Fielding Flyouts with Bryce Harper – Baseball Pro Tips

Baseball Pro Tips: Fielding Flyouts with Bryce
Harper [INTRO MUSIC]>>BRYCE HARPER: I think, for me, when I’m
in the outfield and I have to catch a ball and there’s a guy on third, I want to make
sure I catch that ball first. You know, you don’t want to make a blunder,
you drop that ball and then the other guy scores and you get no outs. So, for me it’s really understanding, ‘Do
I have an opportunity to throw this guy out, or do I [not]? Should I throw the ball to second, or should
I not?” But, first of all, I need to catch this ball.>>BRYCE HARPER: So, what’s going through
my head is, ball’s goes in the air, okay, who is on third base? Is he quick? You know, is he a slow guy? Where am I at on the field? And, what’s my route? So, do I have to go to the right-center gap? Because if I have to go to the right-center
gap, then I have no chance, left-center gap or left-center line I have no chance. But if it’s right at me or anything like
that, then I have a chance of throwing anybody out in the game. So, just understanding that I have to catch
the ball first, first and foremost and then giving my best effort to throw the guy out
on a one-hop.>>BRYCE HARPER: If there’s a runner on first,
throwing through my cut, just in case my first baseman needs to cut the ball, throw it to
second and get that out instead of the guy at the plate. So, just understand that we need to get the
out first and then we’ll figure it out from there. [OUTRO MUSIC]

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