#FM19 | Welcome To The Job | Football Manager 2019

Some breaking news coming into us here at the studio, one of the most exciting young managers
makes his top tier debut. It puts Manager Man’s long and glorious reign behind the club. Fans and players alike are hoping that this young visionary has what it takes to push this team forward. Reshmin Chowdhury, Sports News. Welcome to the club, son. I got big plans for this place, glad you could be part of it. Andrew Jones, FM News. Do you honestly believe you’ve got the skill and experience to guide this team?

32 thoughts on “#FM19 | Welcome To The Job | Football Manager 2019

  1. As someone who mainly enjoyed FIFA Career Mode ( FIFA 13-16, stopped playing FIFA/even games in general after that), I think I want to get back into a career mode game again.

    I used to love the career mode aspect of FIFA (building club, transfers, seeing players growth etc), not the actual playing of the matches ( just simmed all games).

    Is FM worth it or fun at all? I saw a video a while ago but it looked overwhelming, and a tad boring. Worth cracking the game?

  2. Instead of releasing this game every year they should release the game every 2-3 years and actually improve it. We don't need to pay £60 for an updated database when we can get that for free on steam workshop, besides i get too attached to my saves to start a new one after just a year.

  3. SI, please make strikers more effective in front of the goal. My strikers need like 7 shots on target to score a goal, and I'm talking of strikers with 16+ finishing and good mental stats.
    Also, headers go way too often over the bar. Other than that, bring FM 19 on!!

  4. Are they going to license a proper 3D engine this time with the shitloads of money they made so far, or is it going to be the same old junk?

  5. It baffles me how people can say ‘there’s definitely no scripting’ when the same players transfer to the exact same clubs in multiple different saves…… I smell bullshit.

  6. Ролик должен быть другим: толстый мужик в трениках и застиранной футболке несколько суток не поднимает жопу с кресла, играя в фм, питаясь печеньками и энергетиками, иногда засыпает за компом и постоянно проклинает Маелса

  7. 씨발병신겜 뭔개좆같은 트로피들기같은거나쳐만들고있고 만들라면현실적으로나만들던가 그딴거쳐만들시간에 개좆병신매치엔진 성장버그 2개월마다재계약찡찡대는거좀 고쳐라 어째 12년부터 점점퇴화를하냐

  8. I wish FM games came out in September every year. I don't understand why it takes so long to release it. When a season starts then everybody is more interested in football and I believe that you could sell more games if you brought it when it's hot, wouldn't need to spend that much on advertising

  9. Sad to see the match engine still has not improved over the years. And Miles Jacobson blocking people in Twitter for simply criticizing the match engine in his game. Petty and pathetic.

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