Famous Cricket fans life stories, Chacha cricket & Sudheer kumar (English Subtitles)

In cricket fields some faces are as famous as cricketers themselves. Fans of these famous personalities meet them in same way, the way they meet cricket stars. People are even eager to take selfies with them in similar way the way fans do with celebrities. When it is festival of cricket world cup, these personalities always arrive to support their teams to increase their moral. In today’s video, we will talk about those famous fans who are seen in almost every important cricket match. SUFI ABDUL JALIL KNOWN AS CHACHA CRICKET Sufi Abdul Jalil who took birth in Sialkot is known as Chacha Cricket worldwide. First time he was noticed when English team was playing test match in Lahore under captaincy of Colin Cowdrey back in 1968. Sufi Abdul Jalil gained his real fame in cricket grounds of Sharjah particularly in tournament of 1997 when he was sight in stadium wearing green & white national dress of Pakistan. His slogans brought him attention of almost everyone. With the passage of time he altered and changed the phrases which he used to shout during cricket matches. There was a time when he used to enter stadium having apple on one hand while oranges on other. He used his famous phrase “Where ever you see, we find Pakistan everywhere”. Now he is also famous for his phrases “Long Live Pakistan” & “No fear when you are in love”. SUDHEER KUMAR GAUTAM Famous face from India who is famous with name Sachan instead of his real name Sudheer. Most notable thing about him is that he paints Indian flag on his face in which he writes name of Tendulkar with number of his shirt “10”.After retirement of Tendulkar he writes “Miss you Tendulkar” on his back. Sudheer Kumar Gautam is die heart fan of Tendulkar. He travelled three week on cycle just to meet Sachan Tendulkar.Now, 15 years have passed. Sudheer is now found everywhere worldwide where ever Indian cricket team is playing match. Although Tendulkar is retired now still he sponsors international tours for Sudheer.Best & most memorable day of Sudheer’s life was World Cup Final 2011. When India beat Srilanka in final. After that Tendulkar sent Zaheer Khan to invite Sudheer in Indian dressing room where Sachan made pictures with Sudheer along with World Cup. Sudheer visited Pakistan on cycle in 2006. He travelled all over in his cycle and still remembers hospitality of Pakistani nation. SHOAIB ALI BENGAL TIGER Shoaib Ali belongs to Bangladesh & big fan of his team. He is famous as Bengal Tiger instead of his real name. He wanted to visit England in this 2019 world cup to support his team but unfortunately he was not given visa. Shoaib Ali is car mechanic in Dhaka. After watching Chacha Cricket & Sudheer Kumar he got so much influenced that he started painting himself instead of car denting painting. He paints Bengal flag along with tiger symbol & roars like a tiger in stadium. Initially it was all hidden from his family. His family remained unaware that Bengal tiger on cricket field is none other than their own son. In passion of cricket, Shoaib once crossed the border of India illegally then he had to pay heavy price for it. GIYAAN SINI NAIKEY He belongs to Srilanka & he is super fan of his cricket team. Since 1998, he is found in almost every cricket ground where Srilanka is playing. During these years, he has almost met all the famous cricketers of Srilanka along with other international cricketers. Most memorable memory of his life was that when Virat Kohli invited him on his marriage ceremony. Sini Naikey has become symbol of support for Srilanka worldwide.

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