100 thoughts on “Female Football Star Toni Harris Talks Historic College Scholarship | TODAY

  1. Why can't people just be happy for her. All these negative comments… She looks happy I'm glad wish her the best! I never played college football so I can't say anything…

  2. She gets handed a scholarship then parades around like she earned it. It's all a publicity stunt and she's acting like her "skills" got it.

  3. I was really starting to admire her and then she had to start with all the god-bothering nonsense. Even if the existence of the christian god could be proven, it can't, why would she care about someone playing football? Silly evangelicals.

  4. There is no reason to celebrate this. She didn’t play at her junior college and didn’t earn that scholarship. She only had three tackles last year. No one has ever earned a scholarship out of a junior college with that little action . She is a 5 foot 6 , 164 pound safety with no playing experience. I don’t know why she is talking about playing in the NFL . This isn’t a good idea at all. She will not be successful at the college level and will be a liability. From what I saw , she couldn’t play division 3 football. Smh.

  5. I keep seeing the same 4 plays in every interview/highlight video. These young men out here grinding for scholarships while she easily gets one for being a woman.

  6. “They don’t want females to play this sport.”
    Females can’t play this sport…with men. Stop lying to yourself. This is so sad.

  7. Anyone who doesn’t like it. Too bad! This girl can ball. (Period). Football is about people from different backgrounds and culture coming together… this shows the power of the sport of football. She didn’t get that scholarship because she is a girl. Her highlight tape, although wasn’t prime time… it warranted a scholarship (male or female) the performance is there. Now I hope she can handle the next level and I don’t doubt her. I can tell she’s a awesome competitor.

  8. Stop pushing this equality BS on us. This woman will get hurt ! I don't even know if she will make the football team and get to play.

  9. she has a great story, but anyone who doesn't see this as a publicity stunt is just lying or naive. From her clips available online, she would barely make a junior high school team. And those are the best of the best.
    Good on her for taking these people who are using her for an education and money. But this is Fake news

  10. The only thing that a GM looks at when deciding weather or not to bring you in to play for their team is ur talent and sorry to say she's not a good football player

  11. Whatever team gets her, they're going to have to treat her with kid gloves. Whoever hits her or gives her a concussion is going to be villainized in a huge major way.

  12. I'm 270 I don't play football if I was to tackle this girl I would crush her just imagine a pro NFL player she will get killed

  13. Come on girl you can't, not good enough, not fast enough, PERIOD !

    Since Women want to get into man sport, let me be the first man in WNBA, I will not complain about the money

  14. No. You chose defense because the boys can make the tackles for you. You wouldn’t last carrying the ball on offense.

  15. Honey, I hate to break this to you, but you're going to get killed. You qualify to play in a women's league, but not in upper college level and definitely not the NFL…

  16. “Be so good they can’t ignore you” what’s so good about 3 tackles in 2 seasons? I think the correct quote is “be female so they use you as a publicity stunt”

  17. The best female football player that never was. In a few years you will run across this post and ask, "Where is she now?" You'd think she was the female, Troy Palamolu. Fortunately for her, she won't ever start. Meanwhile, women athletes are complaining about competing against trans males.

  18. the media messed up if she was actually good she would be getting support. They should look at wrestling there was a girl who placed in states wrestling the guys, thats somebody you can call a star or whatever. More rouseys less "ima play in the nfl derpppp"

  19. Lingerie Football League is about as far as she can go. Hate to be negative and a dream crusher, but realistically she’s not gonna make it as a player. She needs to pursue to get into coaching and maybe she can do that in the NFL but she shouldn’t be handed anything for being a woman. Sorry.

  20. I am happy for her, i know this is her dream and everything but girl just know that you are going to have 100 to 200 pound dudes coming at you at full force. Even guys on the feild suffer from that kind of impact, we have athletes in their mid 20's to early thirties already retired cause of the harsh injuries they received in this sport. Brain injury is like the number one out of all injuries and as a female that risk can double. Like listen, as humans we are equal but as sexes we are completely different.

  21. Hey, if she does get into the NFL I'll watch the game….Just to see how long she lasts before some 200 + pound football rams into her like a dump truck.

