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Welcome back to Ferris Sports Update time
to talk Bulldogs softball with us is head coach Kristen James and coach first
of all welcome to the show. Thank you, glad to be here. Obviously your first
year here with the Bulldogs so just talk about being at Ferris State and how the
transition has been thus far. You know Ferris has been a welcoming and
wonderful place to be coming you know in to a program that has
a lot of rich tradition and winning there’s a lot of expectation and it’s
been a wonderful place to start out my Division two coaching career. Obviously
going into the season a little complicated for you not only were you
trying to get off the ground as a first year coach here at Ferris State but also
the birth of a child and congratulation thank you what was that like trying to
trying to deal with that and balance that as the season was getting ready to
unfold you know we wanted to try and make sure that the team still came first
we have a very unique situation with myself being the head coach and my
husband being one of my assistant coaches so making sure in the fall
semester it was definitely all about the team we tried as long as we could to
hold off letting the girls know so we were very focused in fall but it’s been
great because the girls have been so excited and so welcoming and it’s it’s
been a challenge but it’s been a huge blessing at the same time obviously is
one of the northern teams here and stuff well always always tough to get games in
here early and fortunately your team was able to go to Florida during that early
part of the season after a trip to Indianapolis and and really get some
good games in they did we played quite a few top 25 schools while we were down
there and had some really big wins it was a it was a great way to start out
they had great weather the girls came out ready to play and it was a really
beneficial trip for us obviously uh now into conference play here in the the
month of April as we get started here and certainly out of this past weekend I
had a opportunity to play your first home games against Northwood on Friday
we did we actually had a really nice day to play so it was a huge change from the
weekend before and on Saturday so we came out strong we dropped a couple
Heartbreakers but the girls played hard certainly against Northwood he fell
behind with a big home run from the Timberwolves but your kids is they’ve
done all you’re kept battling back and put yourselves in position to have an
opportunity in that first game they do almost every single game that
we’ve played they have battled and no matter what the score has been they have
never given up and you know that shows a true character of what this team’s got
5-2 in the first game Sam Bates senior able to pitch that first game for you
talk about a what she’s meant to the team as one of the leaders here for your
spot you know she’s been a big part of this program all four years while she’s
been here her as well as the other five seniors have had a lot of time under
their belts have a lot of leadership Emily Rita’s our senior catcher and has
just really blossomed and done some incredible things this year both behind
the plate and at the plate so going back to see him you know she she has a lot of
pitching time under her belt we have laid heavily on her you know to step up
and be a big part of us on the mound obviously on the second game another
tight contest against Northwood and got off to the early start
2 to 1 game and kind of tough to lose those one-run games like that it is we
had the chance to put a freshman pitcher out on the mound it was her first start
of the season Katie threw well and you know she’s just gonna get better and
better as we go talk about that youth obviously a lot of young kids mixing in
with some of those veterans in every turn we’ve got 18 underclassmen so 10
freshmen and eight sophomores we have a relatively large squad right now and and
I think they’re doing a great job of intermingling and you know with those
upperclassmen the experience from those you know upperclassmen and the youth and
I guess energy of the underclassmen we’ve got a nice mix of all classes out
on the field at all times obviously playing those first two home games on
Friday you were right back in action on Saturday morning trying to beat the
weather against Saginaw Valley State and a couple of tough contests obviously the
second one kind of hampered with with the weather
it was it was a cold one we’d moved him up for hours to get him in the girls
played hard they didn’t give up they were very competitive so I would just
kind of ran out of innings finally here as you get ready to continue action in
the conference a lot of home games coming up I hear weather permitting and
looking forward to watching the Bulldogs here over the course of the next couple
weeks that with so much home action we do we’ve got almost two full weeks worth
of home games so I think that’s going to be huge and getting our momentum
generated forward for that especially that second half of
GLIAC schedule how important are these home games as you try to move forward in
the conference and hopefully climb in the conference standings here as the
year goes on I think they’re huge the girls are used to being out on their
own you know home turf and they do a really good job coming out ready to play
and so like I said we need to get that momentum swinging back in our favor and
I think this big long you know strip of home games is gonna allow us to do that
talk about some of your goals moving forward not only this season but
obviously for the future of fair state so I like I said earlier this you know
program has a huge tradition and winning and it’s it’s the expectation that we we
have going forward and so for the rest of this season being extremely
competitive and coming out on top getting those scores flipped from a few
games earlier on and then you know climbing those GLIAC standings as we go
I think that’s something we were very capable of doing and very quickly coming
from the junior college level what have you seen from from the GLIAC here and
they really part of the conference season in terms of maybe some of those
strengths of the competition the competition is incredible you always see
when it comes to the four-year level much stronger pitching there’s a huge
difference in leadership when you get those juniors and seniors mixed in there
and that’s been a huge blessing that’s been a nice change coming from the
junior college level so the GLIAC is one of the best in this country in Division
two softball and if you’re gonna be the best you’ve got to play the best so
that’s why I think it’s great for us to be a part of this conference and having
the competition that we do obviously has some of those early games in Florida and
down in Indianapolis how did those help prepare you for four conference action
against some high quality opponents we played mostly govt govt C schools and
that’s also a very good conference there in our region as well and again the top
of the competition you play early on the better you’re gonna set yourself up for
you know once conference play rolls around so although we drop some of those
I think they were very beneficial to us and I’m I’m excited to go back out next
season and play those opponents again what some of your philosophy in terms of
your style of play and how you like to see your team’s perform on the field
offensively you know you can’t score runs if you’re gonna win so I’m very
fortunate the mr. coach stands as the girls calls them you know he is our
offensive guru and you know us as a coaching staff you’ve got to have a nice
balance between speed and power and we have that we’ve got speed at the top of
the bottom of the lineup I’ve got a lot of power with some underclassmen
especially in the middle of the lineup and when we’re able to get those two
rolling together you know we are very very dangerous on offense and that’s
something we are going to continue as the years go on
obviously this weekend hoping to get some games in you should take on Tiffin
and Wayne State here Saturday Sunday uh what do you know about those two
opponents that you’re scheduled to face this weekend you know Wayne State is
always a very tough opponent they were when I played in the GLIAC as well and
Tiffin they’re leaving after this season so we want to send them out you know
with a farewell farewell from the Bulldogs what does it take to get some
wins here and obviously a would have been some of your strengths here in the
early part of the season you know it’s going to take both sides of the game
coming together at once we’ve had many games where one side or the other has
been fantastic so it’s going to take bringing both sides both offense and
defense and we can do it and we’re going to coach thanks for your time and best
of luck this weekend to the Bulldogs hosting Wayne State and tip and coming
up on Saturday thanks for having me we’ll be back with more favorite sports
update right after this

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