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Welcome to the last instalment of FMTV ahead
of the release of Football Manager 2018 on November 10th. We’ll be running through
some of the changes to the transfer market in FM18 as well as improvements to board interaction
and how your performance as a manager will be judged more realistically this year.
Let’s start with transfers. In real life, we’ve seen a huge increase in the value
of transfer fees over the past couple of seasons and you’ll see these inflated fees and contracts,
reflected in Football Manager 2018 of course. Several new transfer, contract and loan clauses
have been added to reflect the volatile modern transfer market. The way you can make instalment
payments on transfers had been changed to reflect real life better, with payments now
being able to be made every 6 months rather than annually, with 3 instalments allowed.
This is something that real clubs use to comply with Financial Fair Play restrictions – so
the option should be there for you too. The loan market has also been updated to include
additional clauses that clubs use when structuring these short-term deals. For instance, there’s
the new option to loan a player until the next transfer window opens. There’s the
option to include a bonus for a competition achievement too.
There’s a couple of new additions in FM18 surrounding minimum fee release clauses which
are rapidly becoming one of the most used contract clauses in world football. You can
now set an expiry date on a minimum fee release clause and you can also include separate minimum
fee release clauses for foreign and domestic clubs as part of the same contract offer.
Whilst we’re talking contracts, you can now have multiple types of the same clause
in a contract. Want to specify salary changes for players after both 15 matches and 30?
That’s not a problem in FM18. These clauses are available for appearances and goal bonuses.
You can also have multiple clauses in transfer offers.
The AI managers will also make more intelligent decisions regarding transfers in FM18. They
place a greater emphasis on a player’s recent form when looking through potential signings
meaning that players that have unexpectedly good seasons will be more likely to catch
the attention of the bigger clubs – as has been the case in recent years in real-life.
The AI around squad building has also improved, with AI managers looking at both long term
and short term needs for their squad, whilst the bigger clubs might only look at superstars
and potential youth stars, as long as they have enough home grown players that is. They’ll
now look to recruit more players that can slot into the first-team straight away and
move some of their existing first-teamers down to rotation roles if necessary. This
makes for a much more competitive transfer market and ensures the AI can not only compete
against you for the biggest deals but at every level of transfer.
Another improvement on the AI in the game – and something that is used throughout
the game by AI managers, boards, the media & the fans via social media – FM18 sees the
introduction of league performance tracking. This is a major new innovation in the way
that your performance is judged throughout your career. Instead of just referring back
to your club’s expected finishing position at the start of the season, the new league
performance tracking system will take more contextual information into account to create
a more three-dimensional picture of the season you’ve had.
For example, if you find yourself mired in a relegation battle and lead the club to safety
you’ll find your managerial support amongst the dressing room increase and you may have
more sway when making requests to the board. Your performance will also be talked about
in the press and across social media with journalists referencing it in news items and
fans will be more opinionated towards you in social media posts.
So, that’s it from FMTV. All that remains now is to get stuck into Football Manager
2018 when it releases on November 10th. There are lots of other new and improved features
that we haven’t revealed yet, so keep an eye on the @footballmanager Twitter
account, but there’ll also be others for you to discover for yourselves when you finally
get your hands on the game. I’ve been Joe Thomlinson, thanks for watching.

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