Filmmakers talk about upcoming Shoeless Joe Jackson movie in Greenville

3 A MOVIE IS BEING MADE ABOUT ONE OF THE UPSTATE’S MOST FAMOUS BASEBALL PLAYERS.. “SHOELESS JOE” JACKSON … A PRODUCTION COMPANY THAT’S MAKING THE MOVIE WAS IN TOWN TODAY… LOOKING FOR EXTRAS FOR THE MOVIE..AT THE “SHOELESS JOE JACKSON” MUSEUM IN GREENVILLE… “7 NEWS” PHOTOJOURNALIST “DEVON SMITH”… WAS THERE… 3 micheal miller volunteer and board member of shoeless joe meusem “shoeless joe was a ball player that came from the mill community here in greenville, who grew up to be one of the greatest ball players ever.” renee james, producer “the story is just so compelling, and it draws so many people in and creates so much love and devotion for joe and support for him and his career and everything he went thru in his life and its just a very intriguing story and I think that’s a common thread.” Angelo Pizzo, screenwriter “immediately I was intrigued there’s a bit of a mystery about who shoeless joe was, what he represented, a kind of innocence of America at the turn of the century. and of course the scandal and yet there was something about the scandal itself that I wasn’t clear on and I don’t think anybody is clear on is how culpable was he?.. I would like to tell the story to people who know nothing about this and make them want to see what happens next.” 3 “BILLY BOB THORTON” IS EXECUTIVE PRODUCER FOR THE PROJECT… … AND “ANGELO PIZZO” HAS WRITTEN FOR OTHER MOVIES LIKE “RUDY” AND “HOOSIERS” … THEY’RE STILL LOOKING FOR EXTRAS AND THE MOVIE IS IN PRE- PRODUCTION… WE HAVE A LINK TO CONTACT THE PRODUCTION COMPANY FOR THIS MOVIE … YOU’LL FIND IT IN “LINKS” IN THE BIG RED BOX ON OUR HOMEPAGE…W-S-P-A DOT COM…

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