Famous Last Words (GAME)

– Be careful what you say because
those words could be your last. – Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– First off we want to let you know that our new next sketch, the second one,
in Sketchtober is now live. We have pre-released it exclusively
on Vessel. Go to Vessel.com/rhettandlink – Yes.
to see “Campin'”. Or, click the link in the description. – Link, I hate to break it to you,
but you’re probably going to die. And by probably I mean
you’re definitely going to die. – Well you’ll probably be right
there with me, so. – Pssh, probably. You don’t have any control
over whether or not you’re going to die but what you do have control over is what
you’re going to say before you die. So, today we’re going to look at some
words, some famous last words from some famous people. See how good you are at
guessing which ones are the correct famous last words. And in the process maybe
you’ll learn how to prepare for your famous last words.
– Okay. this is a death prep session. Let’s get to it!
– Yes, death prep! It’s time to play: What did these people who died
say right before they died-inare! Okay, Link, you have three life lines.
The first one is, ask a dead person, where we have a famous dead person
actually come in to the studio and help you with your answer.
– Oh, the ghost of the dead person? – I don’t know.
– Or are you going to wheel in… – Could be an actual dead person.
– …a dead person? – The second life line is, we’re gonna
murder two of the wrong answers and leave you with two answers…
– Ohh, yeah. – …to choose from. And the third is,
rigormor-hints. Where I will give you a hint while in a state of rigor mortis.
– Okay. Okay. – And if you win, you win,
this death rattle! (rattling) Death rattle is something that happens to
you when you die, but it’s also this. – (crew laughs)
– Alright. That’s a real–
– Yeah. The author of “Peter Pan”,
or arthur as I would say as a child, of “Peter Pan”, Scottish novelist, and
dramatist Sir James Matthew Barrie, uttered these words as he laid down on
his death bed due to pneumonia. – Mmm. Poor guy. A: To die would be an awfully big adventure.
B: Bring me my slippers. – C: I can’t sleep.
– (chuckles) – Or D: I just flew in from Neverland,
and boy are my arms tired! – Now, “Bring me my slippers” highlights the
first thing I wanna point out about preparing your last words is that
sometimes you don’t know you’re dying and if he didn’t, he might have just wanted
something for his feet, like shoes. – True, right.
– But I hope he said, “To die would be an awfully big adventure.” – That’s my final– Yeah.
– Final answer? – That’s a cool answer– That’s a cool one.
I’ma take it if he didn’t say it. – It’s so cool, it’s wrong, Link!
The correct answer is, “I can’t sleep.” C: I can’t sleep. – So I’m just gonna die?
There had to be another option, like get a midnight snack.
– Don’t ask me, I’m not him. and before we move on, you need to get
four out of seven in order to win that death rattle.
– Four out of six ’cause I just got one wrong.
– That’s right. – Alright. French philosopher,
playwright, novelist, political activist, biographer,
and literary critic, Jean-Peal Sarte, turned to his partner, Simone D’Beauvoir,
whom he referred to as “Beaver”, – Rah-ferred to? That’s not a French
pronounciation of referred. (crew laughs)
– (french accent) “Referred to” as “Beaver” as he was dying, and said these last words:
A. I never knew your eyes were hazel, fair Beaver B. Without you I surely would have died
years ago, my beautiful Beaver C. I love you very much, my dear Beaver
Or D. I leave it to you, Beaver (everyone laughs)
This is staged… Left it to the Beaver.
– Ahh. Leave it to Beaver is a television program. – Yes it is. And we’ve apparently all seen it!
– From the past. All these answers have the word Beaver in it, so I can’t go wrong!
– Mhmm, mhmm. – But there’s only one right answer?
Or could he have said all of these, like, in rapid succession?
– I think he’s known for saying one of them. – Hmm. This is tough, man. I mean all of
these are kind of a beavershoot. Like a crapshoot, but with a beaver.
– Yeah, like hunting beaver. – Uh, I need to, let’s go ahead and murder
two of these, right off the bat. – Okay. Alright, we’re going to murder
B. and of course, D. – Ah!
– So we’re left with A. and C. – I love you very much, my dear Beaver,
I never knew…I never knew your eyes were hazel is a great story, worth telling,
fair Beaver. I’m going with that. Didn’t, never got that close to her until
he was dying. A sad commentary, but I believe that’s it.
