Fear The Belly Ep2: The Belly Vs. A Plastic Baseball Bat

What is going on you guys welcome to
another episode of fear of the belly now if you don’t know what we do here I
invite you to go watch the very first episode now today it’s the World
Series, for the belly. Yeah. And we’re testing out this hard plastic bat
capturing it in slow motion vision as it hits this belly right here. Are you ready?
“Why Yes I Am!” Are you ready? Announcer – “MLB players have an
average bat speed of 70 to 85 miles per” hour
today we’re going easy on the belly and only going at an easy 40 miles per hour
let’s see what kind of jiggle factor we get in slow motion vision the belly really swung for the fences on
this one And that’s exactly why you need to…
“Fear the belly.” I thought that was my line anyways it looks like we hit this
episode out of the park now I’ve got to go see the belly do its home run trot
figure out who stole my line. Don’t forget to watch more episodes of fear
the belly and all the other great episodes we have on ScreenAntics and
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