First Baseball Game Date with Parker | Simple Things Vlog Countdown #3

(pop music) – Hey guys it’s Brooklyn and I have you’re supposed to say your name. – Parker.
– Parker here with me and we were going on a
date today to the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals game because that is my favorite two teams. And I got.
– It’s true. – I got him a gift for
our one year anniversary and that was for us to
come to one of the games because I’ve never even been to a Rangers game. – Your one year. – Yes and he gave me use this Kendra Scott which I wear all the time now I don’t take it off. Anyway so that is what we’re doing today. – You guys can pre-order their new song by clicking the button right over there. – It’s really good he’s
heard it, do you like it? – I think it’s really good. – Yeah it’s my favorite
one it’s all acoustic. And so, oh I love it so much. So you guys definitely
like the icon right there and pre-order our song. Now let’s get on to
the Texas Rangers game. We just got lunch and
now we are on our way. It’s like how long of a drive? – Forty, 50 minutes. – It’s such a long drive. And so we’re on our way there and oh my gosh this is so funny. So we’re sitting there and this morning I printed off two sets of my baseball tickets I don’t know why. So the first set I printed
front and back of the paper and then second set printed two papers. And so I was like I guess
I’ll just play it safe and take the back to
back, so I took the two. Well Bailey was calling
me frantically like, you left your tickets,
you left your tickets, you left your tickets, oh my gosh what are you going to do? How are you going to get in? It’s such a long drive It’s okay I have two sets, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. It was pretty scary. Yeah I have a good sister. She’s having a little partay at home. t’Cause she gets to see her boyfriend. Yeah so we’ll vlog when we’re at the game. So I forgot to show you guys what we go out for lunch. We went to the classic for my family will often get like Parker and I will get sent to go get burgers for like 30 people who are at my house. And we have this one
friend who works there and he always make fun
of us, are you eating all of those burgers? We have it’s like the legendary place. Do you what to tell them
what you get on your burger? They’re gonna make fun of me. They already know too probably. – He gets meat. That’s it, he doesn’t eat anything else. He doesn’t like the cheese, he doesn’t like the lettuce he just likes. Anyway yeah that’s what we got for lunch. And Parker’s telling me
I should start eating. – You should. – Parker here has gotten us lost. He has no idea where we are. But the game definitely starts like two minutes ago and we’re still not there. That’s fine we’ll get there. – The direction on my phone. Literally.
– They were like going really weird they were like all backwards funky. I don’t know if they were funky so. – I’m currently walking
to Rangers Stadium. – I’m not walking I didn’t know. – We have a little bit of a way to go (mumbling) We have C five.
– C five is over here. – C five is probably over there. – And we’re gonna go on a date there because I want to go to C five. I mean I’ve been there but I just want to go stuff this summer business I haven’t been this summer yet. – She wants to run all the new rides and we have like. – Yeah so we have like
we have season passes we used like all last summer. – Yeah. – But we don’t have any. Like we haven’t renewed them. And I really really really want to go the roller coasters. He does not like roller coasters because he’s afraid of heights. – Yeah.
– I do. My favorite ride is Mr. Freeze. I’m also one that goes
straight up and straight down. His face literally look like this the whole ride.
– Whatever it didn’t. – He was like (groaning) – I don’t believe it.
– The whole time. – You were, literally you did not want to go on that ride. – No I didn’t at all but she forced me. – I did.
– Naturally. Yes beause.
– The girl that loves me so much forced
me to do my worst fear. – I was breaking him out
of his shell. (laughs) We officially made it to our seats. We’re in section, oh yeah Parker figured out where he was going. – Eventaully.
– Section 317 row 25, seat one and two. Pretty good seats if I do say so myself. – Yeah.
– For being an amateur baseball I don’t even know what the word is. – You did good. Tell us what you got. – I got a, I guess I
saw it’s cherry slurpee. Snoblast cherry and lime. I’m so hot. I’m gonna die. ♫ Listen for the light ♫ Seems like our bodies move ♫ All the nice things are fine ♫ We’re ready to go ♫ Get ready to go ♫ The time is coming ♫ Your time is coming (pop music) (applause) (pop music) – One two three strikes your out in the old ball game. (pop music) (applause) (pop music) – What is that the thinking face? Who won? – The Rangers won and it was five to two. – Five to two, I think. – There were two homeruns one by Texas and one by Dallas, I believe. – Yeah it was an awesome game. And we got some slushies thing because it was so hot. – Yeah.
– And I got a pretty bad tan, I’m not gonna lie. Like look at that bad boy. And.
– It was such a fun game.
– And Parker has got my bag. He does not let me carry it we call it the murse. He looks pretty rockin’ in that bag. – It’s just a bag.
– It’s murse. He’s going to pose for us. (laughs) – Hey guys, guess who fell asleep on the car ride home. We are not even on the
highway yet I want to clarify that we are at a red light trying to get on the highway. And she was on she’s
already fallen asleep. I gotta go and drive guys I wanted to let you know. Okay bye. – So naturally we’ve been driving home and we just barely got in the general area of our house and Bailey sent us a text and says, bring Caso home. So we’re bringing Caso home. She has a slight obsession with Caso. Yeah we like literally bring her Caso once a week, at least. (laughs) Parker’s got it with Caso too. So it’s fine. (laughs) – Like Bailey wants Caso. – Select Caso. Well we’ve got the fixins so we’re good to go. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed seeing me and Parker go on a date. Now if you want to
subscribe to our channel click the button right over here. And if you want to pre-order our new song Simple Things that comes out on the 28th click the books over here. And if you want to see all of our other vlogs leading up
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