Family Guy: Funny Cricket Quiz

Alright lets get started First Question Which Retired Indian Cricketer has scored over eighteen thousand runs in ODI Competition Umm ODI? What? O-O-DI..What? Is it A Anil Kumble B? Mahendra Singh Dhoni C? Sachin Tendulkar Or D? Jiminy Cricket Well Ohehe I know I know its not Jiminy Cricket He… ha unless Jiminy Cricket is Based on a real person I need an Answer You know the more I say it the more it does sound Indian Jiminy Cricket…. D:
Jiminy Cricket Final Answer. (SACHIN IS GOD) I’m sorry that is incorrect, thank you for playing we’ll
be right back after this after this message from the Indian census bureau, too many
people stop with the people!!

12 thoughts on “Family Guy: Funny Cricket Quiz

  1. To be honest, I would've gone with Jiminy Cricket too. Because I don't know who the rest of those people are.

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