Football Basics : How to Play Football

Hi, my name’s Otis St. Clair. I’m here today
to talk to you about how to play football. Football is played with eleven offensive players,
eleven defensive players. The object of the game is score points. The offense has four
downs in which to score a touchdown. Every time they move ten yards, they’ll get another
set of four downs to get the opportunity to score. The defense’s objective is to stop
the offense from scoring. You also have punt, punt return, kickoff, and kickoff return.
Also you can run the ball, or you can pass the ball. But the whole object of the game
is to score seven points or six points for a touchdown, one point for an extra point.
If you get close enough on your fourth down, you can have the opportunity to kick a field
goal, which is three points. This is the football. I play it, you should to. My name’s Otis,
and that’s how you play football.

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  1. @ the previous comments: no, the way to score points in football is to progress the ball into the end of the field, known as an endzone. upon breaking the plane of the endzone, the score is called a touchdown (worth 6 points). you are then presented with the option of kicking it through 2 upright posts (worth 1 additional point), or using another untimed down to score another 'touchdown-like' play called the point after (woth 2 points). [6 points per score, + 1, or + 2]

  2. You may joke about this video, but football is not so popular in Europe, as it's in US and it's very useful to hear from some pros.
    Thanks for the video!!! 🙂

  3. Yeah, not too clear, is it? what is a down if the field is evidently flat, and how do you get four of them?

  4. Then you should make a video about it and hopefully it will be better than this one… and more detailed.

  5. Bulk and Skull should have watched this on that episode of power rangers. (Oh wait, it was 1994, they didn't have youtube back then.

  6. I'm a geek and I don't know the rules :p… Hockey is more my speed. But now I have to learn all the rules inside and out and the current players of the major teams and their basics. this is short and to the point.. but really basic. Nothing you wouldn't know if you ever watch a game

  7. There is no point because there's alot more it it then that. It's is the ultimate game of strategy, wit, and dexterity. It is a simulated war amongst men. There is an infinite number of ways you can win and miracles happen in football unlike any other sport, achieving record breaking boundries of physical feat. Anything is possible with enough passion, intellect, insight, charisma, or plain conniving cleverness. It requires much more then running around like a neanderthal if you want to win.

  8. Good example is when the New York Giants defeated the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII 2008. This was the first time in history anyone had an undefeated season record since the Miami Dolphins in 1972. The players of the Giants were dealing with the the faulty frustrating coaching of Tom Coughlin and definetly wernt winning by responding to his every command. It was the invigoured and inspired players that had fire in their eye to sum up the courage and win that game. GO GIANTS!

  9. Of course you'll need more than a 1 minute video to know more. This is just the basic idea of how it works.

  10. For people who are saying this is not football, your are wrong! The sport you are looking for is called (Futball) and is pronounced differently.

  11. Yaaaaaaa sorry I'll just learn from my uncle Geore Visger who played on the. 49ers I'm the years 80 through 81 he was defensive and his number was 79 look him up

  12. im grade 8 Im gonna try to learn football threw the summer and try to make the team im a boss at almost every other spot triple A hockey A team in basketball travel soccer now time for football

  13. Thx dude, me and my friend (were both gurlz) want to join the 8th grade boiz football team (cause theres no gurlz team) but I forgot how to play so I watched this video and I was all oh yeah

  14. Hahaha the real people in fault are the ones who searched this actually wanting to know how to "play" football LOL THE IRONY OF MAKING A VIDEO JUST TO BRING NOOBS ?

  15. I'm from England and my friend brought an American football (football to you guys) into school and it turned out I was very good at throwing it far and I was using the right technique so I'm just here to find out how the game works because we don't play American football (football) here in England. We have a similar sport called Rugby that we play.

  16. Hi Ppl Im Just 13 Medium Body Not alot of fat but due to Earlier S#i#i#e Injuries And Other Sportsman Im delicate

  17. my football conditioning starts tomorrow and ive never played football and have no idea how to play it ?

  18. but whats a down!? I've played soccer for 8 years and I don't like football but I figured 'hey maybe I should learn what to do before judging it to harshly' then I got this

  19. got a question..when it is the turn for the other team to defend…do they change the 11 players in order to defend and viceversa?

  20. I already know how to play but I just wanted to come here to share my story on how I’m always picked by the nerds in gym by myself and it pisses me off cause I’m the only one who can throw a football across the court and do it right in the process everyone else just underhands it to me and it pisses me off cause it’s always to low and the person defending me is always catching it because of that and third on top of that I’m the only one defending like three people at once who has been quarterback in football before

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