February 15, 1991 – Senior Night – Gate City Blue Devils vs. Marion Scarlet Hurricane Part III

pounds on beep and you’ll be Steven Taylor out of an Estonian down in gaja number 20 Chad Mullins took the ball mullein doesn’t get the shot before the buzzer songs the south end of the first period gay city I live in Marion 22 let me give you a quick rundown scores Shannon Archer for Marion a 500 with two small as seven feet with seven and winters with one for our own Blue Devil teammate Chad Mullins go three Brent Herron with six and problems 48 minutes goes up on the board for the second period and that’s how much time there will be in regulation playing time before we break for the halftime intermission tonight was parents night here at geek city hostel / middle school after playing the game that tonight [Applause] number thirteen grant Henson only number twelve now by Baker Baker now to Mullins Mullins puts up the shot it’s no good and it’s going to be number 32 keep taking them all down he puts up the shot very good we’ll have a family [Applause] founder 22 Chad Mullins since Keith to the urna Keith to the line [Applause] second shot up and good 11 to 23 now the store 745 remain in the first half number 12 Brian Baker with the ball Baker now down to Mullins Mullins back to Baker Baker over to the other side and left side over number 21st lark puts it up no good and now it’ll be keep going down to number 40 to Archer Archer to number 32 Keith now that number 22 no he puts it up no good and number 22 Mullins comes up with the rebound for the Devils Mullins down to Baker Baker to Heron he puts up the shot no good and it’s gonna be lorian’s ball Shawn up no good no it’s gonna be out of balance [Music] Gate City’s ball right inside on the Baker Baker to Mullins back to Baker now bakery beats the ball two moments again now to Baker Baker to lark lark long pass down to Mullins Mullins once again out of Baker bakery over to lark it’s gonna be anybody’s ball against Lee picks it up gives it to Baker Baker to lark he shoots from three no good and now it’s gonna be Marian coming up with it number 40 down stolen away [Music] [Applause] no over to Keith announcer number 20 number 40 Hyundai they all has it and gate loses it to number of 20 winners now the key teeth throws inside the Hungate loses it Baker has it he says it again Hungate has it fun gate now to know Mel all the key teeth loose around charlie [Applause] his first person the offensive foul will get visa to the ball game Brad Hensley out of man [Applause] number 12 Baker throws down to Mullins [Applause] Mullens to pensee and they’re gonna have this alcohol [Applause] no no foul perma the ball just went out of bounds this will be Ron Baker number 12 doing the unbounding for his team gaze into number 22 Chad Mullins Mullins down the Baker Baker the heroin inside Haren tries to work it back out now the Baker who puts up the tree and it’s good for three for bran bakery 539 remaining here in this half 14 to 23 the store that was done by nine we’ll saw that no good ball goes out of bounds gate city’s ball number 12 Ron Baker over the hints Lee penciler now down to Harun Aaron puts up the shot go Bob Heron [Applause] Erin Lucas 8.50 eight-man the first half Hyundai puts up the Torino good Keith goes down puts up the shot or drops 16:25 that was down by nine school as Mullins takes the ball downcourt gives it to Brian Baker Baker to Mullins Mullins to Baker again make their moves inside shoots from the foul line misses brothers out of bounds should be gate city’s ball and it will be [Music] [Applause] Baker now down to hints Lee Clark over the bank here again maker puts up the shot it’s no good lark has it he puts it up and scores fish slow [Applause] 18:25 Devils coming back down by seven now from the 50s and he puts up the shot and scores that’s 80 feet 1827 Devils once again down by nine Baker takes it across the mid full of line moves down over to Mullins Mullins puts up the three point shot no good and number 50 comes up with the rebound he gives it to number 32 keep the shot up for a three by number 42 Archer no good number 50 who puts ducking scores 1829 the score Devils number 11 number 32 Brenda heron with it Heron loses it to number 32 Keith Keith takes the ball down puts up the shot on story David Q the timeout has been called by Sammy Blackwell 335 remaining the store 18 to 31 once again I have to congratulate the junior varsity squad on their victory a big 40 point victory over the Marion team 92 252 the final score alone [Applause] coach Blackwell doing a good job with his team this year now hoping to help them somehow come out of this hole there at the moment [Applause] [Music] maybe if Gate City doesn’t go at the end if they need a few points perhaps they can long swap with the JD there to get a few others they have planted the spirit [Applause] Magee City does