upset over criticism, provides more entertainment than the next pointless re-hash of this long-dead horse.

  17. Same shit as 2017 and 2018… Just some new colors and some minors changes but nothing important… I will wait for fm 2019.

  18. All these wonderful options and 95% of us are going to go onto SIGames or FMBase and look for a tactic to download. This might be the first season i go balls deep on tactics.

  19. will be possible to recreate tactics like gegenpressing in this new version with more precision ? This I would like to know

  20. Everything about this is so dumb.
    Do I understand right that they've split up the screen between a list of players, and a list of positions, but I still can't see the individual player instructions at the same time?
    You know, the thing you actually use all the time?

  21. Looks better than FM17. People who comment that this is the same than last year maybe disparage the human relationships. At work, school, home, etc, are very important.

    In team sports or evereything that needs cooperation is most important than people thinks.

    This year seems finally will have the deserved aprecciention.
    Dynamics, tactics, social groups… every new rounds about this.

    Good job. I can't wait more!

  22. Buzzing with the new inverted winger role! I can finally make 4-4-2 flat mid with Inverted Winger again! Been using this tactics on FM 07 and 08, but has been hampered since the new tactic formats on FM 09 till now..

  23. Oh good, another person talking in a really contrived p-resenter m-anner. With certain words em-phasised to try and look like a professional p-resenter- as if that was a th-ing.

    Just tell us like a real human being!

  24. It looks like all you have done is change the layout and gui of the tactics screen but not really improved on the main element, the TACTICS. Is this going to be another case of it being the same as 2017 with some minor tweaks and a massive data update???!!??

  25. Man, there's so much that goes into being a manager than what's in the tactics in FM. I feel like this game has a lot of potential but they don't even put that much effort into this phase.

  26. I must be going mad. How on earth do you add a 2nd and 3rd tactic like you do in FM2017??? I can't seem to find any option to add these as alternative tactics. Any help?

  27. Waste of time. The AI figures out what you're doing and fucks you. Nothing works for long. The game's set up for the player to fail. My advice… forget this. Get a library card.

  28. Really hoped for a REAL 3-4-3 with 3 real defenders, 4 real midfielders and 3 real attackers, alike the '99 Zaccheroni's AC Milan. (i.e the CD becomes the fourth defender depending when the opponent is attacking on the left). Right now we only have a fake 3-4-3, which is just a 5-4-1 or a 5-2-3.

  29. Liked your FM18 tactics vid. Maybe you like our new FM18 Tactics 3-2-1-1-3
    ?Keep up the good work?

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