(light music) – [Clintus] There we go. Yeah, dude. – Hello. – Hello. – We’re all loaded up. We have a driver. Papa’s our driver. Taking us to Wickenburg. – Wickenburg. – You excited? – For a two day tournament. – Look at all of this stuff for volleyball? – Yes. – [Tiffany] How long are we staying there? – Well, we’re staying
today for three matches and then tomorrow we have
another three matches. – [Tiffany] Excited, huh? – Yeah. It’s been forever. – [Papa] Should have gotten a room. – All wrapped up with
two recreational games. Unfortunately, they lost both games. Both of them were close though. The last one, you literally, the last 10 seconds of the game, other team got a foul, shot and made a free throw
and won by one point. Kind of sound like last game, huh? You won by one point because you had a free throw. – And now, surprisingly, that’s what happened to us. We won. Mark scored a free throw. – Yep, exactly. So him and I are taking a quick break. We’re about an hour before his next game. Grabbing some Panda Express. Little noodle and veggie action. Right? Yeah. And we’ll head off to
his competitive game. Yeah. – [Voiceover] Get back. Run back, people. – [Voiceover] Put your hands up. – [Voiceover] Shoot it. – [Voiceover] Aidan, get
yourself open down there. – [Voiceover] Don’t dribble
throw it, pass throw it. (whistle) – [Voiceover] Go to the basket, Aidan. – [Voiceover] Go to the basket. – [Voiceover] There you go. – Well, three basketball games, three losses. Unfortunately, all the games were losses though the rec games were close, right? Rec games were close. Competitive game, the team wasn’t that much better. They just were doing better. Bryce’s team was making a lot of errors and missed a lot of shots. Missed a lot of shots. And that’s the unfortunate thing. If you guys would have made even half the shots that you put up, you guys would have been a close game but any case, we’re on our way up to Wickenburg, Arizona for Sierra’s volleyball tournament. Just got a text message from Tiff. She’s in her second
game of her first match and she plays three matches so we’re about an hour
away from Wickenburg so by the time we get up there, the first match will probably be over and we’ll be getting close to
the second match hopefully. Hopefully, we get there
right when the second match is starting so that we don’t
miss anymore than that. – [Voiceover] Get on it, Sierra. – [Tiffany] Yeah. Aw. – [Voiceover] Got it over. It was the first serve, huh? – [Tiffany] Yeah. Yes. Woohoo. Yeah. Yes, baby. Yes. – [Voiceover] Yes. – [Tiffany] Oh my gosh. Yes. Oh, I can’t handle this. Oh my goodness. Oh, no. – [Bryce] Sierra. – [Clintus] Yeah. Short. (whistle) – [Bryce] I just… (whistle) Yeah. (whistle) – [Clintus] Oh. (whistle) (whistle) (whistle) There we go. Nice. There it is. Yes. (whistle) Boom. Woohoo. (whistle) Oh, nice save. – [Voiceover] Yes. – [Bryce] What is it called (noise drowns out speaker) – [Clintus] Oh. (whistle) I like Sierra’s new style. It looks good. Sagging low. Alright, three games down. How did you do? – We lost two, won the last one. – [Clintus] You lost two, won one. So what happens now? Will you be back tomorrow for single elimination? – Single elimination’s tomorrow? – [Clintus] Yeah. – I didn’t know that. No one told me that. – So now it’s time to
celebrate with a little dinner with the team. Just been spending some
time here in Wickenburg. Heading over to Anita’s Cocina which is actually the restaurant that Tiff and I went to last time we were here in Wickenburg getting my new ID. – Hello. – Are you vlogging? – [Clintus] These girls are being crazy and these girls are being gross. – I’m a girl? – [Clintus] You are right now. – We’re not being gross. – [Clintus] Aren’t you on the one who started the spit wads? – That was a long time ago. – [Clintus] Yeah, I know. – It’s fancy. – [Clintus] It’s fancy ketchup. – That means it’s fancy. – Well, guys, we made our way back home. Everyone showered and chilled. I think the kids passed out early too. Both of them had long days of sports and Sierra has another one tomorrow, single elimination tournament tomorrow. So we’re back up to Wickenburg for one more volleyball game. Potentially more that one if they win and I’m super excited for Sierra. She looks so good serving those balls. She finally got it. She finally has the
confidence to stand up there and now she’s going it in the actual game. It’s just amazing. Actually started to fall asleep before and I realized I forgot to end the vlog so I’m going to go to bed. Thank you for watching. Be sure to give it a
thumbs up if you liked it. Tap the eye in the sky for the last four years’ videos and we’ll see you tomorrow for some more volleyball
and Sunday fun day. Vlog on.

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