Ferris State Volleyball Preview 2018

welcome to the 2018 Ferris State women’s
volleyball season preview joined by head coach Ferris State women’s volleyball Tia Brandel-Wilhelm thanks for joining me thanks for having me coming in this year
after four consecutive GLIAC championships and you have your second
consecutive senior class that’s done nothing but win them how much fun have
these last four years been to coach this program for you oh every year is great
you know some years you win championships some years you don’t but
you know every team is unique and exciting and its own little puzzle to
solve so I think every season is fantastic when you think about the
senior class that graduated last year obviously a lot of bodies and a lot of
players that had a lot of success here how do roles kind of morph going into
the beginning of this season with just a lot of new faces well obviously this
year’s senior class that we graduated was just fantastic you know they worked
so hard they had high aspirations every year and you know they really made the
mark in the program I think every year though you know you have a new team and
you’ve graduated something and and you have players that have grown in the off
season so it’s just you know every season is a new experience bringing a
lot of the top programs in the country the first weekend of the year and a lot
of tough competition in the non-conference schedule what do you
expect to learn about your team and how excited are you to see some of the best
teams in the nation test your own team well in our first two weekends we’ll see
a lot of the best teams in the nation and we will be tested and I think we’ll
learn a lot I don’t know what we’ll learn yet because they have yet to
teach us those lessons but you know I think we’ll see where we are and where
we want to be as a program for sure GLIAC schedule always challenging here
in conference play and what do you expect to run into this season with your
GLIAC fellows well the GLIAC will be very good we had a number of teams that
didn’t graduate a lot of players you know who were great teams and you know
we have a number of all-conference players who are back this year so I
think it’s going to be a really tough schedule I do feel like you know we’re probably one
of the only programs that had such a big graduating class so you know we’ll
definitely come in in a load behind the eight ball and just trying to you know
see where we’ll fit in with everyone coach thanks to good luck this season
thank you for more updates on Ferris State women’s volleyball you
check in at ferrisstatebulldogs.com

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