F2 Finding Football | Official Trailer

(upbeat music) – [Jeremy] In Finding Football we’ll bring you the
best football talent, celebrity musicians, unique football pitches. – [Billy] It’s like a stadium. – [Jeremy] And explore the
beautiful game across the globe. – This is Finding Football. I’m Billy Wingrove,
he’s Jeremy Lynch and we are the F2. We’ve created the
world’s largest football
YouTube channel. (dubstep music) – [Jeremy] We cannot wait
to explore this place. – Japan.
– Iceland. – Brazil.
– France. – Mexico.
– Argentina. – Thailand.
– The USA. They’ve literally mastered
totally different techniques. This is like no where
we’ve ever been before. This is well outside
our comfort zone. – Let’s get out of here it’s
not safe, it’s not safe. (hip hop music) – Music and soccer
have a crossover (hip hop music) – You gotta learn and fail
and learn from your failures. – We should collaborate together to create something spectacular. The dream team is here. (groaning)
(shouting) – [Yasmine] Just seeing
how you guys were bonding playing football together. – That’s why they call
it the beautiful game. Every kid wants to
be a footballer. – [Billy] This is
football at its purest this pitch, the people,
true, pure happiness. – [Jeremy] When they
say the beautiful game that’s what they’re
talking about. (rhythmic music)

100 thoughts on “F2 Finding Football | Official Trailer

  1. Amazing video can't wait for you to travel all accross the world, but i literlly just got the video notification now and this is 4 days since upload?‍♂️

  2. It's good to explore the world, but the good mad football fans are also there in India. We are Indians and we love football a lot expessialy in kerala( gods own country)

  3. Are you going to post the videos on YouTube or are you going to team up with a tv network and make a show? By the way, I’m really looking forward to watching Finding Football. ?⚽️

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  6. Cómo puedo ver video de esos que son bien bonitos pues de esas que mantiene con la candela encendida Pero bueno puro drama drama drama no eso no me gusta

  7. Wow your channel is really dying, I love to watch what you do and enjoy your content but your views are going down like crazy

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