so FIFA 19 is just dropped and everyone’s cheap coins to build the best description this is all the power of his dad to say someone else is going to take the glory so the next generation of footballers is soon amongst us with the likes of Ronaldo Messi Marcelo Beckham Hazards masala everyone’s got kids so they’re all based in Peru hoping to be in the footsteps of their idol fathers imagine your dad was messy well anyway we’re gonna take a look at their first ever FIFA cards or what probably will be their first ever FIFA cards and only now we’re gonna see some of the clips and we’re gonna actually see if they can play football because I’d be very surprised if you couldn’t sweep at the snap than one of the biggest Gees of them all Marcelo the guy looks exactly identical to each that look at the hair look at this smile you can tell this guy is probably potentially going to be if he ain’t a left-back he’s gonna be something sick as you can see Marcelo’s young buck has the full name Enzo good too so Alvarez Vieira I think he’s just gone and put a load of football is named in one name I’ve no IDs 9 years of age and he is going to be a baller just have it all look what he got in his locker you can tell this guy has a football in his DNA already you would expect them to with your maths ellos kid buu stops you know how hard this is to do this guy’s 9 years of age and he’s doing headers with the full Real Madrid team and not only is he doing forehead is he creates successfully creating successfully pulls off an unbelievable attempt look at this of the binshot challenge bang bang bang boom and finally I how many times I’ll record very good just I’ll give him a year or two he’ll probably be paying for Real Madrid himself man like Beckham that second name is just iconic I mean if you’re a Beckham you have to be a football you have to you can’t go and paint pictures for the rest of your life you’ve got to be a football imagine you just turned round and said dad do you know what I want to be an artist I want to play the piano no you’re gonna go on big football cuz you’re seconding Becker miss youngji already actually fair play to him has played for a spell to him and his brother Brooklyn of both plays perhaps an academy unfortunately none of them made a they weren’t good enough Yura Beckham you’re already playing in an academy it’s just gonna happen whether it’s May night is a slore Chelsea you’re automatically enrolled because of your second name then you got to try and prove yourself and unfortunately neither room could but we’re gonna go and take a look at what he was take this card with scoring goals are all Trafford from a young age we’re taking it all the way back to where it has to be I don’t even know two thousand four thousand three two thousand four that are all he would have been one two three I’ll let you work out but may he scored his first ever goal at Old Trafford and we were all all instantly thinking this is the next best thing have a look at this for a finish he’s got a hole of all traffic behind him he takes his time makes the runner and eventually after about 15 minutes of staring at the wall it’s sit in the back of the net and you we were just sort of thinking hopefully these are gonna be the next best thing that isn’t heavy this never was and ever worked out but to score Old Trafford at two years of age you’re an insta baller and here is Brooklyn at Roma you’re training with a bruh back a few years ago as I went back and was at PSG and you could just see man this touches of quality there he’s actually skin Deborah any manages to get himself made but it is unfortunately never worked out for them because I don’t think any of them either of them are going to become professional footballs or are gonna be playing in the Premier League anytime soon but make look at this bum ba-bum I don’t know who we learned that off Jesus now here’s another young guy destined for greatness named as little nipper surely like if you’re anything to do with they Meyer you have to play football you’re born with five star skills instantly if you don’t know now you know his name’s Debbie Lucca 7 years of age sport in Brazil and my we’re all expecting big things but unfortunately I don’t think it’s gonna happen be a little clip of name I actually trained him with his son and it don’t look good man it don’t look hopeful the kid doesn’t look like he wants to play football look at this it’s like fuck this shit man get me on my bike I want to go play in a ball pit you don’t want to do me that if these headers it looks like you got a 50 pence headband I don’t mean to abuse him he is only 7 years of age but it just doesn’t look hopeful the kid don’t look like he’s interested in football I’ve seen a few little clips and he can barely kick a ball and he’s seven now that’s that’s not dude if anybody don’t really matter for this kid he’s rich he was born rich he can do whatever he wants he’s gonna be pulling more girls than you at his age so regardless if he plays football or plays the guitar for a living it’s still winning that’s just life for fortunately Oh a little look at Thiago Messi looks like a G looks like an absolute scalp this is someone who is you have to I mean look at you yeah baby will be his stats in the next couple