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Welcome back to My Cricket Coach. I’m Ben Williams and today I’m going to be
covering some footwork tips for wicket keepers. A wicket keeper must be agile, possess quick
reactions and have great footwork. Some key points – keep your head still and
eyes level. Make sure you keep your head nice and low
and forward of your feet so that the weight will be in the balls of your feet, which will
help to ignite the quads and the glutes so that you can move explosively. So when moving laterally, it is really important
that the outside foot takes an initial smaller step first, like so. Ok the crouch position and my outside foot
is just going to take a little step there just to assist with quick footwork and also
efficient weight transfer because I must be stable upon setting and taking that catch. So keeping to a right handed batter, outside
foot shorter step first and that’s going to really assist with efficient footwork and
weight transfer. Keeping to a left handed batsman now, alright. Outside foot first, and there we go. It also assists with keeping the head low,
keeping your gloves low and not coming up on the ball too soon. The main reason why you want your outside
foot to get that initial smaller step first is just to really assist in being able to
power off and cover more ground so that you can get into position early to be really stable
to take an effective catch. So when taking those balls down the leg side,
of course you’re going to be blinded by the batter so the key is to leave as late as you
possibly can, stay as low as you possibly can but of course the footwork is very important. So the anchor foot here which would be the
inside foot is of course going to shift, alright, because I’m going to get that initial short
step there alright with the outside foot because I’m moving to my left, alright. And then I’m going to replace that anchor
foot with the right foot ok and that is so I can get down the leg side effectively but
also still have a good reference point here as if I was keeping to a left handed batter
so that if I take that ball I’m still an opportunity to get a sharp stumping chance if possible. Alright so I’ll just show you the footwork
there again in slow motion. Crouch position. Little shift with the outside foot, placement
of the anchor OK, execution there. Bang. Stumping chance. A bit quicker this time. There we are, alright. So understanding how important the footwork
is there, staying low and leaving as late as possible are your key work ons. So I hope all you wicket keepers out there
enjoyed those footwork tips. Remember, I’m here to help you with your cricket
so keep letting me know what you’d like to see. In my next video, I”m going to be covering
a few leg spin bowling technical tips so if you’re a leg spinner you don’t want to miss
this one.

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  1. Can you make a video on basically giving information about how players judge the ball by looking at its seam position and how should we watch the ball is it from the start of the bowlers Run up or by looking at the area of release point and also how to watch the ball until it comes in contact with the bat

  2. Hey coach I am a right arm pace bowler and I have problems with my wrist as it isn't straight while bowling and my ball doesn't swing much

  3. Hi everyone! Please let me know if you would like me to add subtitles to more of my videos to make them easier to understand 🙂

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