have the potential to beat this Marion team they beat Lehigh and Lehigh beat Marion so hey who knows it’s anybody’s game still that was down by 13 I believe 13 man Haron two hints it puts up the shot it’s good and he’s fouled so the bucket will count against Lee goes to the line while he’s shooting the one shot trying to make a three-point play [Applause] first shot up no good and here and picks it up no good shot now goes up my board with though it’s good if they say that walk so it won’t 3:17 remaining the half the score 22:31 number 32 now with the ball goes down the number 50/50 puts up the shot and it’s go above in the 58 EP with his six 3:01 now term a number 12 Baker over to Mullins Mullins to tensely tensely now back to Mullins Mullins moving down but suck the sod it’s no good we’re going to have a foul ball [Applause] [Music] foul on number 50 there yeah number 50 should be any booth it’s ins chad Mullins to the line [Applause] Mullens first shot is up and good [Applause] [Music] [Applause] second side up it’s good also we were 24 now from area Leslie goes over the number 10 Henson Vincent now number 24 in Russell now Hungate has it hunting gate over to Russell Russell moves down puts up the sod no good rookie to bleep it up in school when there’s 52 grab gates to 13 remaining the half and the 14 david blackwell now the Brian Baker Baker goes down to number 14 blackwell again blackboard to hints leave instant puts up the shot it’s blocked nice to be married shot up behind gate this and their 50 tried to put it back that very good and we have a foul I’m in at 49 remaining the score 20 to 35 foul on Mullins [Applause] shot up yes he has another one as Brent herons getting set to check into the game outcomes Hensley [Applause] shot up anger that’s the second 22:36 to score a minute 43 now the remaining Blackwell has it Blackwell but set the shot no grabber won a foul called [Applause] Paulo number 50 Eddie booth and his string comes in for Mary [Applause] number fourteen david blackwell Blackwell’s first saw it up and missed [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] second shot no good and it’s going to be number 22 drawing the foul on number 14 David blackballed his third [Applause] [Music] shut up and goodbye number 22 Guinea hunt [Applause] Oh shucks 22:38 now the school I’m in at 35 remaining Mullins back to Baker without a traveling call Don Baker coach Blackwell not agreeing to that call I neither the fans can say I agree with you much myself look to me like Baker was about to be forced to walk there should be the foul line number 20 now with the number 42 42 puts up the shot no good pitched up again Mullins draws the foul this habits will be unknown number 44 [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] shut up good [Applause] so you shot good as well a minute later now remaining to be brown Baker Baker to Blackwell Blackwell now to Baker Bay to the Blackwell blackpool now down and of all those out of bounds big city small with a bit two remaining in the first half [Music] heron now down to number 12 Baker makers [Music] those down to who let’s see is so V number 20 huh no much winters with it shot up no very Keith puts it back up no good Andy OH jump ball ball position we go to [Applause] cuz I’m marryin so they get 41 seconds man the first half score 22 to 40 Devils down by 18 the shot up from 30 no good air ball and over high and number 24 Shannon boy boy now down to number 14 David Blackwell Blackwell to Hensley Hensley puts up the shot no good and was another foul call [Applause] number 32 Gate City Brent heron in charge with a push there [Applause] number 22 goes to the line that’s Kinney hunt shot up no good before T can fix it up logo round under 30 pence Li passive mister number 22 Shannon boy boy now down to number 12 Baker Baker [Applause] foul number 42 Chenin archer will soon Baker – line 17 seconds remain in the first half [Applause] first shot 1+1 up sing good [Applause] second shot good as well Baker’s fifth twenty four to forty now the score Devils down by sixteen sixteen seconds too many number 22 has it the number 32 teeth out of 20 winters nice to keep at the top of the teeth goes down to number 42 Archer to shot up no good man there’s the buzzer the bucket won’t cap and the score 24 to 40 is the store Gate City down by 16 let’s get it right now the scores sharing archery we’re five-run game with two no with nine keep it scores for Marion with 12 eddie booth was 7 mark winters with 1 hunt with two and gates with two four gates idiots will be Brian Baker with five Chris Clark go to Mullins with five Brad Hensley with to Brynn Herron with eight and Todd Williams with two will break now for the halftime be back in one moment with the second okay we’re now in the second half of action that was down by 16 24 to 40 they shot their up hang goodbye Brian Baker as we get