years this will be his card in the next couple years apparently yeah so no not apparently it’s obvious is dad’s Messi apparently this is facts his godfather is agüero and then somewhere Maradona is related to him as well can you imagine being his dog you have to be good at something and preferably it has to be football are you gonna be throwing out the family he’s five years of age he was born in Barcelona and trust me from what I found that none of this is legit I’ve been told and it looks like it is him last year doing absolute bits at the age of four so if you compare this him at the age of four and then a mass kid at the age of sad no can barely hide Rabaul you can see what I mean like I said it’s like not a hundred percent sure of this is here but it looks like you look at him boom my guys gone bang bang bang common button skins in he’s not gonna what’s going on and then puts his tray past the keeper oh I said if you’re Aiden harassing penguin probably looking to sign him up somewhere but I’m not your this kid look has the footwork looks like he’s gonna be a scalp could he be the next best thing we’ll have to find out but what do you laughing so far it’s actually going to be the best we’ve got messy we got Marcelo we got one of the back end someone’s gonna have to step up and fill the boots man but there’s one dude who has probably the biggest boots of all to fill is that trained this guy like he trains himself he is exactly the same person but three foot four book shorter this kid does a hundred sit-ups a day and he ain’t even tendon anyway fresh out of America I didn’t know this guy was born in California you learn certain you every day when all those kid is actually an American that’s mad what an absolute G and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna step up and be the next best thing just look at him look how he trains this is a few little clips of him actually playing in game and the footwork the strength the finishing for an eight-year-old is ridiculous it’s imitates reel Ferdinand bang maybe you don’t even have a clue later bang every goal every shot look can you get on the far leg little over you got the same stance and a finish bang this guy scoring 5 out of 5 against someone who’s almost the same size as the net tell me something look at this this is a game somebody’s all made these skins one bang bang Oh Oh see you later see you boom boom boom footwork then he runs one up why don’t he just puts it in the back Internet look at this is an eight year old remember bang you can’t stop him finish him for someone that age I mean look at that top corner he’s free outstanding and it gains people his own age he’s even better he wakes up he trains he plays football it’s a sit-up this is a nature or by the way no I don’t even do that exactly it’s actually embarrassing I was someone three times younger than me it’s clearly a lot better than me at football it’s not weird but yeah this dude don’t make it in life we’re all screwed none of us got a single chance he’s hitting top bin screamers at 8 years of age is one more clip just in case you didn’t think he was good enough look at that when you watch him sure you figure how did these little size 1 foot hit the ball without much power straight in the top corner it’s actually ridiculous and a failed bicycle kick just to prove that is human but that’s gonna wrap it up you have seen a bunch of kids probably half your age that are definitely 100% without a shadow without better than you at what you do and better than you are playing football which is embarrassing for us all but what do you expect when you fill in the boots when you bought with the DNA at Messi Ronaldo Marcello Beckham Hazards Mokes I love the list goes on war bunch of legends and probably within the next five or six FIFA’s you’re gonna start seeing these a lot on the team and they’re gonna be a problem bit because now you’re about to witness a guy who opened up a silver pack for 50 fifa points this was this went viral on Twitter by the way and everyone was like ah she’s just another faker then all of a sudden you’re like hold on a minute why is there a gold player popping out and not only a gold player a prime icon role in a silver pack now this is confusing for everyone not just me like you watch this video you’re probably thinking how is that possible and I have no explanation I don’t know if EA giving out these crying players and silver packs because no one’s


  1. Dude am better than them cause u know am nearly in the champions league junior and am number 10 playing for romania and juventus

  2. Actually he is 8 but I am 7 and I'm born in 2012 this video was made in 2018 I was six in 2018 but in 2019 I am now 7

  3. I am 14 and i can do knuckleball and i can curve. I have scored many free kick goals, i am a ST but once i played as a GK and…this is the best part, i scored a goal from my side of the goalpost straight to the other side of the goal post…even far than have a field. Who likes this goal please like and comment most importantly please believe this goal

  4. I am the age of cristiano jr. and he is literally 8 times better than me at football (not 10 or 9 because im like top 5 in my football club)

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