100 thoughts on “FIFA 20 – E3 2019 Reveal Trailer ft. VOLTA Football | PS4

  1. Wooooaaaaaaoooo i dont like fifa but this game remember old days on fifa street❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Mais um ano o mesmo jogo , os mesmos Youtubers hipando o jogo e a mesma merda de sempre. A EA e fera em ganhar grana dos fifeiros acéfalos .

  3. wonder how many fifa releases does it take for the people to realise that it's a same game like every year but at least they're taking it to the streets that's so innovative nobody had ever though of that. I expect for it to be release by November I bet also the comments don't seem to match up with the likes to dislikes ratio.

  4. sigh, even if they won't improve Manager mode, because there is fifa street in it ill have to at least give it a chance……..

  5. Lost so many following because of FIFA 19, so sad. Other football games are improving in every area, but FIFA seems to be slowing down. Whats with the youth players All wearing the same Black and White boots 🙂

  6. The game doesn't change anything, the same bad thing as it has always been, the same foolish artificial intelligents with the same authors: =)

  7. Im only buying this if i get to play a career for the women’s team. My state has the utah royals and it’s the only team i care for.

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