Football betting strategy: How to bet on football accumulators

Hello. Welcome to bettingexpert. In this
video we’re going to talk about football accumulator bets, how to bet on them and also how to increase their value. So to get started, what is an accumulator bet?
Well, any bet where you rely on more than one event to occur in order if your bet
to win can be considered an accumulator. The easiest example of this is probably
the straight win accumulator. Let’s say we pick out four teams from
the Premier League and all four of these need to win in order for our accumulator
to return eight profits. Now that’s going to talk about how we actually calculate
the odds and the return of this accumulator. It is quite simple, you simply need to
multiply all of these single event odds together, in order to get the odds of
your accumulator. So, in this example looking at the odds of 3.10, 1.57, 1.66, 1.60 multiply them together you’ll get odds of 12.927. So here for every ten
pound that you bet on this accumulator, you’ll get a hundred and nineteen power
back. This is what makes accumulator so appealing: It’s a relatively low
stake or potentially big return, so that sounds like something that’s pretty good,
but how do you actually go about placing an accumulator? Well, once you’re ready
and you picked out your selections it’s fairly simple. Just go to your bookmaker,
click on the selections, take them over to the bet slip and from there you’ll be
able to should have an option to pick multiple bet options or similar and then enter a
stake in that accumulator field. And there you just need to then
confirm your bet and your accumulator is placed. of course if all the events win then your bet is a winner as well. So that
covers the basics of actually how an accumulator works and how to actually go
ahead and place it, so what we’re also interested in here is to get the maximum
value out of your accumulators, so how do you go about doing that? Well basically, start off with like any bet really will advise you to try
pick the best value bets you can find. Now, it might be a completely different
topic in a completely different video there’s not enough time to go into how
you pick value bets in this video we’re gonna do another video on that for sure.
We also have in-depth guides on how to do that but a quick way around it if you
don’t have the time to dig into the data or dig into the trends then we have
people doing that work for you in the form of the bettingexpert tipsters, so
we run a competition that rewards people for tipping and the amount of profit
they would have made from their tips, so it’s in their favor to post valueable
bets as tips on bettingexpert, so a great place to start is go on to bettingexpert, look at the top-ranked tipsters and see their football tips for the
coming game. Now another piece of advice as well if you’ve got the best value
bets you can find it’s also worth shopping around for the
best odds from the different bookmakers. And that’s where an odds comparison site
like smartbets comes in. Now speaking of bookmakers and their best offers, it’s
also well worth checking out those bookmakers that offer accumulator
insurance. Now there’s nothing worse than having gone through that process of
picking your teams and then suddenly one team loses and you’re left there
with a losing bet when it could have been a winner. So let’s say if you have
five teams win out the sixty picks that’s not going to feel good. But there
are some bookmakers that in that innocence will actually give you a
refund on your bet. So check out the betting expert at free bets page for the
latest on which bookmakers are offering accurate insurance. And it’s also worth
looking out for those bookmakers that actually have offers and promotions on
accumulators specifically. So from time to time there are price boosts on
accumulators to happen and also if you look at companies like bet365, they offer
a euro soccer bonus, which actually gives you a bonus based on the amount of
winning teams in your accumulator. So for instance a treble, if that wins, if the
three teams win you’ll get 5% bonus – all the way up to 100% if you managed to
pick 14 teams in the key mayor and they all win. That’s a great way of actually
maximizing the returns on your accumulators, so it’s well worth checking
out that offer from bet365. Now all the details of that offer along with some
more in-depth guides as well as some free tools to help you out are all on
the bettingexpert website with links below. But we want to hear from you, what are
your experiences of football accumulators? Have you had any of those near misses? There are horror stories out there, I’ve
seen plenty myself, but if you’ve also had a big win let us know as well and what else would you like us to cover in these tutorial videos let us know. Be sure to
stay in touch with us, thanks a lot for watching and as always please and gamble responsibly.

12 thoughts on “Football betting strategy: How to bet on football accumulators

  1. You should explain the banker bet to people, I only found out about that this year and it's good of you lose some of your accumulator selections if the team you chose as banker wins that is.

  2. I ipload my footbal bets for free in my channel and have managed to win some thousands. I keep doing it for free and bets are shown before hand.

  3. Accumulators are so hard to win. There is always that one team, ready to mess you up. You have 3% chance to win accumulators. I personally prefer singles with the right bankroll management. I made good money out of single betting.

  4. I do love a good accumulator. A good strategy is to have multi-tiered approaches to your accumulator. Use a higher stake bet over fewer "dead cert" games to cover more outlandish accumulator predictions and hedge those bets. For instance, I could bet £5 on a 3 game accumulator that returns £10. That covers £5 (£10 win minus original £5 bet) worth of 5-20 game accumulators, where each £1 accumulator could return anything from £20 – £2000, for example. The hedge means you can keep on playing, and if you know your chosen sport well, the odds of you slowly being profitable are extremely high (your hedge should usually return a little more than your entire stake) and the chances of the odd big win coming in every now and then are also good.

  5. The only way to WIN resenable money, ,
    IS TO PUT £1000 on singles !!!
    For example if you put on a tenfold accumlator, then there is a 98% chance for one two or three to miss! !!!
    If you put the same on singles with £1000 stake each,
    and you miss one or two than you still win hundreds of pounds !!!!!!!
    NOTHING ELSE !!!!!!

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