FIFA Short Film: How The Best FIFA Football Awards unfolded | Alisson, Van Dijk, Klopp and more

Milano. Milano. Milano. La citta della moda.
[The city of fashion.] Tradizione.
[Tradition] La buona cucina.
[Good cooking.] E calcio.
[And football.] The best. The best. The best. The best. The Best FIFA Football Awards. FANS CHANT: Messi, Messi! I love Italy, so it seems like
a beautiful setting for the show. Women’s football is certainly on the rise. It’s quite surreal, to be honest,
I’m gonna have fun with it and enjoy it. How are you, my friend? It’s an honour to be nominated,
but I’m here to support my boys. HE SPEAKS DUTCH HE SPEAKS FRENCH Could you check Illaria’s earpiece, please? We have an amazing night ahead of us, to celebrate football and the stars
who make it the greatest game on earth. We are starting with the FIFA Puskas Award. The Best Coach is… Jürgen Klopp. MICROPHONE CRACKLES Sorry! Wow. It’s quite heavy. Jill Ellis. And I will come and walk with you. I honestly think that was the difference for us. Stand by. Alisson Becker. Sari van Veenendaal. I’m really, really proud, I love you,
and this one is ours. On your name, walk straight forwards. Right down the stage. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the
first ever FIFA FIFPro Women’s World XI. Ladies and gentleman,
please show your appreciation for the FIFA FIFPro Men’s World XI. The Best FIFA Men’s Player of the Year – Lionel Messi. HE SPEAKS SPANISH The Best FIFA Women’s Player… Megan Rapinoe. We have a unique opportunity
in football different to any other sport, to use this beautiful game to actually
change the world for better. This is an absolute honour.
Have a good night. Good luck the rest of the season.

100 thoughts on “FIFA Short Film: How The Best FIFA Football Awards unfolded | Alisson, Van Dijk, Klopp and more

  1. If you watched the vid before this one klopp said how good pep was but this year I hope Liverpool win what they deserve. the premier league.

  2. now we can see why ronaldo stayed home with a book fifa corrupt,,,how the fck marcelo ramos modric and hazard make best 11 ahead od robbo taa salah mane virgil was best not messi

  3. Why didn’t Van Dijk get best player?
    Why wasn’t Robbo in the top 11?
    Why wasn’t Trent in the top 11?
    Why wasn’t Mané in the top 11?
    4 big questions for Fifa!

  4. These FIFA awards are corrupt ragged money ceremony's.
    We all know who was best player last season and he plays for us.
    Plus FIFA XI team was joke 3 Real Madrid player's that won nothing last season.

  5. I really want to be a girl footballer for Liverpool and change all of the sporters drone not that many to most of the world I love football and one day I hope to accomplish my dream if I can enyone can believe and you’ll achieve

  6. I don't like Megan Rapino.. She said love not hate and i want to pursue that but your character and behaviour (public at least) is not very found of love.

  7. So u guys want
    Trent, Robertson, Mane, Salah, Virgil, Allison & Kloop?? Instead put all the players and the fans too lol, just because Barca lose at semi doesn't mean that Virgil is the best player of the year but I respect him as a defender he really do have a great season but Individual Messi did better then all of the Liverpool team and the fans? sorry the truth hurts,
    Lol Liverpool fans wake up!!
    Don't blame Messi, Instead
    Blame that 3 Real Madrid players who did nothing and who won the award, Hazard at least won the Europa league & Score two goals at the final.
    Seriously u people WT hell!

  8. They would'nt have enough awards if this gala was 30-40yrs ago for the MIGHTY LIVERPOOL RED ARMY was conquering Europe and domestically destroying teams with the upmost of ease man leading this charge was the King himself.
    Arise Sir Kenny Dalglish.
    A real footy player of the likes we'll sadly never see again at L4

  9. Well done klopp you deserve it congrats,you are the best in the world, certainly the best to watch in your postmatch interveiws ,if they gave a award for that you would win every year , good luck for the rest of the season liverpool are the most entertaining team to watch , hope the premiership is coming your way you deserve it YNWA

  10. I will never understand Ramos (a CB!) and Marcelo being voted in over Trent/Kimmich and Robo. Robo especially, he was head and shoulders clear as the best Left Back in the world last year, and a Madrid team with defensive failings right through it still managed to have 3 players included in the 11. Absolute joke

  11. why Trent n Robbo not there…why KBD isn’t there but Modric instead..? this award is rigged….FIFA + Real Madrid = ? forever.. Barca /RM player must at least be in there at least one…

  12. Madrid players were't even good last season. they should be replaced with Bernardo Silva, Arnold, and Robertson.
    And Ramos is the best 11 as a RB? Are you fukkin kidding me??

  13. I do not understand what are ramos, marcelo and modric doing in FIFA Pro Team of the Year????? How come Robertson, TTA not in this team. They are currently The Best Leftbacks in the world. FIFA voting very suspicious…..?. If those three players had any respect for themselves…they would have returned their respective trophies. Even Hazard in this team…ahead of Mane…?

  14. Messi the GOAT. As a Liverpool fan it's hard to accept that VVD didn't win the best But Messi deserved it.

  15. That 11 is a joke , half of the players there , didn't deserve to be named for that award… How players from top 10 are not in the first 11 still blows my mind

  16. What did Messi do to be the best in the world? Vergil deserves well deserved

    How is the world lineup so bad? Why 4 Real Madrid players What did Real Madrid do last season? nothing

    Where is Trent Alexander Arnold, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane? Why Hazard and Mbappe do not deserve ????

    There are emotions and cheats in these awards

  17. This is so crazy as a liverpool fan! It seems like out of nowhere we are now a powerhouse and no one would have expected that. (Also where are Mane, Salah, Robbo and TAA, and how the hell did marcelo finish above Robertson?!)

  18. കിടു,,,മെസ്സി ഉയിർ☺️,,vandijik ഇഷ്ടം☺️,cr 7 പേരിത്തിഷ്ടം

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