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Let’s think this through. If we ask corporate for that, then… [Dwight] They are either gonna say yes or no. [Michael] Could go either way. We don’t know what they are going to say! [Dwight] Think it through! We have to think it through! Because if they say no… Can we not? No, yes we have to! You know why? Because I don’t like to be cooped up in that office. In that box. All day long. Heismann! Because I need to think. OK, Jim? Oh, Kevin! Ooooh! [Michael laughing] [grunts] Nice catch! [grunting] Oscaaaaaaaaar! Intercepted. Right here. Give it to me. Phyllis, give me the ball. OK, give me the ball. Giv– You guys– Creed, give me the ball! Right now, give it to me! Ryan! AAAAAAAAAAHH! Aah! Fumble! Yeaaggh! [grunting aggressively] Aaaah!
[Michael] Alright, hey! Dwight! [laughing overzealously] Whooooo! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hike! [sighs quietly] You alright, Ryan? Ryan. Yeah. [sighs] Pam!

100 thoughts on “Football In The Office – The Office US

  1. Jim is such a bitch, he does nothing but harass his workmates then has the audacity to get emotional when someone else messes about.

  2. Somebody needs to torpedo that football at Michael's face, and Ryan and Stanley both should'be beat the snot out of Dwight.

  3. In the original version of this scene, Creed ends up catching the ball and runs off with it, but then Dwight and Michael grab him and pin him to the ground where Creed keeps saying "NO MY BALL!!", and then as it's happening, Jim looks at the camera. It would have been fun to see that instead of this.

  4. At 0:58 creed is on the floor a couple of meters drom his desk, at 1:03 he is sitting at his desk again. (Sometimes you want to ride the bull if you know what I mean)

  5. 0:58 one of the most underrated falls in tv or film history. You just know there's no way he kept his balance and fell pretty hard

  6. Somehow I missed Micheal's "HEISMAN" the first time through. Caught it the second time.
    This is why you cannot watch any office segment just once.

  7. Pam didn’t deserve Roy. She spent all day flirting with another dude. remember when she fell asleep on Jim’s shoulder? I have never thought her and Jim’s love story was cute. Jim was a sleeze ball to always put himself on an engaged woman. So what if it took Roy forever. She coulda walked a long time ago.

  8. This show provided me with literally thousands of hours of entertainment. Watched the entire series probably about 30 times

  9. 6 different major sports have been shown, mentioned or played in The Office, namely: Football, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and Cricket.

  10. Dwight crashes through Ryan, Creed and Stanley

    Michael asks Ryan if he ok only

    continues playing

  11. I just rewatched this scene. I almost did a spit take on my floor as Duh-wight (john k. pronunciation) knocked everyone on the ground. I need to buy a Dwight bobblehead figure. He makes life better. Thank you, Rainn.

  12. I imagine two scenarios this scene ends with:
    1) Pam/everyone tells Michael “no” when he screams Pam’s name
    2) Michael throws the ball and Pam gets hurt

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