  22. They’re gonna make the nfl soft because of her lol. Realistically women aren’t as strong as men

  23. If you’re smart you know in this day and age it’s all about encouraging and accepting minority groups. It started with the LGBTQ community. All of a sudden the LGBTQ community is entitled to everything. Then feminism sparked up. All of a sudden women can do anything and everything. It’s the new ideology our society has formed – to be politically correct. The only reason this girl is getting all this attention is because of the new ideology our society has. But realistically she will never have a shot at playing in the NFL because of biology. Men’s physical potential has a way higher ceiling than women’s physical potential. Unless she hops on extremely heavy doses of steroids, there’s no way she’ll ever physically compete with the Elite men in the NFL

  24. Lol she'll intercept it? She dropped easy pics in her HIGHLIGHT film. Shes definitely not a FOOTBALL star. Maybe a media darling but the whole media circus fawning over her is ridiculous. She'll never play in the NFL. She'll get injured first game she plays

  25. Full scholarship that is a straight out robbed to some football player that is actually good and not pushing an agenda

  26. Can u imagine her in the NFL and they put her up against Larry Allen,i really dont think the outcome is gonna be smooth

  27. If i was the coach of that team i would tell the guys since she wants to play a mans game treat her and give her everything a football player gets…aint no taking it easy and see if she wants to continue this foolishness

  28. Can I ask a question to any females who happen to be reading this who play football or not? I'm in the process of writing a female character for a new book of mine that struggles to find her place on her HS football team. Researching ideas for that is why I'm here, happy to have found several videos on Toni today. Now the story isn't exclusively about football, and she's a dual lead character, but her drive to be the first female to play in the NFL, be accepted for who she is as well as a fitness model make her who she is. So to any women out there, what would you think if you read a character like mine? Think she's a great role model? Inspiring? Unrealistic? I'm genuinely asking here. 
    Look, I'm not here to diss Toni or anything, I'm supportive of her dream, of course, since I'm writing a character that is going through some of the stuff she is. But for reference my character is her opposite in many ways, she's 6'6" for one, ~165lbs, and can easily perform physically with pretty much all of the guys on her team. She even sets some undecided as of yet record in HS football in my story. 
    What would the reality be that someone like her could ever make it to college football, let alone the NFL? 

    (If I get a lot of hate on this I'll delete it, so stay kind please)

  29. She signed to an NAIA school, you know how many NAIA players were taken in this year's draft? Zero, you know how many were taken in last year's draft? Zero, what about the year before that? Zero.

    Now, some players from smaller schools from lower divisions have made it to the nfl, but let's not even talk about the fact that she is a woman and has literally 3 tackles and lets just look at what she is really saying when she says "I want to make it to the NFL"

    In the 2019 NFL draft 75% of players drafted came from NCAA division 1 FBS from power five conferences, and 98% of players drafted came from NCAA division 1, So when you come from an NAIA school and want to make it to the nfl, your saying that you are better than every undrafted player in NCAA division 1, almost every single player in NCAA division 2, every player in NCAA division 3, and every player in your NAIA division.

    You have NO CHANCE of making it to the NFL.

  30. Man barkley and henry have 1 leg bigger than this girl ..and does she realize guards pull and will block defensive backs ..uuuuggg ..a average guard is 2 and half of her she a buck 40 ..how will that stop 330

  31. Why don’t we just normalize women’s football teams. Start with high school girls football. She’s gonna get hurt. 😕

  32. I would love to see a running back or receiver pick her up under his other arm and carry her 20 yards into the end zone. Then spike her and the ball. That would be one of the funniest things ever!

  33. I have NEVER seen a male college football player star in a commercial…I believe I have the right to call this sexist.

  34. Women are always trying to do what men are doing. Do you really think she would be able to guard or keep up with Odell Beckham jr. or tackle Ezekiel Elliott when he gets passed the secondary.

  35. She "Chose defense because" you would never make an offensive play! Much less defense! This Girl will get killed out there and it will be all on the team for letting her play!

  36. It's this kind of promotion of black women that makes the police think they can body slam us at the public pool. And everyone laughs when Kevin Hart "jokes" that a dark skin black woman can take a punch. When enough of us are in the media portrayed as a feminine standard, then I will celebrate this young lady. We don't need this.

  37. i'd like to see her try to hit someone head on and hear what she says after she's out of the hospital

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