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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Vayun
has asked us a question about what is an ace? Now an ace is usually something that you would
talk about in tennis because in tennis you want to serve the ball really fast. In table
tennis you don’t really have aces. An ace is where I do a serve where my opponent doesn’t
even touch the ball. In table tennis it’s really difficult to get
an ace because it’s hard to hit the ball fast enough to get it past your opponent. Your
opponent really doesn’t have very much of an area to cover.

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  1. when you serve and the ball touch your side of your table and then it pass to your opponent side without hitting the net and the ball bounce more than 2 times at your opponent's table side….
    who wins the point??

  2. so, half long serves that land their second bounce on the white line, which the opponent misses with an attempted topspin swing count as ace, too, despite not being fast?
    And a long fast serve that touches the opponent's bat, but leads to a direct mistake does not?

  3. Hi guys I have one questions
    1. I was wondering what type of pre made paddle I was using it's a heavy paddle with a grip


  4. Ping Skills, is not the Ma Lin serve,is Ma Long serve(Ghost Spin).Ma Long is from China.His ping pong ranking in the world is first.Is not Ma Lin.Please teach me how to do the Ma Long Ghost Spin serve.Please

  5. Ahh tommorow I have a torurnament and I am playing against people who I know are better than me, what should I do/look out for?

  6. i have started table tennis about a month ago, and i really really appreciate every single video of Pingskills. So before asking anything, I thank you from my heart!!

    In the meantime, I would like to ask about what are the core sports and/or skills needed for more endurance, stability, speed and stamina in table tennis? I would really appreciate it if we had a video on this.

    Once again, thanks a million and Merry Christmas!

  7. Waldner have made many aces in his life haha, those straight serves!
    Keep up, have you guys talked about the Ma Long serve?

  8. Pls can you do a video about how to play with medium pimples in the backhand? I have to block? to do a topspin? to do a backhand chop? i´m playing with this in my backhand and im not know how to improve mi backhand. Thank you and nice videos!! ^^

  9. Hi coach, can you tell me if Donic top team bats are good bats to start playing championships? I am thinking of buying a top team level 800 or 900, I live in Brazil and here is a little hard to find a good bat for a good price so this is the best I could find. Are they (mainly level 900) worth buying?

  10. Is it advisable to use this serve on game. any advantage/ disadvantages you can suggest maybe. Thanks.
    Love from India.

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