93 thoughts on “Fans erupt into celebrations as Nationals advance to World Series

  1. Good for them….. even though it's very like they will get absolutely R3KT by either the Astros or Yankees. Still, good for them to have swept the NL competition

  2. I couldn't imagine ever watching any sports game. Even when ur team wins you get nothing. You'll never meet any if the millionaire's playing. What a waste of time unless your gambling I guess

  3. Wow. 322 views…"trending". I wonder if they think we're a bunch of idiots. Congrats to the Nationals, but this is "trending"?

  4. Compare the nlcs to the alcs. Like c'mon, just look at the post season records of them both. Only 1 team got over 100 wins in alcs compared to nlcs all divisions got at least on team over 100 wins. Astros or yankess whatever most likely will sweep the Nationals.

  5. We are living the End Times and millions of people are being distracted and decieved by satan through sports so they will stay in the coming of the Lord Jesús Christ. 1Thesalonians 5:23

  6. I love it! Anyone but the Cardinals. I am so sick of them. Just like the Patriots in the NFL. Will somebody please step up and eliminate them? Thank god for the Nationals. Especially with a 4 game sweep. That tells the Cardinals they aren't so great. Not only can they be beat, they can be swept in
    4 games. I'm not a Nationals fan. But I'm an anti Cardinals fan, and I love it. I absolutely love it.

  7. How many are ex Orioles? And you guys couldn’t find one person that actually knew something about baseball or the actual team? Oh wait, it’s WaPo, I see. Makes sense.

  8. Been following this team since Ryan Zimmerman played 3rd base?… I've been following this team since Tim Wallach played 3rd base. Haha! GO NATS!

  9. I'm a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, born and raised, so it's hard to get behind any team from Washington…even baseball. The Pirates should take notes tho!

  10. Democrats: the world is ending in 10 years.
    Democrats: let's all fly and drive to world series, get drunk and fly and drive back home.?

  11. If the other series goes 7 games, I hope the long layoff does not hurt them. When the Rockies made the World Series, the long layoff before cost them.

  12. Does anyone find it hilarious that Bryce Harper leaves and they go to the Series and he went home????. They kissed Bryce like he was Fredo ?????

  13. They should be caring about more important things like climate change Brendan stern isnt a real Christian because you shouldnt be consumed in a sport you should be studying all crazy sports lovers

  14. Dude said it was a huge moment for him and his family like he's playing in the damn game. People really take fandom too seriously.

  15. We humans are so weird. Strange how people get so wrapped up in sports. Guess it goes back to being in a tribe, it's built into our biology.

  16. Geez Nats fans. You need to take a letter from the st louis book and and be more excited. try do what we did for the Blues. This is the year of never dones to do it. Why do I feel more excited for you than you. Step it up.

  17. I didn't realize so many people had crystal balls. There's a reason they play the games. The Nats season this year is proof of that.

  18. Mean while your democracy is being erased, your taxed to death, and you have just about the best odds to land in jail in the whole world. When people are hyped like this for the betterment of our country and it's people then I too will go insane with joy!

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