– Wow, Link. And it’s wrong. – I mean, that would be a cool story.
– Her name is Beaver, he hangs out with her all the time, he knows what
color her eyes are. – I love you very much, okay it’s nice
that he loves somebody. I’m glad he said that, I’m glad I got it wrong.
– Wow. Convicted murderer Thomas J. Grasso used his final words to say what about his
last meal, right before he was executed by lethal injection?
– Hmmm. – A. I did not get my spaghett-o’s, I got
spaghetti. I want the press to know this. – (laughs)
– B. Give the chef my compliments. My ribeye was perfectly medium-rare.
C. It was my last meal, they could have at least given me some salt!
Or D. I ate a liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. (makes Hannibal’s
hissing noises) (crew laughs)
– Hannibal Lecter. Okay, um, spaghetti-o’s, I like that.
– Yeah, me too. – I mean, he’s being kill’t, so he’s probably
cynical about it. So, that’s what makes me wanna go with C. It’s my last meal, they
could have at LEAST given me some salt. – Okay, final answer?
– No, I’m gonna change it to B. Give the chef my compliments, my ribeye was
perfectly medium-rare! – Still wrong.
(crew laughter) – It’s A. I did not get my spaghetti-o’s,
I got spaghetti, I want the press to know this. He actually said that.
– Well, the beauty of it is is that the press knows it.
– Okay. So, now. Here’s the deal. – The bad thing is I got it wrong.
– (shakes rattle) In order to win this… – I want that rattle!
– …death rattle you gotta get all four of these right. – Man. I mean, this is tough. This is tough
stuff. This whole death, death stuff. Death is tough, man.
– Death stuff is tough (laughing). – They’re not that famous. I’ve not heard
of any of these last words. – Right before comedianBob Hope?
– I’ve heard of him. Well, he’s a famous person! -Passed away of pneumonia at the age of 100,
his wife asked him where he wanted to be buried and he replied with these final words,
A. Surprise me. (laughs)
B. In the ground. – Ah!
C. Next to you, babe. Or D. HOPE OUT!
– (laughs) – And he is a comedian. So…
– Yeahh, he is. – …the actual answers are funnier than
the D. that you made up. – Seacrest got that whole thing.
– Well Surprise me is very funny. I’m gonna go with what I think is the
funniest one because he’s a funny guy. – He’s a funny guy.
– In the ground is very funny, but, that’s more of a Don Rickles kinda joke.
– Right, definitely Don Rickles. – Um, next to you, babe is sweet, no joking
there really. – Right, right right.
– Uh, surprise me is morbidly hilarious. I hope he said that. A. Surprise me.
– You’re right, Link! – Yess! Surprise me.
– Okay and going… – Bob Hope, always funny, all the way to the end.
– As we get to these last three, you got two lifelines, okay?
– Okay. – John Adams, the second U.S. president and
co-drafter of the Declaration of Independence called out this person’s name as he
drifted into the great unknown, A. Benjamin Franklin
– I know this one. B. George Washington
C. Thomas Jeffershon (laughs)JeffersonJeffershon!
Close relative of Thomas Jefferson. – I know.
– Or D. Steve Buscemi – Uh, this is, I’ve seen the documentaries…
– Right. – …they’re amazing. I’ve seen the series.
– Right. Multiple times. – Thomas Jeffershon.
– That is correct, Link! And you know what, I knew you’d seen that, I was hoping
you would get it. – Oh, you threw me a bone, now I’m
gonna get that one. – Okay. Two more, you gotta get both
of them right. – Mhmm.
– The last criminal to have ever been executed under the death penalty law of Oklahoma by
electric chair, James Donald French, yelled these final words at the top of his voice, or
lungs, before they flipped the switch, A. You’ll never stop old French! Not even in death!
B. Hey fellas! How about this for a headline for tomorrow’s paper? French Fries!
C. I’ve never been to Paris, but you can be sure that I’m French!
Or D. ♪ We gonna rock down to Electric ♪ Together – ♪ Avenue, and then we’ll take
you higher ♪ (laughter) – I LOVE that song.
