Fall Baseball Hitting Drill #1 – Dead Red Hitting

Hey guys Connor Powers DeadRedHitting.com
now a lot of you guys haven’t been hitting been doing other things, playing
football taking a break for baseball which I recommend as well as make sure
to give yourself some time a little bit off of the sport make sure you don’t get
to burnt out, okay so one of the biggest tendencies when you get back into the
cage you start to over swing and you build bad habits. One of the most
important things that you can do when you get back in the cage start with the
right effort level okay we don’t want you over swinging we want you to find a nice easy free swing alright so what I’ve got
for you is if you drill it’s called the swing ladder okay and what you’re going
to do is from an effort level standpoint you’re gonna take a couple swings at 50%
then 60% 70% and then 80% and you’re going to go up and down the ladder just to give
yourself an idea of controlling your bat controlling your bat speed controlling your effort level and
making sure that you’re taking a nice and smooth easy swing now the first way
is gonna be about 50% like I said earlier and you’re just making sure
you’re good fundamentals your feet are lined up good separation taking a nice free
easy swing okay so after 50% once you take about the five of those swings
after 50 percent you’re going to go up to 60% so you just turn it up a little
bit still keeping it nice free and easy make sure we got that separation another line
drive right up the middle okay now you’re going to do about five or six of those
then you’re going to go to 70% turn it up a little bit more still keeping it nice free and easy noticing I’m finishing with balance on every single one of
these swings. I want about five or six of those and then we’re going to go to 80% okay alright once you get to about 80%
that’s really where you want to try to cut it off from an effort level
standpoint okay I’d like to work between 50 and 80 percent if you’re working on
your bat speed then you’re going to crank it up to about a hundred percent
obviously swing as hard as you can try to elevate those levels but when
you’re working I just trying to find your swing get back in the cage
especially in November very important to make sure you’re
taking nice free easy swings good rhythm timing making sure that you’re building
good fundamentals this is a great way to do that working with the swing ladder
going up and then back down up back down also gives you a good idea of how to
control your effort level once you get in the game control your effort level is
one of the biggest things I see that players just routinely make mistakes on
and don’t have awareness around making sure that you understand how to not
over swing in a game this is a great drill for that as well if you haven’t
yet go to my website deadredhitting.com get your free bad feet workout while
you’re there make sure you check out my all new inclusive training program called
the Elite Baseball Mentoring Program it’s only for the most serious baseball
players coaches and parents ok so make sure you check that out Elite Baseball
Mentoring program until next time keep swinging

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