things underway during the second half number forty Hungate with it now down the Hungate again apparently he passed off and back to him Keith the hell with it again he picked it up in scores number 32 David Keith with his 14th point to score 42 26 Brian Baker goes down to number 22 Chad Mullins Mullins to Baker Baker to Mullins again Mullins goes back down to Laura Clark now to instantly instantly puts up the shot and it’s good Brad hints lead number 40 Hungate now with it gives it to Archer Archer to Keith Keith puts up the tree it is no good number 44 no comes over there picks it up in the scores and almost 11 28:44 now the score 635 remaining in the third period [Applause] Baker throws down to number 22 Chad Mullins Mullins to Baker Baker now once again to chris lark lark almost loses it does lose it to number 32 Keith Keith throws down the number 44 to shot up no good and it will go out of bounds [Applause] [Applause] no inbounding to Archer to shot up no goodness we’ll be number 12 Brian Baker take it down but when I had the foul I’ll take on Baker [Applause] Baker’s first I believe and it will be Marian’s ball Hungate puts up the shot no good but I think he’s will be fouled [Applause] [Applause] file that time on number 22 Chad Mullins and they had that listed as his fourth foul on the board I only had him with three had according to the press table down there he has four just shot up missed by Hungate number 40 [Applause] chat Mullins sitting down with the four fouls taking a breather for a while number 44 know what’s good shot it something good I know 6:05 this will be number 14 David black ball black ball throws down to number 20 Chris Clark [Applause] and now number 32 David Keith takes the ball down throws over to number 40 Merritt cutting gate the shot goes up no good sumerians bottle bouncing 444 no to number 32 teeth to shot up and goodbye [Applause] number 44 Todd Williams now now to lark lark puts up the shot it’s no good Williams just back up no good tips it up again no good and finally number 42 Shannon Archer comes up with the ball Archer shoots for three and goodbye number 42 Shannon Hart shoot number 12 Ron Baker now to lark lark down to number 14 Blackwell blackboard to Hensley now to Blackwell again Blackwell to Baker Baker puts up the trade no good from the 14 David Blackwell puts it up no gain and whatever foul called [Applause] [Music] [Applause] found number 44 Jason null [Applause] David Blackwell go salon we’ll be shooting to first is up and low good [Applause] second shot up it’s no good it’s a little-bitty lark now Williams Williams – hence Lee puts up the shot good bye Brad history his sixth point now on the game Archer shoots up no good number 20 Chris lark now with the ball to number 14 david blackwell now the Baker Baker to black hole again black ball now to Baker Baker back to black claw [Music] Blackwell over to Chris lark now to Baker Baker puts up the shot and it’s good for $3 on Baker number 42 Archer now whether it puts it up really good and it’ll be Chris lark number 20 lark down to Brad hints Lee and now it’s going to be number 32 keep taking it down putting it up their story okay gonna have a looks like possibly an injury down here is one of the marion team members falls consenting looking at his mouth possibly not to to fleece or something there hope he’s not badly hurt was a foul called in that now number 12 Brian Baker will be doing the inbounding the foul was on number 44 Jason null apparently Todd leaves now had it lost it he’ll be number 10 taking the ball down 10 loses it Williams has is he keep his hands on it jump ball is called [Applause] and now number 52 Brad gates will be doing the inbounding Steven Taylor number 34 coming back into the game as Brad Hensley checks out number 10 Jim Henson with it Vincent now back with all goes out of bounds the score 33 53 Devils down by 20 it’ll be Marion’s ball with 324 remain in the third period Chris Clark comes out as Shannon boy comes in number 50 with a shot up no good and now it’s going to be a jump ball called Stephen Taylor number thirty-four the only non senior on the team in donning the ball number twelve Brian Baker goes down steps out of bounds I think no there’s gonna be a foul called are on number 22 kenny hunt and now number 34 Stephen Taylor Taylor to Williams Williams now down to number 14 David Blackwell Blackwell crosses the midcourt line goes down to the left side to Baker he puts up the shot no good and this will be number 22 Kinney hunts with the ball hunt now throws over the number 24 Russell sought it by 50 no good saw those out of bounds it’ll be Marion’s ball number 50 Eddie booth now with the ball the shot is up and good by number of pin there I believe is push the little crimson 3355 now the store Baker down to Mullins Mullins to Williams Williams

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