– Yeah, it’s great. Yeah. – Thanks for putting THAT in my head.
– Yeah, it’s a good one. – Got a great story to that song, too,
if you ever wanna listen to it. Great story. – Really?
– It’s about a mugging. – Yeah, it’s about a guy that got executed
and he said those words. – No, um, let’s see. I’m gonna go with
“Ask a Dead Person” – Oh, okay! Can we summon the dead person,
please? The famous dead person is entering the premises.
– Okay… (crew laughter)
– Who might you be, dead person? Chase – You can figure it out if you just…
… (crew laughter)
– It’s the American John Lennon. – You sound EXACTLY like John Lennon.
(laughter) – You didn’t even give it a shot! The accent.
(laughter) – Alright, okay.
– It’s more of like a, he’s more of a visual impersonation. – Alright, Johnny, which one of these is it?
You’ve never failed me so far, Chase Lennon. – I haven’t. I think that I am a fan
of French Fries. – I think it’s French Fries, too!
– So… – Hmmm.
– ‘Cause you know you’re gonna die, you’re on death row for awhile, you’re thinking
about the best thing to say, that’s… – Yes. Yep.
– …perfect conditions for great, famous last words. A. is too defiant, there’s no humor in it,
I really think, I love B. too. So I’m goin’ with the Lennon-ster on this. B.
– Well you did it right, Link! – Yeah!!
– It is French Fries. – Okay, what was that, givin’ me two?
– That’s my favorite on the whole list. – Yeah, that’s good.
– Okay, going into the final question… – Okay, it comes down to this…
– …you gotta get right. – …for the shaker.
– Editor for the English Dialect Dictionary, Joseph Wright, uttered what final word
before he died of pneumonia? – First of all…
– Lots of pneumonia deaths. – …people die of pneumonia, people.
A. Dictionary B. Preposterous
C. Farewell Or D. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilico-
volcanoconiosis – There’s volcano somewhere in that,
I didn’t hear you say volcano. The longest word in the English dictionary.
– Yeah, I didn’t say it right. – That ain’t it. But I’m still gonna go with,
gimme some Rigor-Morhints, just because – Oh, okay. (feigning rigor mortis) “Word”
– Word? (crew laughter)
Why were you shaking, too? It’s like, rigor mortis is just stiff, it’s not like
shaking like a seizure. – But, studies show that when you try
to speak during rigor mortis, you shake. – Word?! Did you say word?
– I might have. – Well they’re all, three candidates are words.
– That’s true, Link. All four are words, actually. – Why would he say dictionary? That’s
just plain preposterous. Farewell makes too much sense. I’m gonna go with
Preposterous, for the win. – I guess I’ll be keeping this death rattle!
– Ahh! What is it? – It was Dictionary, that’s why I said Word!
– He said Dictionary? As he died? (crew laughter)
– He’s the dictionary guy! He’s like I want them to remember what I did on
this earth (old man voice) “Dictionary!” – If you have to say the thing you did right
before you die, you didn’t do it good enough to be remembered for it.
– Oh, I’m going to say Good Mythical Morning right before I die, just in case you forgot.
(laughter) – I’m gonna say Dictionary. I’m going on record.
Like, I am going to say Dictionary when I die, because of this.
– Okay, tell us in the comments what your last words are gonna be, and also
thanks for liking and commenting and subscribing! – You know what time it is. – “Hi my name’s Ashlynn and this is
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– Click through to Good Mythical More where Rhett’s got a few more questions for
me, and we are gonna determine what our last words are really gonna be.
Dictionary? I don’t know. (bells ringing) – Whoaa! Woop wah woop woop!
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  2. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis! I played a game with a friend where if you lost you had to give the person a new name, so I she went by that for the whole day. It's my favourite word!

  3. Ok so the longest word is a type of pneumonia- or just general disease, it’s been a while -coal miners (or just miners in general) would get by inhaling dust into their lungs while they were down there. We did an exercise a few years ago where we had to dissect words and try to find the meaning

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